A Guide to the Best Running Shoes for Kids and Youth

A good running shoe is comfortable and fits perfectly. However, finding one is not easy. Running shoes mean a lot to your kids and teenagers. If you want to encourage them to partake in sporting activities and athletics, picking the best running shoes should be on your priority list.

Would you ever go running in an old pair of shoes? No, right? Then why would your kids do it?

Although kids have the temperament and energy to run in almost any kind of shoes, it is vital to ensure their shoes are comfortable, right fit and durable.

For parents who are looking for useful tips on how to find the right running shoes for their kids or teenagers, we present our expert advice on selecting the best kids running shoes.

How to Pick the Best Running Shoes for Your Kids and Teenagers?

A comfortable pair of running shoes is important for the delicate and developing feet of your kids. Shoes that are chosen based on certain criteria can help athletic kids perform better and prevent their feet from injuries like tendon tears, fractures or muscle tears.

Here’s a list of things that you should consider while buying kids running shoes:


Quality of the material used in the shoe plays a vital role. Since kids running shoes are more prone to wear and tear due to the carefree nature of the little ones, the shoes must be sufficiently durable. Always remember – never buy running shoes that are made of synthetic material. There is a lot of negative publicity about synthetic shoes being less durable and causing foot problems in young kids and teenagers. They can also cause bad odor of the foot.

Suede, canvas and leather shoes are highly recommended for kids.

For kids with flat or low arch feet

Running shoes which are flexible and come with controlled motion are best suited for kids and teens with flat feet. Pick a running shoe that has durable foam in the middle and sturdy heel counter.

For kids with elevated arch feet

Running shoes that can absorb shock effectively are best suited for children and teenagers with high arch feet. Buy a shoe that has great flexibility and a cushioned midsole.

For kids with perfect arch feet

Mostly all types of shoes are recommended for kids with neutral arch feet.


This is another important aspect you need to take care of. Kids feet grow with their age. It is a good idea to buy a shoe which is slightly bigger than the actual size of the kid’s feet. This way, there will be room for growth and expansion.


Always remember that your kid’s feet will require more room when they are running or indulging in sports activities. More they run, more their feet will naturally expand. A general tip – maintain a finger’s width between your kid’s big toe and the circumference of the shoe tip. Tightly fit shoes can cause trauma to the toe and discolored nails.


Keeping an eye on the width of the shoes is as important as the length. All kids do not have proportional feet. Some kids may have narrower feet than others. If you buy kids running shoes that have a short width as compared to the width of your kid’s feet, it can result in bruising of the feet blisters.


Weight is another vital aspect of kids running shoes. There are two things you must consider here – the weight of your child and the weight of the shoes. If your child is on the heavier side, they might need shoes with great support. However, the lighter the shoes, the better they are for running or walking long distances.

Best-Rated Running Shoes for Kids and Teenagers

Based on all the important aspects mentioned above, we have put together a list of top-rated running shoes for kids that you can buy for them.

1. New Balance Zante 4

Type of Shoe Grade School Running Shoe 
Weight 8.5 ounces 
Price $54 – $140 ()
Heel Drop 6 mm 
Midsole Technology Fresh Foam 
Outsole Technology Rubber 
Upper Design Hypo Skin Mesh 
Flexibility Medium 

Notable Features

  • New Balance Kid’s Zante running shoes come with a soft cushioning
  • Fresh foam technology provides exception foot support
  • Hypo Skin upper adjusts to the shape of the foot
  • Best everyday running shoe for kids
  • Shoes come in 6 different types of boys and girls of different age groups

Sole Technology


The outsole of the Zante V4 kids running shoes is made of blown rubber which provides a smooth landing and solid traction. It is durable; however, it has a very thin layer of Fresh Foam underfoot. It is great for wet surfaces and is best suited for light single track trails. The grip is amazing.


Zante V4 kids running shoes come with a Fresh Foam midsole which comes with some good qualities. It delivers soft-cushioning and is engineered from kids who run fast. The innovative Fresh Foam provides a plush and more natural running time. There are deeper perforations in the Fresh Foam towards the midsole which provide enhanced compression and softness.


The upper body of the New Balance Zante 4 is made of mesh in the forefoot and brand new, strong material Hypo Skin in the rest of the foot. The Hypo Skin is more durable and secures the foot against any injury. The shoe tongue is comparatively thicker and looser.


