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Brooks Addiction Walker vs New Balance 928: Which is Best?

Shoes are an important and often unconsidered aspect of everyone’s lives, until the moment your feet start hurting. Chances are, the type of shoes you purchased come with poorly designed insoles or midsoles, an important component to consider when purchasing a pair of walking or running shoes.

While there may be many different shoe brands touting their unique and impressive foam formulas, making it difficult to decide, two reliable walking shoes in the industry are New Balance and Brooks.

Our Pick
  • Great insole and midsole support
  • High-quality outsole build
  • Great for walking AND light running
  • Leather or Suede options
  • Helps alleviate feet, ankle or heel pain
  • Bulky design
  • Actually weighs more (like it looks)
  • Relatively expensive

Not a bad choice, especially if you do some light jogging, but not as good for purely walking

Our Pick
Our Pick
  • Surprisingly lightweight (doesn’t look it)
  • Odor-resistant
  • Great comforting collar and tongue
  • Impressive ROLLBAR technology
  • Great for wide feet
  • Potential Medicare reimbursement
  • Sole may wear-out overtime
  • Relatively expensive
  • Bulky design

Overall, the “Pros” outweigh the “Cons” here. A better overall shoe with more advanced midsole support and added odor control

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In this article, we are going to discuss each of these shoe companies and their flagship shoes, the Brooks Addiction Walker and the New Balance 928, and offer important tips to consider before making your next shoe purchase.

Product Specifications and Breakdown

 Brooks Addiction WalkerNew Balance 928
Price:Around $120.00 (check here for the latest price)Around $139.99 (check here for the latest price)
Midsole Drop:12.00mm13.00mm
Upper Design:Supple Full-Grain LeatherFull-Grain Leather
Midsole Technology:BioMoGo DNA and Progressive ROLLBARABZORB and ROLLBAR
Outsole Technology:Slip ResistantWalking Strike Path
Width Options:Normal, Narrow B, Wide 2E, Extra Wide 4ENarrow, Standard, Wide, X-Wide XX-Wide
Weight:14.00 oz16.4 oz

*As you can see, both have  Roll bar Technology.

Brooks Addiction Walker

If you are a frequent walker, have you ever noticed the heels or soles of your feet aching after a long walk or hike?

Chances are, you did not purchase the Brooks Addiction Walkers. These shoes are, without question, among some of the most preferred walking and running shoes.

Comfort and Midsole Technology

With 100 years in the shoemaking industry, Brooks demonstrates the mastery of their shoemaking and innovation with the Addiction Walker.

  • Each Addiction Walker shoe is designed with HydroFlow technology, which is intended to help enhance the midsole region of the shoe, giving you more cushion and comfort when walking for long periods.
  • Brooks also includes the famous BioMoGo DNA technology, which is a unique innovation to Brooks. Simply, this technology gives you great support throughout the entire sole of the shoe. So, whether you are running or walking, the insoles of the shoes are designed to cater to your feet.

With Extended Progressive Diagonal Roll bar technology and the S-257 Cushsole, walking in these shoes becomes an addiction.

Outsole and Durability

Before purchasing any type of athletic shoe, it’s important to always inspect the outsole of the shoe. This is often a key reason why walkers or runners experience discomfort.

  • The Brooks Addiction Walker is designed with unique rubber outsole technology called Durable HPR Green. This is an environmental-friendly silica compound that is skid-resistance due to the impressive wet-dry traction.
  • The rubber outsole of the shoes demonstrates Brooks dedication to creating long-lasting shoes.

Design, Color, Size

On top of the outsole of a shoe, it’s important to always consider the design, color, and size options that a shoe company offers.

Brooks is well known for their plethora of sizing and color options in all of their shoes.

  • The Brooks Addiction Walker is designed with supple full-grain upper that is sure to impress any new customer.
  • On the interior of the shoe, Brooks included a removable sock liner inside the fabric lining to make each walking experience even more comforting.
  • The outside of the shoe can either be designed in leather or suede based upon the color you purchase. Today, Brooks offers the Addiction Walker in three different colors: black, brown, and white.
  • As far as sizing goes, the company offers essential every single possible shoe size one can imagine: 7 to 15 with width options ranging from normal to extra wide 4E.
  • Another feature that Brooks offers for consumers V-strap closures for those who do not like laces.

Brooks Addiction Walker 2 | Amazon

This Brooks style is a certified PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe. An innovative outsole that's been certified for slip resistance provides excellent traction.

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01/20/2022 12:11 am GMT

Brooks Addiction Walker Pros and Cons

Great insole and midsole support.Bulky design.
High-quality outsole build.Heavy-in-weight.
Great for walking and running.Costly.
Leather or Suede options. 
Helps alleviate feet, ankle or heel pain. 


“These are the best walking shoes I have ever purchased. They are great in my situation: Moderate to Severe Pronation, Flat Foot, needed Motion Control shoes. The cushioning and arch support are great. They are perfect for all day wear at work. I will definitely be buying a second pair when the time comes.” Mozah, Amazon

“These are good walking shoes if you have large feet, frame, or overpronate. Good support and shock absorption and can easily be worn an entire day without discomfort. Would not suggest running in it, but it can do in a pinch if you need to” James, Amazon

“I have fasciitis. I was looking for a shoe I can wear for long periods of time. I am a cook so I needed comfortable shoes. This fit just incredibly comfortable and my plantar fasciitis is gone when wearing these walking shoes!! Great” Alex DeBoheme, Amazon

New Balance 928

Whether you are an athlete or an everyday walker seeking optimal comfort, the New Balance 928 shoes offer some of the most innovative development and midsole technology in its class.

