Brooks Ravenna vs Adrenaline – Which is Best for You?

Running shoes come in many different styles, shapes, and colors all of which give you the ability to select the perfect pair that meet your needs exactly.

Running is one of the most readily accessible forms of exercise and activities that people can engage in without having to spend too much money or buy any extra accessories. One of the best ways to improve your running performance while out on the trail or streets is by wearing a pair of running shoes that are designed to enhance your performance. Several different brands and companies manufacture and produce running shoes of all types, which can make it difficult for you to make a final decision about which one is right for your specific needs.

Each company uses its own unique technology and design integrations in an effort to provide you with an edge over the competition. It’s important to consider all of these various factors given they will directly impact your ability to run for long distances without becoming fatigued or exposing yourself to the potential for injury. Running can put a very large physical toll on your body especially on the feet, which is why you need to choose the right shoes that will help support you accomplish your goals while staying safe.

Given the fact that there are so many different brands on the market for you to choose from, knowing which ones are reputable and which ones are not can go a long way in helping you make the best purchase decision. One of the leading running shoe brands currently out on the market is Brooks, the company produces a wide range of different running shoe options and models all of which are designed to provide you with specific performance enhancements and protection so that you can take on any terrain or challenges that you may be facing.

Two of the leading running shoes from the company are the and the which are shoes that contain most of the same performance boosts and design integrations however they do vary in some key areas. Depending on your preferred running style, both of these shoes can provide you with separate benefits which is something you’ll want to consider before making your final purchase decision.

In order to help you choose which running shoe is best for your desired needs, we’re going to provide you with an in-depth review of both the and the Adrenaline so that you can make an educated decision about which one has the key design elements that you need and want.

To begin, let’s take a look at a brief history behind the company Brooks and how they have established themselves as a leader in the running shoe industry today.

History Behind the Company: Brooks Running Shoes

Brooks Running Shoes started in a small Philadelphia factory that originally made only bathing shoes and ballet slippers. In 1921, the company began manufacturing baseball cleats which were the first at the time, these cleats would be worn by championship baseball players including Micky Mantle. In 1929, Brooks began producing roller skates until 1930 when the company would begin producing football cleats which had an innovative technology at the time in advanced natural bend arch support. The company also patented another technology known as Lock Tight which helped reduced injury by preventing the cleats from coming off your feet while playing. In 1938, the company began manufacturing children’s shoes which were released under a brand line named “Pedicraft” and they were scientifically designed for children’s feet.

In 1940, the company developed softball cleats that were made with soft rubber which were used for various sports activities such as boxing, soccer, wrestling, gym, bowling, and many other activities. Since then, the company remains dedicated to producing running shoes and accessories that help people push themselves further and get their bodies into better shape than they’ve ever been before.

Every detail of their shoes is meticulously carved out and they undergo consistent assessments before being released to the market to ensure that they comply with all the quality control standards set out by the company.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the brief histories behind the company, it’s time to take a look at some of the main differences between the and Adrenaline so that you can have a better understanding of which one is right for your desired running needs.

The Main Differences Between Brookes Ravenna & Adrenaline

The and running shoes were both designed with ultimate support and stability in mind for runners. Each of these shoes contains unique technology and design elements that can help to enhance your specific activity based upon how you move with the shoes. However, while both of these shoes come packed with innovative running support technology and overall performance-enhancing boosts, they do differ in the way that they achieve the amount of support and stability you receive while wearing them.

These subtle yet impactful differences in design and execution make both of these running shoes perfect for very different target consumers. To make sure that you understand and comprehend all of the main differences between both of these running shoes, we’re going to provide you with a summarized comparison of what you can expect to change when wearing one shoe compared to another.

The Main Differences Between & Adrenaline Running Shoes

  • The have an internal bootie design enhancement whereas the Adrenaline shoes do not
  • The Adrenaline shoes have a DNA LOFT crash pad for added impact absorption whereas the Ravenna shoes don’t
  • The Ravenna shoes come with a new and advanced holistic support system whereas the do not
  • The have an updated midsole design that adds another layer of comfort and support for your feet

These are some of the main differences that you can expect to encounter when deciding between the or . Just by looking at the simple comparison above, you can see in what areas which shoe put a focus on runner stability and performance and in which areas they lack the essential features you’re looking for. All of these performance enhancements and design elements will either prove to be of benefit or disadvantage to you all depending on your preferred running style.

