The Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia is common in athletes, especially in those who are involved in high-impact sports that incorporate a lot of jumping and running.

But, sadly, athletes like you tend to ignore the condition until the pain starts bothering you.

Bottom Line Up Front: If you want to skip the preamble here, My top pick is the Saucony Kinvara 7 available here as the best all-around running shoe for Metatarsalgia.

Best for Metatarsalgia
  • The outsole is positioned strategically
  • TRI-FLEX technology offers a soft traction
  • Low impact during jogging due suspension (POWERGRID heel)
Best Fit
  • Solyte midsole material increases adaptability
  • The design snugle the feet perfectly
  • It’s breathable and prevents skin irritation
Best Aesthetic
  • Comes in multiple colors for men and women.
  • Black leather option
  • High abrasion rubber material for durability

What is Metatarsalgia?

Metatarsalgia is an overuse injury. It is a pain and inflammation that affects the ball of the foot, which can also lead to inflammation in connective tissue, tendons and ligaments.

The pain is a result of the swelling of metatarsal joints; the joints and tendons that connect metatarsal bones in the foot with the toes.

Metatarsalgia is often seen as a symptom of other underlying conditions, rather than a condition itself.

As high-intensity sports involve a lot of running and jumping, the athletes are at a higher susceptibility to forefoot injury.

It is commonly seen in track and field runners as their foot is subjected to high traumatic forces.

But, it is also common in other athletes like tennis, baseball, and football players. It can also be a precursor and/or confused with stress fractures in the extreme.

Causes and Risk-factors of Metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia does not just pop-up out of nowhere. It occurs as a result of prolonged stress and pressure on the foot. A common cause could be a vigorous physical activity with worn-out or poorly-fitting shoes.

Obesity is a common risk factor associated with metatarsalgia as it enhances the pressure on the feet.

Foot deformities due to wearing poorly-fitting shoes over years or inherent, also increase the susceptibility to metatarsalgia. In many cases, the deformities go unnoticed until the metatarsalgia pain begins to haunt.

Another risk factor is mini-fractures in the bones of the feet.

Symptoms of Metatarsalgia

Pain at the periphery of one or more metatarsal bones is the primary symptom of this condition. The pain exacerbates on running or walking.

The Metatarsalgia symptoms do not occur suddenly. They arise over a period. It tends to aggravate with time, as well as activity.

The other symptoms are numbness or a tingling sensation in the toes.

Treatment of Metatarsalgia

The treatment of metatarsalgia depends on the cause and extent of the problem. However, the conventional approach is taking rest, ice packs, and taking painkiller drugs. Some severe conditions require surgery.

Doctors also prescribe therapeutic shoes.

The most important thing to keep metatarsalgia at bay is to wear properly fitted shoes with supportive running shoe insoles.

Well suited shoes ensure proper walking and running without any fear of relapse.

How to Select the Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia?

If you are looking for the perfect pair of shoes for metatarsalgia, you must consider some essential factors.

Here are the factors to keep in consideration:

Shape and Size

The first important thing to consider is the shape and the size of the shoe. Wearing too constrictive or tight shoes is the major contributing factor to metatarsalgia.

You must buy the shoe that offers snugly fit but not too tight. The feet must have some room. The best option is to select shoes with a wider toe box.

Shoes with wider toe box are great to accommodate shoe inserts, custom orthotics, or another of the shelf orthotics.

The ideal time to buy the right-fitting shoe is at the end of the day. It is the time when the feet are swelled naturally and hence, the largest.

Try out different shoes, walk in the store for a while and then select shoes with a proper size.

Sole Design

Sole design plays a pivotal role in aggravating or minimizing metatarsalgia. The design of the sole should be such that it relieves the pressure on the foot and contribute towards reducing the impact.

If you are struggling with metatarsalgia, you must look for shoes with a thick sole so that they can absorb the shock and reduce the strain on the foot. Another thing to consider is stiffness.

The sole of the shoes should be stiff and not too flexible as it can exacerbate the condition.

You also must refrain from buying a shoe with heels. The best option is to buy is rocker sole bottoms. However, there are several other designs for people with metatarsalgia.

