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Best New Balance Trail Running Shoes

Summer is almost here, and the snow is receding from the mountain peaks. It’s that time of the year to check through your gear closet and see if you are ready to hit the trails.

If the tread is looking a bit thin on your trail runners and you’re dreading shelling out the big bucks for a new pair, I have some excellent news for you! Have you heard of Joe’s New Balance Outlet? They have some of the best New Balance trail running shoes at some of the lowest prices on the internet.

I am on the website checking things out today, and there are some brand new trail-runners as low as 24.99. That is 67% off the original price, and these are not “seconds” or defective. The same shoes on Amazon are selling for 72.82 and on eBay for 100.00.

That is an outstanding deal, and if you sign up for Joe’s newsletter, you will receive firsthand news on the latest sales. I know; no one wants spam to fill up their inbox, even when solicited. However, I think you will find it worthwhile to subscribe until you get your new shoes, then unsubscribe until you are back in the market for some sporting goods deals.


The Criteria For Our Top Choices

All models are New Balance and all from the Trail Running category. I have chosen the 3 top models for men and women based on reviews from serval sites. Finally, I only made my choices based on the current inventory at Joe’s New Balance Outlet. Why get you worked up for a shoe that is not available.

Just to note, if you have been looking at 2022 reviews on New Balance Shoes and are not seeing those models here, it is only because what is hot in 2022 will not likely arrive at the outlets until 2023. Not to worry, shoes do not come with an expiration date, but last year’s models do come with a fantastic discount.

new balance shoes

Bottom Line Upfront

If the name “Fresh Foam” is in the title of either the men’s or women’s shoes, they are hands down the most sought-after trail runner in the New Balance lineup.

You can save time from reading the rest of the article and just look at all the Fresh Foam models and order a fantastic pair of trail shoes right now. One caveat, if you are more aligned with the group of trail runners that prefers a more tactile engagement with the trail, these are not likely going to be your choice. Running in Fresh Foam cushions your impact so well that you will rarely notice the rough terrain you are on. That is a nice ride!

For those preferring to sense their terrain a little more with their feet, anything other than the Fresh foam line will allow you a greater sense of the stone or roots along the trail. All trail runners from New Balance have premium insoles for stability and cushion. You need only decide how much buffer you desire.

Top Three New Balance Trail Runners for Men

Men’s Fresh Foam More Trail

New Balance Trail Runners for Men

The Fresh Foam More trail runners have been a hit for New Balance. In fact, it was so comfortable consumers asked for more. New Balance said, ok, Here you go—You have “more.” This is the thickest in the Fresh Foam line, and the reviews reflect that “more is better.” Fresh foam is lightweight and durable, with a Goldie Locks cushion that is neither too firm nor too soft. It’s just right!

While they have softened the ride, they have remained tough on performance. The grippy, lugged outsole provides stability and traction to help keep you on the trail at any speed.

The Men’s Fresh Foam More Trail Shoe at Joe’s New Balance Outlet runs about 123.99 to 149.99. That is 15 to 41 dollars lower than the standard retail price.


  • Amazing cushioning allows more comfort for longer runs
  • Super gripping rubber soles reduce slipping


  • More foam = More height = less lateral stability
  • No traditional anchor on the tongue means the tongue may shift when running

Men’s Fresh Foam Arishi Trail

New Balance Trail Runners for Men

Yes, another option from the Fresh Foam line comes in at number 2 on the top 3 New Balance trail runners. The main difference between the Men’s Fresh Foam Arishi Trail and the Men’s Fresh Foam More Trail Runner is less foam.

Additionally, the outer foam sole is much more low profile providing more “feel” with the trail but also less bulk aesthetically. This shoe looks more like a traditional trail shoe and can easily be worn casually too. The “More Trail” has such a high outer foam sole one might think they resemble plane pontoons for a water landing.

You need to experience both to truly appreciate the difference in foam thickness. How you feel in the shoe is more important than how the shoe looks. Trail running is a demanding sport. You want a shoe that will support you and keep you comfortable.

The Arishi line runs from around $52 to $69, depending on the specific version.


  • Stylish for all a casual day out or a run on the trail
  • Straddles a sneaker and trail runner, nice middle of the road


  • Thinner heel cushioning means more trail sensation, including pebbles, a deal-breaker for some.
  • The Upper is too high for some customers’ ankles, who return the shoe or add an insole to raise their ankles.

Men’s 410v7 Trail

New Balance Trail Runners for Men

Of today’s top three, this is the most traditional model. The bottom of the shoe is similar to that of a hiking boot tread. It is a slightly heavier material than the fresh foam and a tad stiffer. It’s all about your own personal preference.

Another notable difference from the first two Fresh Foam models is the 410v7 has a traditional stitched fabric upper. On the other hand, the Fresh Foam models are fused together without stitching, reducing weight further.

The 410 is very budget-friendly and is currently on sale for $39.99. At this price, you might consider a second pair.


  • Comfortable foot box offers wiggle room for toes
  • Breathable fabric keeps feet cooler


  • Uppers are not as tight around the ankles as newer models. This means some pebbles may enter from the top.
  • Raised inner heel cup is award-winning for some, while others feel it is too shallow for proper stability.

Top Three New Balance Trail Runners for Women

Women’s Fresh Foam Hierro v5 Trail

New Balance Trail Runners for Women

New Balance Fresh Foam always floats to the top of our list because the comfort is nearly unbeatable. One-piece foam technology keeps impact minimal so that you can run longer. Another top selling point for the Fresh Foam Hierro is the Vibram Sole.