Before making a final purchase decision, always consider your personal needs as it relates to the type of pain relief and running support that you’re interested in obtaining as a result of wearing either one of these running shoe options.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the core differences between both of these running shoe options, it’s time to take a look at some of the indicating factors that you can use to choose which pair of running shoes will be best for you.

Figuring Out Your Running Style: Pick the Right Running Shoes Based On Wear Patterns

Every time you put on a pair of shoes whether they are specifically made for running or not, they will form a wear pattern that is a sign of use. The wear pattern on every shoe is different due to the fact that most people have different foot shapes and stances which causes the shoes to wear at different rates and angles. You can use this wear pattern to your advantage by looking at it to determine your running style so that you can choose a pair of running shoes that were designed with your running style in mind from the jump.

Four main wear patterns indicate how you run and what type of running shoes will be best for you. In the following section, we’re going to go over the four main wear patterns so that you can see how your running style will affect your selected pair of running shoes over time.

By using the information we’re about to provide you with, you will be able to make a proactive decision in terms of which one of these shoes will provide the most benefit to you while out on the trail.

Four Main Wear Patterns


Overpronation is categorized as having wear patterns that form along the interior edge of your shoes. Typically, overpronation can also be identified by the exaggerated form of your foot’s natural inward roll. This is a tell-tale sign that you deal with overpronation when walking, running, and participating in any other activity that requires you to be on your feet. Overpronation is quite common amongst runners so you shouldn’t worry if you find yourself struggling with this, however over time, if not properly treated or addressed it can lead to severe knee injuries or pain.

If your feet show signs of overpronation, you need to choose shoes that have motion control and stability reinforcements.


Pronation is categorized as being a wear pattern that is centralized towards the ball of the foot and also a small part of the heel. It can be identified by looking at the foot’s natural roll inward that is followed by the heel striking the ground. Neutral or basic pronation occurs as a way to absorb impact on the foot and it also helps to relieve some of the pressure on your joints and knees. Pronation is a normal occurrence in all people who regularly participate in running activities.


Supination can be identified by looking to see if there are any wear patterns along the outer edge of your shoe. Supination is the outward rolling of the foot joint which causes a decreased ability to absorb shock and impact. While supination is a relatively rare occurrence, it can and does happen so if you find yourself supinating, you need to look for shoes that were designed with ultimate flexibility and extra cushioning support to help relieve some of the issues caused by this condition.


When you run with running shoes on, your feet will typically hit the ground in a heel first capacity. Once you remove your shoes and begin running barefoot, you will notice that your forefoot to the midfoot area is the part that strikes the ground first which is something to keep in mind as this can affect your overall ability to run comfortably over time.

All of these different wear patterns and running styles are important to consider when choosing which pair of shoes is right for you because they will have a direct impact on the amount of relief and overall support that you receive from your selected option. Try assessing the wear pattern of your current running shoes to get a clear picture as to what features and design elements you need to look for in the next pair that you decide to purchase.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the most common wear patterns and running styles, it’s time to take an in-depth look at both the and so that you will be able to make an educated purchase decision about which one is right for your specific needs.

Core Specifications: Brooks Ravenna vs. Adrenaline

As stated previously, both the Brooks Ravenna and the come packed with tones of unique design features and performance enhancements that can help runners of all kinds maintain stability and control when out on the track or any other terrain that they may be encountering. Because both of these shoes have features that are targeted at two very different and distinctive audiences, you need to understand and know about all of the differences between them before finalizing your purchase on either of these options.

In the following section, we’re going to take an in-depth look at some of the core features that you can expect from the and Adrenaline to help you select the shoes which will improve your performance capabilities overall.

Brooks Ravenna Specifications

The features a very protected and classic running shoe design, you’ll find a weaved knit-like pattern covering the entire body of the shoe in addition to a black version of the logo in the same pattern. The shoes have additional protection around the arch area for more of a secure fit. The upper on the shoe features a one-piece design that is made out of mesh and has an internal bootie inside of it for added breathability while on the run. The shoe also has a saddle that wraps around the midfoot to allow for more of a secure fit and added versatility while running or participating in any physical activity while wearing them.