Insole Design

Shoes with proper insole design help in relieving the pressure on the bones, as well as joints. Hence, you must also consider this factor while buying a shoe.

The insole of the shoe must also possess shock-absorbing capabilities. It should be comfortable and offer optimum support to the metatarsal arches (arch support).
The insole must be soft enough to offer comfort, also stiff enough to ensure support. You must look for the shoes that provide extra padding near the balls of the feet.


Shoes with lower weight work well for people with metatarsalagia. You must get a shoe that is lightweight as putting pressure on the feet can worsen the already existing condition.

Runners should always pay a significant amount of attention to the weight of the shoes as lighter shoe aid proper running.


Of course, longevity is an important factor whether you have metatarsalgia or not. In general, you must look for the shoes that are durable and could take the pressure they are subjected to without wearing-out too soon.

If the shoe wear-out too soon, they would do nothing to help your condition. The pain and inflammation will get worse over time.

The runners who do not have metatarsalgia must also consider these factors as wearing improper shoes can cause the metatarsalgia in healthy runners.

Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia

In this section, we’ve reviewed the best available shoe options for metatarsalgia. Let’s look at them one by one.

Saucony Kinvara 7 Running Shoes

Type of shoes Running shoe for metatarsalagia 
Weight 7.70 oz. (218 gr.) 
Price $110 (View Latest Price Here)
Outsole technology Injection blown rubber  
Midsole technology  EverRun SSL midsole 
Upper FlexFilm and the Pro-Lock lacing system 
Heel drop 4 mm 

Notable Features

  • Lightweight
  • Simple and stylish
  • Wide toe box
  • Snug midfoot feel
  • Amazing outsole technology featuring strategically placed injection blown rubber
  • Placement of rubber in TRI-FLEX configuration to offer better traction
  • FlexFilm and the Pro-Lock lacing system

Sole Technology

  • Outsole technology

The outsole of Saucony Kinvara 7 running shoes features injection blown rubber strategically placed on the soles to offer a greater durability.

The rubber offers optimum protection to the areas of higher ground contact.

The injection blown rubber is placed under the forefoot and, along with the lateral arch support in TRI-FLEX configuration.

This not just offers better traction but also even distribution of shock absorption. It also attributes for durability.

  • Midsole technology

The midsole of Saucony Kinvara 7 running shoes comes with resilient EverRun SSL.

As compared to the previous models, it is firmer, as well as dense. It also enhances the durability.


The major highlight of the upper design of Saucony Kinvara 7 is FlexFilm and the Pro-Lock lacing system.

The FlexFilm overlays cover the seams and offer certain stiffness. The shoes remain comfortable, however.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Responsive
  • Versatile; can be used as a daily trainer, a long run shoe, as well as a speed trainer


  • Pro-Lock Lacing system is a little constructive and unnecessary

Why buy Saucony Kinvara 7 Running Shoes?

If you’re looking for lightweight and durable running shoes for metatarsalgia, then Saucony Kinvara 7 running shoes can be an ideal pick for you.

They are stylish yet simple and have a wider toe box for enhanced comfort.

The injection blown rubber outsoles provide improved protection to the feet on all kinds of terrains. Overall versatile running shoes with a pro-lock lacing system.

FAQ about Kinvara 7

Are these good for flat feet?

“My feet are average. I am back to a Kinvara after a couple of years of trying other footwear. I also purchased an Asic shoe that is highly recommended for Plantar fasciitis heel pain. It was awful – too much stability and too much heel to toe drop. The Kinvara is perfect – just the right amount of support, neutral and plenty of room for my toes.” MMG, Amazon

ASICS 33-M Running Shoes

Type of shoe Running shoe for metatarsalagia 
Weight 11.10 oz. (315 gr. 
Price  $140 (View Latest Price Here
Outsole technology Rubber 
Midsole technology Asics AmpliFoam and solyte midsole 
Upper  Seamless mesh 
Heel drop 4 mm 

Notable features

  • Maximally cushioned shoe
  • Low heel-to-toe drop
  • Optimum padding under the forefoot
  • AmpliFoam and solyte midsole
  • Secure and a very comfortable fit
  • Removable footbed

Sole Technology

  • Outsole technology

The outsole of ‘ASICS 33-M‘ running shoes is made of rubber. The outsole rubber offers excellent cushioning and adds on to the cushioning featured by the entire shoe. It also adds durability.