Vibram has had a long history as one of the most durable and well gripping soles. They are on the bottom of some of the top hiking boots, work boots, and cowboy boots. This addition to the Hierro helped put it in our number one choice in Women’s Trail running shoes.

It is priced at a moderate $99.99, which is $40.00 off the retail price. This trail runner is top of its class, and I believe even the most advanced trail runners will agree that this is a well-designed trail shoe.


  • It’s a trail runner that looks like a regular running shoe. In fact, it is pretty versatile for both. Super lightweight but designed to handle lateral impacts of trail running.
  • Super gripping Vibram soles are strong enough to grip rocks on the trail and thin enough to offer flexibility on the track.


  • Some customers reported the shoe was too wide for casual wear off the trail and that a thicker sock may be needed for trail running.
  • The arch support in this shoe was too low for several customers but roomie enough to add a thin premium insole to remedy the problem.

Women’s Fresh Foam Arishi Trail

New Balance Trail Runners for Women

This is the second top choice among both Men’s and Women’s New Balance trail runners. The fresh foam models currently outrank the rest based on comfort and performance.

The Fresh Foam Arishi Trail has a no-sew upper construction making this one of the most lightweight trail runners available from New Balance, and they are pretty stylish. Like the men’s Arishi Trail shoes, this design is as practical off the trail as it is on the trail for a shoe that you could wear daily as your casual sneakers.

The price at Joe’s New Balance Outlet is $49.99. An excellent $30 savings over the standard retail price.


  • Stylish for all a casual day out or a run on the trail
  • Straddles a sneaker and trail runner, nice middle of the road


  • Thinner heel cushioning means more trail sensation, including pebbles, a deal-breaker for some.
  • The Upper is too high for some customers’ ankles, who return the shoe or add an insole to raise their ankles.

Women’s NITREL v4 Trail

New Balance Trail Runners for Women

The Nitrel v3 and Nitrel v4 are similar, but the v4 gets the leading edge for improved design. They improved the curve at both the front and back of this shoe, making it more ergonomic for running on the trail or on the road. The slim design and vast choices of color allow this shoe to be almost cross-sport compatible.

You could easily take these shoes to the gym, the track, the golf course, and then to the grocery store. They don’t look like trail shoes, but they will have no problem taking you up or down the mountain.

Originally $69.99, now $39.99 at Joe’s New Balance Outlet.


  • Breathable and durable, with responsive cushioning. No-Sew overlays keep them strong and light.
  • Wide range of colors for every occasion and outfit. They look fun, but they mean business.


  • Several customers reported the toe box was more narrow than other designs by New Balance.
  • Insoles appear to have less arch support. Several customers discouraged people with plantar fasciitis from purchasing this model.


Question: Should I get a running shoe or a trail runner?

Answer: That depends on your terrain. You could use a trail runner on the track, but a running shoe on the trail is not going to last long. The main differences are construction, tread, and weight. Running shoes are super light, have a thin thread and thinner sole, and perform well on flat surfaces. These shoes are built for propulsion and speed, and mainly in a straight line. The shoes tend to fit tighter and genrally require thinner socks. Trail runners are a bit heavier, have an aggressive thread and thicker sole, and will perform well on irregular surfaces. These shoes are built for stability and can more easily handle lateral movements as well as straight-line forward momentum. These shoes tent to be a bit roomier for use with cool weather socks or dual socks where the use of a liner sock is desired for blister reduction.

Question: What is the best New Balance trail runner overall?

Answer: The best overall trail runner is the one that fits your foot and style. There is no one style that fits all. That being said, there is one style that fits most. That would be the ArishiV3. It is in the “Goldie Locks” zone of the Fresh foam line. Not too much and not too little, it’s just right (for most). It is the one shoe that made it into the top three in both men’s and women’s recommended trail runners. Now if you want a peek into the future, you might want to look up to the New Balance Fresh Foam Roav V1. This loks like a promising lightweight shoe with a nice insole for running or hiking comfort. This new Fresh foam design features a more snug fit around the heels and ankles. Early reviews indicate that people love this new fit as it keeps more rocks out of your shoes when you are running in gravel areas. It is available now but not yet at Joe’s New Balance Outlet. As an outlet source, you have to wait sometimes up to a year for the previous year’s shoes. So get on Joe’s mailing list, so you are the first to know when they get it. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of my new favorites!

Question: Is Joe’s New Balance Outlet worth shopping?

Answer: Absolutely! I have compared multiple products with other outlets and Amazon and Joe’s for the lowest price on nearly every product. Sometimes significantly Joe’s New Balance outlet often has sales or promos that reduce the price you see by an additional 10 to 30 percent off the listed price. This is one time that the “fine print” works in your favor. Most of you savvy shoppers will shop around anyway, we all do, but I believe you are going to discover, as I have, that the best deal will most often be found at Joe’s.

In Conclusion

Joe’s New Balance Outlet is an excellent resource for anything from the New Balance Brand. Go ahead and check out Amazon. Occasionally, someone may have a lower price, but you will find your best price is at Joe’s most of the time. Additionally, they ship anywhere in the contiguous US for free on orders over 99 dollars.

Otherwise, it is a pretty standard 9.95. So, Even if you have Amazon Prime, you will likely still get the best deal at Joe’s.

Trail shoes will inevitably get dirty and scratched up if you are a true trail runner. So why would you mind if the model or color is “last year’s vintage.” You could save up to 80 percent in some cases, and then you could consider buying more than one pair.

I recommend Joe’s New Balance Outlet as your one-stop New Balance sporting goods store. It’s one of the best true outlet stores for top-of-the-line New Balance products.

Jason McLay