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Asics Gel Kayano vs Asics Gel Nimbus (2021) | Which Should You Choose?

Asics has always been a top-rated brand when it comes to running shoes. By offering a perfect combination of aesthetic features and functional features in running shoes, the brand has managed to woo different categories of runners.

Our Pick

Good superlative superlative support, but sub-optimal arch support, harder foot bed

Overall quite comfortable with plush mid sole and Upper, best in class cushioning, but slightly cramped toe box

Firm, more minimalist ride (not ideal for neutral runners).

Our Pick
Our Pick

Heel cap, optimal truss support, ortholite sock liner and snug Upper provide great overall support.

FluidFit Upper provides snug but flexible support, additional padding around the ankle / tongue, and dual-density mid sole.

Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR), FlyteFoam technology and shallow flex grooves provide maximal grip and flexibility for varying terrains.

The two best-selling shoes by this brand, namely Asics Gel Kayano 26 and Gel Nimbus 22  are favorites among the classes and the masses.

If you are confused about choosing the best out of the two for your running regime, we are here to help.

Through this article, we are presenting to you every feature of these two running shoes.

We have performed a thorough analysis of every specification and compared both the shoes to provide you with a genuine review to help you make an informed purchase. Read on to know more.

If you’re planning on buying one of the Asics running shoes listed here, we suggest you look at the detailed product comparison and reviews covered in the next few sections.

Asics Gel Kayano vs Nimbus Product Specifications

Product Asics Gel Kayano
Asics Gel Nimbus 
Price $120.00 – $259.95 (Check out the latest price here!)
$106.00 – $180.00 (Check out the latest price here!)
Heel to Toe Drop 10mm 10 mm 
Heel Height 22 mm  23 mm 
Forefoot Height 12 mm 13 mm 
Upper Design Jacquard mesh Jacquard mesh 
Midsole Technology Gel Technology Gel Cushioning 
Outsole Technology AHAR PLUS  AHAR 
Sizing US:10 to 16 US:10 to 16 
Width Option Normal, Wide  Normal, Wide  
Arch Support Stability Neutral 
Terrain Road Road 
Weight 12 ounces (336g) 10.7 ounces (303g) 
Release Date  Jun 2018 Dec 2017 

Let’s now begin the detailed comparison between Asics Gel Kayano and Asics Gel Nimbus in running shoes. Stay tuned for loads of valuable information that is coming your way.

Asics Gel Kayano 

Notable Features:

  • True-to-size.
  • Asics High Abrasion Rubber in the outsole.
  • Use of blown rubber DuraSponge to add softness.
  • Shock-absorbing Gel Technology in the midsole.
  • Impact Guidance System for an excellent turnover.
  • Guidance Line to aid foot stability.
  • Use of Dynamic DuoMax system as an added support system.
  • FluidRide Foam in the midsole.
  • OrthoLite X-40 insole to enhance bounciness.
  • Use of FluidFit technology in the upper.
  • Use of Meta Clutch technology at the heel area.

Sole Technology

  • Outsole Technology

The outsole of Asics Gel Kayano is not the standard AHAR rubber which is the staple technology of Asics. It brings in use the updated version of AHAR, i.e., AHAR PLUS which is better than its predecessor.

It is better at absorbing the shock and sudden impact and adds toughness and durability to the running shoes. It has a consistency just like a sponge making it more flexible and lighter in weight.

Some specific areas of the shoes are covered with DuraSponge blown rubber which is softer than AHAR carbon rubber. It offers great cushioning and protection under the midsole.

The heel area of these stability shoes features crash pad which helps in controlling pronation and ensures a natural transition.

  • Midsole Technology

The midsole of these shoes features Gel technology which lends supreme shock-absorbing capacity to the shoes. This technology is used typically in the rearfoot and forefoot areas.

The gel material which is silicone-based absorbs the impact and evenly distributes it across the feet. This offers a very responsive cushioning and enhances the gait cycle.

The IGS or Impact Guidance System which uses a Guidance line (a vertical flex groove) that guides the feet and minimize imbalance offers an effortless turnover.

Furthermore, the Trusstic System supports the Guidance Line to offer additional stability.

The Dynamic DuoMax system is basically a wedge unit which helps in reducing overpronation. It incorporates dual-density midsole to regulate stability.

The midsole of these running shoes is dominated by FluidRide foam which is a perfect concoction of durability and lightness of SpEVA and responsiveness of SoLyte.

Together they amplify the rebound efficiency, as well as toe-off cycle. This feature brings down strain from the muscles.

Another mention-worthy feature of the midsole of Asics Gel Kayano is the use of FlyteFoam technology.

The shoes bring in use two variants of this technology named FlyteFoam Lyte and FlyteFoam Propel. The former one covers the rearfoot area whereas the latter one covers the forefoot area.

The use of FlyteFoam Lyte helps in bringing down the landing impact, and the use of Propel offers a springy toe-off.

The OrthoLite X-40 brings amazing bounciness to the insole.


The upper of these running shoes feature Jacquard mesh which is very stretchable. It adapts to the natural shape of the foot and offers a very snugly fit. The makers have used the FluidFit technology.