  • Midsole technology

The midsole of ASICS 33-M running shoes is designed using the Asics AmpliFoam midsole technology. The enhanced cushioning ensures a resilient ride.

The midsole is made with solyte. This attributes for the features like lightweight, enhanced durability, as well as improved cushioning. This also increases the platform adaptability, comfort, and flexibility.


The upper of ASICS 33-M shoes features seamless mesh. The fit is amazingly snugly as the shoe is designed keeping in mind the 33 joints of the foot.

The shoe design incorporates Asics ComforDry sockliner.

The amazing fit of the upper makes sure that it does not irritate the skin and hence, you need not to worry about blisters.


  • Comfortable
  • Offers a natural ride
  • Plush cushioning
  • Very lightweight


  • Not ideal for heavily wet conditions as they absorb and retain water.
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Why buy ASICS 33-M Running Shoes?

ASICS 33-M running shoes provide an optimum cushioning under the forefoot to give you respite from metatarsalgia pain.

The outsole is extremely durable and the solyte midsole increases the adaptability, flexibility, and comfort of the shoes.

You’ll be amazed to know that the upper body has been crafted keeping the 33 joints of the foot in mind. Overall comfortable and lightweight shoes with plush cushioning.


“I absolutely love these shoes. I’m not a running but walk 5+ miles daily and cross train. I underpronate and have a neuroma on my left foot. I’ve always worn Asics mostly due to these issues, but never really found “THE SHOE” until now. I was skeptical at first with the heel/toe ratio, but it’s just perfect to keep me off the ball of my foot. There is also plenty of room in the toe box to keep by toes spread so that it doesn’t aggravate the neuroma. I’ve also noticed that my legs and back don’t hurt at all after exercising. The shoe has helped make the corrections I needed. Bottom line here folks, if you underpronate, need extra cushioning and stability then this is your shoe.” JsBing88, Amazon

Altra Torin Road Running Shoes

Type of shoe Running shoe for metatarsalagia 
Weight 8.7 oz. (247 gr.) 
Price $125 (View Latest Price Here)
Outsole technology FootPod outsole 
Midsole technology A-Bound mid-sole 
Upper Quick dry air mesh 
Heel drop 0 mm 

Notable Features

  • Amazingly cushioned shoe
  • Lightweight
  • Very responsive
  • Apt for long runs
  • A-Bound mid-sole
  • FootPod outsole
  • Offers a great ground feel
  • Shock-absorbent

Sole Technology

  • Outsole Technology

The outsole of Altra Torin Road running shoes incorporates the FootPod outsole. It is a tread design that shares a great resemblance to the bones and tendons present in the foot of the human. This accounts for a greater amount of flexibility.

Due to this sole, the shoe bends and flexes in harmony with the anatomical locations of the foot and this allows for a natural functioning of the foot.

  • Midsole Technology

The midsole of the shoes is made of A-Bound which is basically a layer of cushioning.

This layer compresses two to three times less than the traditional foams present in the running shoes.

This helps in maintaining a better ground feel. The impact of striking goes down by leaps and bounds, especially on the hard surfaces.


The upper of Altra Torin road running shoes is fabricated from quick-dry air mesh. It is flexible, lightweight, and very comfortable.

The opening of the shoe features moderate cushioning that offers good fit sans being restrictive or tight.


  • Apt cushioning
  • Upper is very comfortable
  • Snugly fit
  • Excellent ground feel
  • The outsole and insole of shoes accounts for a greater flexibility


  • Toe box is a little shallower

Why buy Altra Torin road running shoes?

Out of the numerous different running shoes for metatarsalgia, Altra Torin road running shoes for men and women have reliably defeated the competition.