With quality outsoles, leather exterior, and lace design, these lightweight shoes can go from addiction to best friend.

Comfort and Midsole Technology

The New Balance 928 shoe shines when you look at the impressive midsole technology, which provides great comfort. If you can imagine for a minute what walking on a cloud feels like, there might be New Balance 928s on your feet

  • Each New Balance shoe is designed with AZORB midsole technology to help when you are walking, running, or perhaps enjoying a day-hike.
  • ABZORB technology is designed with innovation from a worldwide company, Dupont to help increase the longevity of the product and soles. For references, the soles are designed to last significantly longer than traditional EVAs.
  • For additional midsole cushioning and support, New Balance utilizes ROLLBAR technology. This provides you will optimal support and stability throughout your heel. If you frequently pronate, this technology was designed to help with this.

To ensure the maximum comfort of each walker, New Balance also includes a comfy foam around the collar and a tongue designed to hug the top of the foot.

Outsole and Durability

Aside from midsole technology, the New Balance 928 shoes are also known for their outsole and durability.

  • The New Balance 928 contains Walking Strike Path technology that’s designed to help with stabilizing your foot during walking gait cycle.
  • These shoes are known to be extremely durable. Those who have purchased and used these shoes tout their effectiveness and durability.

Design, Color, and Size

As with any type of shoe, when it comes to purchasing a New Balance 928 walking shoe, you have the power to purchase different colors, sizes, and potential designs that match your personal preference.

  • New Balance offers three different varieties of the 928 shoes, black, white, and brown.
  • Each standard shoe is designed from high-quality leather and comes with the typical secure-lace up vamp.
  • The inside of the shoe comes with a thick rubber sole, well-padded tongue/collar, and a stellar forefoot, making walking with these shoes your best friend.
  • New Balance offers the 928 walking shoes in sizes from 7 to 16 with widths ranging from narrow, standard, wide, x-wide, to xx-wide.

The New Balance 928 is Best for Most | Amazon

Unless you suffer from overpronation or flat feet, the New Balance 928 is the best option, suitable for both walking and light jogging. In short, most people are happy with the 928!

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01/20/2022 12:11 am GMT

New Balance 928 Pros and Cons

Lightweight designSole may wear-out overtime
Odor-resistantRelatively expensive
Great comforting collar and tongueBulky design
Impressive ROLLBAR technology 
Great for wide feet 
Potential Medicare reimbursement 


“I am a nurse. I walk a considerable amount each shift and I am constantly on my feet. I have tried quite a few different shoes and inserts, but I am very pleased with this pair of new balance. For starters, they are well built. The shoes provide good supportand they are very comfortable. If you are on your feeta lot…. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis or heel spurs……. then I recommend this pair of shoes for you. They feature motion control and rollbar technologies and AZORB midsole cushioning for comfort.” Amazon Customer

“Perfect shoe! I have plantar fasciitis and am very particular about the shoes I rate positively. These are stylish shoes that are very comfortable to wear. They give my feet amazingly good support and offer a great deal of stability in the arch/heel region. This is important for me since I am on my feet for long periods of time. The shoes fit perfectly(sizing is accurate) and are constructed of quality, durable, material. I cannot recommend these shoes highly enough!” Dr. M. Lawicki

 Our Recommendations

As you can tell, the Brooks Addiction Walker and New Balance 928 are two impressive walking shoes and running shoes that are designed to bring comfort back into the shoe industry.

While both shoes lack modern fashionista stylings, they restore what some deem more important: a healthy, stable, and sturdy foot.

What is the best brand of shoe?

After breaking down and comparing both brands walking shoes, it’s evident that neither is either better or worse than the other.

In fact, given the varying degrees of midsole and insole technology, there are certain circumstances where one shoe outperforms the other.

With that in mind, let’s break down different situations where each shoe might shine:

WALKING: New Balance 928

  • For those of you who are seeking a new walking shoe, the New Balance 928 is worth your consideration. Reason being, these shoes are designed with firm soles and a fantastic rocker, bother of which can help during walking.
  • On top of that, with the impressive ROLLBAR technology, the 928s are optimal for a pain free walking experience.

JOGGING: New Balance 928

  • If you are suffering from any ailments like arthritis or common orthopedic problems, the New Balance 928 shoes are a great choice. These shoes are not only lightweight, they give great stability.

FLATFOOT: Brooks Addiction Walker

  • The Brooks Addiction Walker are great for individuals that suffer from flat feet. Reason being. These shoes great stability and cushioning, making it easier for those with flat feet to comfortably walk.

OVERPRONATION: Brooks Addiction Walker

  • Brooks uses BioMoGo DNA technology in the insole to help with stability, durability, and comfortability. On top of this, with ROLLBAR technology, the Addiction Walkers are perfect for those who suffer from overpronating.

Still Undecided?

If you are still undecided and have yet to find the solution between Brooks Addiction Walker and the New Balance 928s, in our opinion, the 928s have a slight advantage.

These shoes not only include more features, such as odor control, more midsole technology, and sizing options, they are better for overall “walking”.

Bottom Line: With that in mind, if you are looking for a pair of regular shoes, casting aside any desire of fashionable designs, the New Balance 928s available here may not only become addicting to walk with but your best friend.

The New Balance 928 is Best for Most | Amazon

Unless you suffer from overpronation or flat feet, the New Balance 928 is the best option, suitable for both walking and light jogging. In short, most people are happy with the 928!

Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
01/20/2022 12:11 am GMT

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