The mesh upper covers the internal underlays that provide support without hindering the flexibility. It also enhances the fit.

The Meta Clutch technology used at the heel area makes sure that you get a superlative heel fit. The additional use of PHF, i.e. the Personal Heel Fit, a double-layered memory foam lining offers optimum cushioning at the collar.

The Discrete Eyelet system features two separate eyelets for the shoelaces. This reduces tension and distributes it throughout to offer a tight fit.

Size and fit

As described by most runners, these shoes are true-to-size. The anatomical shape of these shoes ensures a comfortable and secure fit.

These shoes allow even the bulkiest feet to get in comfortably. The available width options are medium and wide.


Where an average running shoe weighs between 7 to 10 ounces, Asics Gel Kayano weighs 12 ounces making these shoes heavier than average casual shoes.

There is no one particular feature that makes these shoes heavier, but all the features come together to increase the weight.

If you are a runner who prefers extremely lightweight shoes, you might not feel comfortable in these.


The functional features, as well as design features, of these running shoes, make sure that you feel an extreme amount of comfort while running.

The manufacturers have added ample supportive features like the FluidFit upper, the Guidance Trusstic system in the midfoot, the heel counter at the rear side, and the Ortholite sock liner to assure that you stay at comfort while you are in these running shoes.

The other factors like extra padding around the ankle and tongue area and heel elevation with dual-density midsole also contribute to enhancing the comfort.


Coming to breathability, the upper of these shoes is made from an amazingly breathable material. The FluidFit technology used in the upper lends comfort and accounts for breathability.

The upper features many small holes that let the air inside the shoes and keep your feet fresh and comfortable.

The use of Ortholite sock liner also attributes for proper ventilation inside the shoes. However, the primary feature of the sock liner is to offer orthotic support. It wards-off the moisture and keeps the feet dry.


Use of material like Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) makes sure that the shoes run longer. This rubber material prevents the shoes from wear and tear even on rough terrains.

The upper unit, constructed from mesh, also improves the durability.

If you maintain your shoes properly, these shoes will prove to be extremely durable.


If you look at the shoes from a trail running perspective, these shoes might not impress you much, but they are excellent for road running.

They offer optimum protection to your feet when you run on the road. The use of AHAR in the outsole protects your feet from rough terrain.

If you are an overpronator, these shoes will protect your feet from liable injuries.

If you are a regular road runner in mind, you must invest in these shoes.


If you are pondering over buying Asics Gel Kayano, you can be sure of one thing, and that is ample support.

The makers have incorporated many features that focus on offering optimum support while running.

The features like heel cap, truss system, Ortholite sock liner, and snug upper provide amazing support while running.


There are many stability-related features in these shoes that offer excellent control to your feet and keep them stable while indulging in exhaustive activities.


The shoes offer excellent response time with every step. It has many features like AHAR rubber outsole and FlyteFoam technology in the midsole that make the shoes very responsive.


The makers have managed to strike a perfect balance between stability and flexibility. The presence of shallow flex grooves offers the optimum flexibility required by a runner.


When it comes to style, these shoes fail to impress us. You will find many color options, but they are not very eye-catching. You may like them, but not love them.

Comparing to other Asics shoes, these shoes are less appealing.

Pros and Cons of the Gel Kayano

Pros  Cons  
Wide toe box Can cause ankle pain and blisters in the heel 
Available in many colors Expensive 
Extremely comfortable  Heavier than many other options  
Excellent stability features Style is not appealing 
Unparalleled underfoot cushioning  
Perfect fit  
Can also be used for gym workouts, as well as casual shoes  

Asics Gel Nimbus 

  • For Men
  • For Women

Notable Features:

  • Use of AHAR rubber.
  • Forefoot section featuring DuraSponge.
  • Rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning system.
  • Use of FluidRide technology in the midsole.
  • Guidance line to promote natural gait cycle.
  • ComfyDry X-40 sock liner.
  • Jacquard mesh upper offering breathability.
  • Upper offering a better forefoot fit.
  • Use of FluidFit technology in the construction of the upper.
  • Heel clutching system.
  • 3D printed overlays.

Sole Technology

  • Outsole Technology

The outsole of these amazing running shoes features AHAR, also known as ASICS High Abrasion Rubber. It ensures durability on various kinds of surfaces and also protects the shoes from wear and tear.

The forefoot area of these shoes is covered with DuraSponge which further elevates the durability and provides a very responsive cushioning.

  • Midsole Technology

The midsole of Asics Gel Nimbus utilizes both, rearfoot, as well as forefoot cushioning systems. The use of silica-based gel is beneficial as it is an excellent shock absorbent.

With these shoes, you can strike your foot hard on the track without the fear of getting hurt. The use of this cushioning system also makes sure that you experience a smoother and swifter heel-to-toe transition.

The ride is further made responsive with the use of FlyteFoam midsole which is 55 percent lighter than the standard EVA foam.

This latest foam also features organic fibers sitting inside the foam to offer a plush experience.

Cushioning and durability are maintained with the use of FluidRide technology. Guidance Line, which is a vertically running flex groove aids in obtaining a natural gait cycle and enhances gait efficiency.