With a tough rubber material outsole and Quick Dry Air Mesh upper, the Altra Torin road running shoes provide relief from metatarsalgia.

The best part about these wonderful running shoes is that they come in a range of patterns and shades for both, men and women.


“Great stability shoes, especially for wide forefootI am an older runner and if I don’t wear good shoes am prone to plantarand IT band painI run 4-5 days a week and these shoes are great even up to 10-12 miles.” Amazon Customer

Saucony Mirage 4 Running Shoes

Type of shoe  Running shoe for metatarsalgia 
Weight 8.9 oz. (252 gr.) 
Price $110 (ProductLink)
Outsole technology Carbon Rubber and Blown Rubber 
Midsole technology PowerGrid technology 
Upper FlexFilm 
Heel drop 4mm 

Notable Features

  • Comfortable
  • Amazing fit
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber lugs in the sole to enhance traction
  • TPU midfoot stabilizer
  • Outer mesh comprising of two threads

Sole Technology

  • Outsole Technology

The outsole of Saucony Mirage 4 running shoes is made up of carbon rubber. The blown rubber ensures extra durability. Also, the rubber offers a soft and a flexible ride.

The sole also features rubber lugs that are intended to enhance the traction.

  • Midsole Technology

The most noted feature about the midsole of Saucony Mirage 4 running shoes is the TPU midfoot stabilizer.

The PowerGrid foam used in the midsole is more durable and lighter than the standard EVA foam.


The upper of the running shoes features FlexFilm sections and a mesh of two threads. The thicker web offers support and thinner thread enhances the looks.


  • Excellent fitting heel
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Outer fibers are not durable
  • Stiff

Why buy Saucony Mirage 4 running shoes?

Superb comfort and a remarkable fit are two things that clearly define Saucony Mirage 4 running shoes.

They are highly suitable for metatarsalgia pain and are lightweight. The PowerGrid foam used in these shoes is more reliable and durable than the standard EVA foam.

The thick web-like structure on the upper body of the shoes offer support and the thinner thread enhances the look.

Highly recommended for those who are looking for pain relief as well as style.


“Great light shoes! After a two week injury from my Nike shoes my podiatrist recommended these shoes. While not super padded (which I like), these shoes actually improved my running over time (from heel plunging into mid-strike) in preparation for my first half marathon (which I ran in under two hours). Great shoes but if you are big or hard on your joints you should probably seek more padding, or lose weight” Nicholas Ackermann, Amazon

Hoka One One Bondi 5 Road Running Shoes

Type of shoe Running shoe for metatarsalgia 
Weight 10 oz. (283 gr.) 
Price $150 (View Latest Price Here)
Outsole technology Rubber 
Midsole technology Soft EVA foam 
Upper Engineered mesh 
Heel drop 4 mm 

Notable Features

  • Offers smooth ride
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Offer great stability
  • Use of meta rocker technology

Sole Technology

  • Outsole Technology

The outsole of these running shoes is made from high abrasion rubber material. It offers an amazing grip and extra durability.

The middle portion of the sole is not covered with rubber.

  • Midsole Technology

The midsole comprises very soft EVA foam that covers the entire length of the sole.


The upper of the shoes features engineered mesh. The seamless construction enhances the fit and accounts for greater breathability and flexibility.


  • Comfortable
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Available for both, men and women
  • Upper mesh for enhanced breathability


  • Upper is prone to wear and tear
  • Rigid tongue

Why buy Hoka One One Bondi 5 Road running shoes?

If a firm grip is something you’re worried about apart from the lingering metatarsalgia pain in your feet, then Hoke One One Bondi 5 Road running shoes could be the perfect choice for you.

The shoes offer a super smooth ride and provide extra soft cushioning. The engineered mesh in the upper body of the shoes provides improved breathability and flexibility.

The rigid tongue should not stop you from buying these best-selling running shoes for metatarsalgia.

Final Note: Didn’t quite find what you are looking for? Check out the starter guide to finding the best running shoes.


“Recommended by my Orthopedic Dr while recovering from fractured heel and torn plantar fascia. Absolutely the best shoes I’ve ever put on my feet.” Amazon Customer

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