The design of New Balance Zante 4 kids running shoes is stunning. It’s compact, pleasing to the eyes and sleek. If you pick the right size, your kid’s feet will relax perfectly inside the shoes. The shoes are available in wide-range of colors for both, young boys and girls.


  • Black and White
  • Gunmetal and Hi-Lite
  • Ice-violet and Twilight


  • Silver Mink and Azalea
  • Vivid Coral and Black


Since New Balance Zante V4 kids running shoes demand a specific degree of stability and control, it is important to pick the right size and fit for your kids. Before you plan to add the product to your cart, ensure that you select the right size for your little one. The following sizes are currently available:

  • Boys and Girls (4-8 years) – 1 M to 13.5 M, 1 W to 13.5 W
  • Boys (8-12 years) – 1 M to 13.5 M, 1 W to 13.5 W

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons 
It is lightweight compared to other kids running shoes by Zante A bit tight towards the middle of the foot 
Softer and more comfortable Firmer than other shoes 
Highly versatile  
Best fit for natural runners  

Why buy New Balance Zante V4 kids running shoes?

is decorated with the magic of the original version of the New Balance Zante shoes. They are lightweight, simple and very comfortable. It comes with enough cushioning for long distance runs and is highly suitable for marathons and races. The snug upper body secures the feet and protects them again injuries. It is recommended for all types of sports activities and races. The versatility of New Balance Zante 4 kids running shoes makes them worth buying.

2. New Balance KJ890

Type of Shoe Grade Lace-up Running Shoe 
Weight 22.4 ounces 
Price $35 – $107 (Check out the latest prices here!)
Midsole Technology Abzorb 
Outsole Technology Rubber 
Upper Design Mix of synthetic and mesh 
Flexibility High 

Notable Features

  • New Balance KJ890 kids running shoes come with ABZORB heel cushioning
  • Very comfortable and flexible
  • Non-marking and lightweight shoes
  • Best everyday running shoe for kids
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes

Sole Technology


The outsole of the New Balance KJ890 kids running shoes is made of rubber which provides amazing grip. It is highly durable and best suited for muddy, wet surfaces.


The midsole is made of ABZORB rubber content which comes with enhanced cushioning and compression resistance properties. It helps a great deal in absorbing forceful impacts.


The upper body of the New Balance KJ890 kids running shoes in made of 75% synthetic and 25% mesh. The tongue and collar are padded, and the shoes come in vibrant multi-colored designs.


The heel measures approximately 1 inch and the shaft measures approximately 2.25 inches from the arch. The shoes come with a lace-up enclosure and have a compact design. The design is carved around comfort which makes them highly suitable for kids and teenagers. The product is available in 13 different colors and patterns.


To ensure that the New Balance KJ890 shoes fit your kids perfectly, it is critical to pick the right size. A smaller shoe can result in injuries while an ill-fitted bigger size shoe can cause foot problems.

  • Boys and Girls (4-8 years) – 1 M to 13.5 M, 1 W to 13.5 W
  • Boys (8-12 years) – 1 M to 13.5 M, 1 W to 13.5 W

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons 
Versatile Rubber outsole is less durable 
Soft cushioning and comfortable  
Awesome designs for kids  
Can be used for different physical activities and sports  

Why buy New Balance KJ890 kids running shoes?

The New Balance KJ890 kids running shoes are lightweight and versatile. The ABZORB cushioning makes them extremely soft for the delicate feet of your kids and provides resistance to sudden shock. The shoes are highly affordable and worth buying. The design of the shoe allows ventilation and lets your feet breathe easily.

3. ASICS Kids Gel Venture 6GS Running Shoes

Type of Shoe Trail Running Shoe 
Weight 8.92 ounces 
Price $42 – $99 (Check out the latest prices here!)
Midsole Technology Rearfoot Gel 
Outsole Technology Rubber 
Upper Design Synthetic 
Flexibility High 

Notable Features

  • Running Shoes come with extra soft cushioning
  • Rearfoot Gel Technology cushioning system protects feet
  • Synthetic upper body is highly durable
  • Best trail running shoes for kids and teenagers
  • The one-piece outsole specially meant for trail runs

Sole Technology


The outsole of ASICS Kids Gel Venture 6GS Running Shoes is made of rubber and is specifically designed for trail runs. The reversed lugs offer downhill and uphill traction on various types of terrains. The rubber sole is durable and protects the shoes from wear and tear.