This line is also used to maintain the structural integrity of the midfoot.

The use of ComfyDry X-40 helps in keeping bad odor at bay and arrests the growth of microbes. The sock liner also helps in warding-off extra moisture.


Talking about the upper of the Asics Gel Nimbus, it is constructed using Jacquard mesh which guarantees extra breathability. The seamless construction ensures that you enjoy a smooth and irritation-free experience.

Thanks to the FluidFit Technology, you will be able to move your feet freely. The use of stretchable mesh material allows you to turn and twist your feet in any direction.

The manufacturers have added 3D printed overlays that enhance the aesthetics and maintain the seamless structure.

Furthermore, the Heel Clutching System keeps the heel in proper place while running and does not let the shoes come out. This system is fabricated using plastic material.

The discrete eyelets add more comfort and help in even distribution of lace tension.

Size and Fit

These running shoes follow the standard shoe measurements. In terms of width, the available options are medium and extra-wide.


In the presence of so many support details, it is hard to keep the weight of the shoe down, but the makers have done an excellent job in this respect.

The shoe weighs 10.7 ounces which is excellent for running.


Starting with the outsole, the shoes feature shock absorbing gel that minimizes the impact and hence, the chances of injury even if you run for a longer duration of time in these shoes.

The plush midsole which is constructed with advanced foam adapts to the shape of your feet offering a customized fit.

The upper material too offers a snug fit. All these features ensure that you get maximum comfort in these running shoes.


The FluidFit upper with multi-directional mesh makes it extremely comfortable even in warm weather. They allow cool air in and keep your feet cool and free from irritation.

With these running shoes, you need not worry about blisters and hot spots.


The gel cushioning and robust rubber in the outsole provides excellent shock absorbing capability to these shoes.

The firm midsole foam helps in maintaining the proper form. The presence of organic super fibers in the midsole helps it to take the original shape quickly.

Both these features make Asics Gel Nimbus, a very durable shoe.


The design features of these shoes offer amazing protection to the feet of the wearer.

The support details keep your foot in place while running or working out. The shock absorbing outsole protects the feet from impact injuries, as well as pain.

The Fluid Fit upper also keeps your feet stable and offers a comfortable ride. By allowing for proper ventilation, the upper keeps away the risk of blisters and hot spots.

The OrthoLite sock liner prevents moisture and provides added cushioning.

All these features protect your feet from pain and irritation.


If you are looking for shoes that could offer you great support while working out, Asics Gel Nimbus is apt for you.

The elements present in the outsole, midsole, and upper together lend optimum support to the feet.

The design elements keep the feet in place while working out or running and also enhance the gait cycle. The 3D print overlays featured on the upper also add support.


Though there are stability features like Guidance Trusstic System and heel clutching system, these shoes are only helpful for neutral runners.

If you have gait issues like overpronation, you must consider efficient stability shoes.


High responsiveness is one of the most celebrated features of these shoes.

The FlyteFoam midsole is the reason behind the distinguished responsiveness of these shoes. It allows the feet to bounce back efficiently and allow you to efficiently change your pace and direction without any fuss.


The upper and the outsole offer amazing flexibility to these shoes. The presence of flex grooves enhances flexibility.

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes
Men Women
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10/18/2021 02:24 am GMT


These shoes are a perfect example of style meets efficiency. The sleek design and ample color options make them one of the most voguish shoes available in the market.

Pros and Cons of the Gel Nimbus

Pros  Cons  
Fantastic aesthetics Arch support not optimum 
Many color options available  Narrow toe box 
Comfortable Footbed is not soft 
True-to-size Runners may feel pain in calves and Achilles area 
Lightweight Firm ride not apt for neutral runners 
Offers superlative support A bit Expensive  
Breathable upper  
Unparalleled cushioning  
Excellent fit  

Asics Gel Kayano vs Gel Nimbus– What’s My pick?

Now that you have a basic idea about the pros and cons of each product, what do you think? Although both these running shoes are laden with excellent features, we do have a winner here.

Bottom Line: On comparing both the running shoes based on several parameters, our conclusion is that Asics Gel Kayano here is a better option than Asics Gel Nimbus.

When it comes to running shoes, the flexibility, stability, responsiveness, and comfort provided by Asics Gel Kayano 26 are unbeatable.

Our Pick

Good superlative superlative support, but sub-optimal arch support, harder foot bed

Overall quite comfortable with plush mid sole and Upper, best in class cushioning, but slightly cramped toe box

Firm, more minimalist ride (not ideal for neutral runners).

Our Pick
Our Pick

Heel cap, optimal truss support, ortholite sock liner and snug Upper provide great overall support.

FluidFit Upper provides snug but flexible support, additional padding around the ankle / tongue, and dual-density mid sole.

Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR), FlyteFoam technology and shallow flex grooves provide maximal grip and flexibility for varying terrains.

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One is for overpronation, the other is for supination. Comparing the 2 is comparing orange to apple. The Kayano should be compared to the GT-2000, and Nimbus to Columbus. These comparisons are more valid.