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About Us

Our Mission

Wearing the right athletic shoes is critical to your performance as an athlete. Whether your outdoor activity involves gymming, running, sports, or walking, a decent athletic shoe is a must. The injury caused as a result of wearing inappropriate shoes can hamper your fitness and workout regime. Investing in high quality shoes can help you prevent ankle damage and other foot injuries such as tendonitis, heel sores, etc. Moreover, the right shoes can make your activities more comfortable and enjoyable. Good athletic shoes can reduce sudden impact and protect your feet from high-impact landings. 

Our mission is to help you find the best and most reliable athletic shoes. Our athletic gear enthusiasts go above and beyond the call of duty to finding and testing top-rated athletic shoes on the market to help you boost your performance. Our long-term goal is to help athletes across the world pick the best athletic shoes and other athletic gear to enhance their fitness and achieve their desired results. We also provide useful athletic tips from time to time.

While there’s a plethora of free information available on the internet, it’s sometimes hard to decipher which info to trust. Our recommendations and the information we provide are based on vigorous interviewing of industry experts, reporting, and product testing. Our only focus is to make buying great athletic shoes easier and quicker for you so that you don’t have to spend a large chunk of your valuable time in finding the best athletic gear. From how to buy the best running shoes on the market to the best gift for runners; we’ve got everything covered.

Our aim is to provide you with in-depth information that is unbiased and free for you to access anytime, anywhere you wish to. We write for athletes, not brands. We don’t have investors backing us for the content we write on our website. All the content is valuable, authentic, and written by people in our team: real athletic shoe enthusiasts.

Once again, we welcome you to The Athletic Foot, an expansive athletic gear website. We’re here to make life simple for athletes by helping them choose the right athletic gear, especially the best athletic shoes.

Our Editorial Review Policy: How We Handle Product Reviews

We take product recommendations very seriously around here. Before we recommend an alternative, a supplement, running shore, anything — we do extensive research. That starts with researching the ingredients each product is made of, accessing the right scientific studies, consulting experts in the space (nutritionists, naturopaths, medical doctors, nurses, trainers) and reading real people reviews and use cases of each product.

As much as possible, our writers and editorial team use and test each product in their real lives. We not only evaluate and discuss the health benefits of each product, but we can then talk about the durability, performance and personal nuance, things you might not find in other reviews, but that really matters to our audience.

Every article goes through an extensive editorial process as well to ensure high-quality, relevant content for our audience. We make sure that each article has a clear purpose, gives a clear and tested recommendation, or call to action and is helpful for our audience. We make sure to cite outside sources and document where we got our research from.

Every article is unique, authentic, original content that is not published anywhere else. If we quote or source someone else, we cite it. We also only cite reputable, trusted sources.

If we are making a recommendation of any kind, it’s because we like, use, and have tested the product out and would recommend it to our friends and family (and often do!).

We update key articles continuously so we are always recommending the latest products and keeping abreast of the latest health breakthroughs and research available. We also take product recalls very seriously and strive to make sure we are recommending products that are proven, effective and safe.

About the Team

We’re a small (and mighty) team of part-time athletes and dedicated runners working day in and day out to provide you with tons of valuable information, customer insights, and as mentioned earlier reviews of the best-rated athletic gear (mostly athletic shoes) that are ruling the market. We conduct thorough research on brands, products, and their competitors, and compile the research-based information to help you make informed decisions. So, The Athletic Foot is a successful team effort!

Editor in Chief – Susie

Susan is an elite-runner, a part-time running coach, and an athletic shoe expert. There’s no specific story that brought her on-board The Athletic Foot. She’s simply passionate about helping all kinds of runners pick appropriate running shoes that can boost their performance and prevent potential injuries. Even during her coaching hours, she pays a lot of attention to the shoes her trainees are wearing and guides them from time to time. When she’s not researching on the best running shoes, she loves to cook for her family and go swimming with her best friend. Susan is here to help you with all the athletic shoe-related questions you have.

Primary Contributor – Jodie

 Jodie personally trains all our athletic shoe experts in important features of an ideal running shoe and biomechanics of the feet of different kinds of runners. You’ll be surprised to learn that Jodie doesn’t have a degree or diploma in athletic shoes; she’s just passionate about them and owns more than fifty pairs of running shoes herself. She’s dedicated her life to studying athletic shoes in detail and writing about them.

 Provide her with your individual running profile, and within seconds she’ll suggest the best running shoes for you. When it comes to athletes’ feet, especially runners’ feet, she doesn’t settle. Improving the performance of athletes and runners is her passion.

 When Jodie isn’t testing and reviewing the latest athletic gear, she can be found travelling around the world, hiking in places such as the Austrian and Swiss Alps. Otherwise closer to home, she loves playing tennis and dining out with friends (yes, she’s a real foodie!).

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