Take a look below to see the core specs breakdown of these shoes:

  • Weight- 9.4oz
  • Technology- BioMoGo DNA, GuideRails
  • Experience Type- Energize
  • Arch Type- Medium/Flat
  • Midsole Drop- 10mm
  • Support Type- Support

There are also a lot of innovative technologies and features that come with the Ravenna’s which aid in boosting all-around performance handling and running capabilities.

GuideRails Holistic Support System

The GuideRails Holistic Support System is located between the lower and upper portion of the shoe, it’s the main purpose is to reduce knee injury and pain by controlling the amount of excess movement that can occur when an individual is running. This is a great feature for those who constantly take on long runs and are looking for a pair of shoes that can help reduce some of the common injuries associated with long-runs and the amount of wear that they put on your body.

Enhanced Midsole

The shoes come with an upgraded midsole design that has an extra layer of foam underneath the forefoot which provides you with more shock absorption and overall energy while out on your runs. This feature is an added layer to all of the other protective and stabilizing design elements that you find on this shoe repeatedly. They also come with an internal bootie that gives you an improved close-to-foot fit while running for extended periods of time.

BioMoGo DNA Cushion

The midsole on the shoes also has BioMoGo DNA cushioning in it which gives it a springy-like feel while out on runs. This feature helps to increase the overall responsiveness of the shoe in a wide range of different conditions while also giving you extra relief when taking on hard landings. The midsole also has rebounding rubber inside of them which helps you maintain control on your runs for extended periods of time.

These shoes also have what is known as a midfoot transition zone which is designed in a formulated shape which helps you transition from the heel to toe quickly.

Brooks Adrenaline Specifications

The has a very sporty look to them with the main pattern resembling a knitted design. They have a BioMoGo DNA midsole cushion that allows you to react and adapt to a wide range of changing variables in your environment with ease. They also have an integrated Crash Pad which helps to relieve some of the direct impacts that your foot would otherwise take when coming in contact with the ground. The Crash Pad also provides for seamless heel-to-toe transitions which can help you improve your overall running ability when taking on treacherous terrains.

Another really cool feature about the Brooks Adrenaline shoes is that they have an asymmetrical 3D printed saddle that extends from the heel and wraps around the midfoot area to give you a tight and secure fit.

Take a look below to see the core specs breakdown of these shoes:

  • Weight- 110z
  • Arch Type- Medium/Flat
  • Technology- GuideRails, DNA LOFT, DNA Midsole
  • Midsole Drop- 12mm
  • Support Type- Support
  • Experience Type- Cushion

The also have a lot of performance-enhancing design elements and technologies integrated into them which can provide very visible benefits to runners who deal with certain terrain conditions regularly or have a preferred running style.

GuideRails Holistic Support System

The GuideRails Holistic support system is positioned in between the bottom sole and the upper of the shoe. Its main performance benefit is that it reduces the amount of direct impact that your knees experience when landing. It also helps to reduce excess movement so that you can maintain control over your feet while running for extended periods of time. This is a great feature because it gives runners added protection while also helping to reduce some of the conditions that could lead to severe knee pain in the future.


These shoes come with a DNA LOFT and BioMoGo DNA cushioning insert which helps to increase the overall comfort of the shoe without sacrificing the responsiveness or versatility of them. Is helps to keep your feet balanced at all times to that they do not become juxtaposed to one side more than the other which is a common cause for shoe damage. This feature also helps to add a layer of durability to the shoes as you can maintain a steady level of control at all times regardless of what type of terrains or conditions that you may encounter.

3D Fit Print

These shoes also have a 3D Fit Print upper which is designed to give the shoe added structure and security. The more modernized fit also helps to promote a healthy balance of foot to heel action so that you aren’t exposed to unnecessary injury while running.

These are some of the core design elements and traits that you can expect to experience when wearing either one of these shoes for your next run. It’s important to take a close look at all of the core specifications and features that we’ve covered so far so that you will be able to compare them to all of the features and design elements that you need most out of a reliable pair of running shoes.

Now, it’s time to give you our honest opinion about which one of these shoes we feel is worth the money and can provide real performance benefits to your runs in general.

Our Decision

After taking a close look at both of these running shoe options, it can be difficult trying to find which features and elements differ from one another enough to give you that personalized performance boost or pain relief that you’re looking for. With that being said, both of these shoes are crafted with an immense amount of consideration for all of the various challenges and obstacles that runners face daily.