The midsole is redesigned and recreated to provide extreme soft cushioning to your kid’s feet. The ASICS Gel Venture 6GS kids running shoes feature Rearfoot Gel technology cushioning system which attenuates shock during high impact situations and offers a platform for smooth transition to midstance. The midsole has superb shock absorbent capacity. As a result of this, your kid’s feet will never feel tired or sore.


The upper body of the shoes is made of a high-quality synthetic material which makes the shoes highly durable. The stitched-down toe bumpers also add to the durability.


The ASICS Gel Venture 6GS kids running shoes comes with an excellent design that aids ventilation and protects your child’s feet from sweat and bad odor. Also, the shoe is amazing at protecting your kid’s feet against any kind of foot injury. The product is available in 3 different shades.


To ensure that the kids running shoes are the best fit your kids, focus on choosing the appropriate size. To maintain the stability of the feet, it is important that you pick the right sizes.

  • Boys and Girls (4-8 years) – 1 M to 6.5 M, 1 Medium to 7 Medium
  • Boys (8-12 years) – 1 M to 6.5 M, 1 Medium to 7 Medium

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons 
Versatile Not waterproof 
Extra soft cushioning   
Comfortable and flexible  
Durable rubber sole  
Best suited for trail running  

Why buy Gel Venture 6GS kids running shoes

kids running shoes are gems from the ASICS kids running shoe collection. Your kids will fall in love with these super-comfortable and high-quality shoes which are stylish. The price is affordable, and the shoes are manufactured to last a lifetime. Your child will love trail running with these extra-smooth, extra-comfort kids running shoes.

4. Stride Rite Made 2 Artin

Type of Shoe Athletic Kids Running Shoes 
Weight 6.10 ounces 
Price $30 – $64 ()
Insole Technology Memory Foam 
Outsole Technology Rubber and Non-marking 
Upper Design Leather and Mesh 
Flexibility Medium 

Notable Features

  • Stride Rite Made 2 Artin kids Running Shoes are 100% machine washable
  • Leather and mesh upper
  • Convenient alternate closure with loop and hook
  • Odor-decreasing mesh linings
  • Comfortable memory-foam insole
  • Decently durable

Sole Technology


The memory foam insole of the Stride Rite Made 2 Artin kids running shoes wonderfully absorbs shock and protects your kid’s feet by cushioning them. With these shoes, your child will never feel muscle soreness, foot fatigue or get injured by sudden impact. With memory foam insole, every sprint, skip or jump will be cushioned and protected.


kids running shoes come with rubber and non-marking outsoles that are created to last for long. Whether your kid is playing in the mud, or running in a wet playground, these rubber outsoles will protect them from slipping or falling.


The high-quality leather and mesh material that cover the bodies of the shoes are highly durable and lost-lasting. The mesh upper covering also makes the shoes more breathable. Moreover, the shoes are machine washable and can pass through even the muddiest tests by your naughty little ones.


The Kids Running Shoes have an easy on and off design. Using the effortless hook and loop method, your kids can easily wear their shoes without your intervention. The shoes also come with an anti-microbial lining which is designed to keep your kid’s feet away from odor and sweat. There are 3 different colors that your kids can choose from.


Since Stride Rite Made 2 Artin Kids Running Shoes demand a precise degree of stability and control, it is vital to choose the right size and fit for your kids. Before you plan to add the product to your cart, ensure that you select the right size for your little one.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons 
Versatile High rate of wear and tear  
Lightweight Less durable 
Comfortable and flexible  
Machine washable  
Anti-odor lining  
Easy to wear and remove  

Why buy Stride Rite Made 2 Artin Kids Running Shoes?

come in a variety of sizes to ensure that you have a wide-range of sizes to choose from for your kids and teenagers. There are also three-color choices which your kids can choose from. The shoes are extremely comfortable and sweat resistant. The ventilation is also great. Though these shoes are not as durable as the other options mentioned above, they do last for a long time and come with more than average durability. Also, considering the delicate, soft feet of your little angels, these shoes are very comfortable. Overall a good quality product which is pocket-friendly and worth buying.

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