Also with that being said, each runner has their own individual needs in terms of what features they need in a running shoe in order to see a real difference in the way that they are able to perform. While we do have a favourite and several practical reasons to back up our decision, it’s critical that you consider your needs on a personal basis so that you can ensure you’re choosing the pair of shoes which will provide the distinct enhancements you’re looking for.

In our opinion, the Brooks Adrenaline running shoe is the winner of this comparison. We came to this decision due to the fact that the Adrenaline shoes have a DNA LOFT cushioned very comfortable midsole and pain-relieving while out on the terrain. They also combine this incredible material with BioMoGo DNA cushioning which adds another layer of comfort and protection to the runner.

If you’re looking for a pair of running shoes that can take on long runs without causing your feet to become tired or sore, these shoes are definitely a great option for you. While the shoes were our pick, you need to make the purchase decision that will bring the most immediate benefit to your life and physical activity capabilities as a whole.

Now, it’s time to look at some of our top recommended alternative options if either of these shoes doesn’t seem to have the exact features and design elements that you’re looking for.

Our Top Alternative Recommendations

If even after looking through all of the various features and design elements that both of these running shoes offer you still don’t think that they are the right choice for you, you’re in luck because this entire section is going to be dedicated to some of our top alternative recommendations. Keep in mind, all of these different recommendations will be made by separate companies using different technologies and design inspirations.


The Hoka One One Carbon X shoes are considered to be highly cushioned running shoes and they have a very slim, sleek, and lightweight design which makes them optimal for long-range runs. These shoes also have a carbon-fiber plate which extends the length of the midsole to give the shoe a more stiff and energized performance feel. This design feature helps to propel your feet all the way off the ground much quicker than they would in other running shoe options. The shoes also have an enhanced curved shape in addition to a blown rubber outsole which helps to make them so lightweight. They come with a 5mm drop and have a light upper which makes them versatile and efficient. Hoka One One Carbon X

#2 Under Armour HOVR Guardian

The Under Armour HOVR Guardian shoes were designed to be the standard for motion-control shoes as it has a very heavy and stiff design that features a medial post which helps to prevent your foot from rolling inwards while running. One of the main beneficial features of these shoes is that they have an integrated sensor that can be used with the UnderArmour MapMyRun app in order to provide you with detailed training statistics and analytics to help you improve your performance over time. Under Armour HOVR Guardian

#3 New Balance FuelCell Rebel

The New Balance FuelCell Rebel shoes were designed to provide the runner with responsiveness, a secure fit, and a lightweight design that helps you run for extended periods of time without exposing your body to unmercenary injuries. The forefoot on this shoe has integrated Fuelceel foam which is coupled with a much lighter and stiffer foam around it to give you more support and balance while taking on terrains of virtually any type. This design feature helps give you a better push-off and the shoes also have a knitted upper which moves flexibly when your foot is moved. The outsole of the shoe is also very lightweight and provides a nice contrast to the midsole for all-around protection and performance enhancement regardless of what terrain you’re running on. New Balance FuelCell Rebel

#4 Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2

The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 shoes were made with high-mileage and casual runs both in mind. These shoes are perfect for those runners that want to experience fast-paced action without being hindered by the design or configuration of their running shoes. They provide very nice responsiveness and have a tight secure fit which ensures that your feet stay in place while running. You will be able to wear these shoes for very long runs without having to worry about becoming injured or tired fast, the shoe has an improved midsole design which adds another level of performance enhancement and stability. Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2


Q: How long do I have to return the shoes?

A: All Brooks shoes come with a standard 90-day warranty which allows you to get your money back if you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase

Q: Is the return shipping free?

A: Yes, Brooks offer pre-paid shipping labels for all of their returns

Q: How long does it take to receive my Brooks order?

A: Standard shipping time from the official website is 10-14 business days


We’ve covered all of the most important features, design elements, and other facts about the and Adrenaline running shoes that you need to know before going out to make your final purchase decision. Utilize this guide as a resource to help you better understand what core needs you to have as it relates to what you should look for in a pair of running shoes that will provide you with the most versatility and performance boosts. As long as you take the time to look at all of the different challenges and obstacles that hinder your runs as of right now and how your current running shoes play a role, you will be able to find the right pair of new running footwear to begin performing at your peak ability.

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