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New Balance Vongo Review – Who is this Running Shoe For?

When it comes to being active, there are several different exercises and routines that you can implement in your daily life and begin experiencing the body and lifestyle that you desire.

One of the most popular types of exercise for many people is running largely due to the fact that anyone can begin running at any moment as it does not require a lot of equipment or extra accessories to begin participating in the activity.

One thing that can stand in your way of using running as a form of effective exercise for you is a pain in your foot, ankle, or any other area that is used during running.

If you deal with any joint pain or have a debilitating medical condition, doing anything in your everyday life that requires physical exertion can be a challenge.

However, there are a lot of different companies and brands that produce high-quality footwear that is specifically designed with orthotic support inside of the shoe so that you can live life without any restrictions on your capabilities or ambitions.

When you’re trying to find a running shoe that has the right amount of support and comfort-enhancing design features, it’s important to consider your personal needs so that you can ensure you’re choosing a shoe that will bring real benefit and relief to your life.

New Balance Vongo Review

One of the leading running shoe brands right now is New Balance, the company puts an emphasis on premium product manufacturing and customer satisfaction.

They offer a wide range of different running shoe selections that are all designed to provide individuals with performance boosts and enhancements that allow them to take full advantage of whatever challenge that they may be taking on.

The most popular running shoe variety produced by the company is their Vongo running shoe.

The shoes were designed with ultimate stability and support in mind, they feature a lightweight design and a lot of other advanced design features which were implemented into the shoe to give you maximum relief from joint pain while running. There are a lot of other features and design integrations that make this shoe a favorite amongst people who need orthotic support in their soles when performing physical activity.

If you’re someone who deals with joint pain in the foot, back, ankle, or anywhere else and have been looking for the right shoes to help relieve some of the pain that you deal with on a daily basis, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’re going to take an in-depth look at all of the main features and design elements that you can expect to encounter when wearing the New Balance Vongo Shoes.

To begin, let’s take a look at a brief history behind the company and how they established themselves as a leader in the running shoe industry today.


History Behind the Company: New Balance

New Balance was started in 1906 by William J. Riley who was an Irish immigrant, the company was originally founded under the name of “New Balance Arch Support Company” in the Boston, MA area.

When the company began, they only produced arch support inserts and other footwear accessories that were specifically designed to improve the way that shoes fit on the individual wearing it.

The very first product ever produced by the company was a flexible arch support insert that had three different points of support which provided the individual wearing them with enhanced comfort and balance overall.

In 1927, Riley hired a man by the name of Arthur Hall to be a salesman for his newly formed company.

A few years later in 1934, Hall became a business partner with Riley until he decided to sell the business to his daughter and her husband in 1956.

The new owners would continue selling arch supports as the primary product for the company until 1960 when they developed the shoe known as the “Trackster” which was innovative at the time because it was the first running shoe to be manufactured that used a ripple sole for a primary design component.

The Trackster was also the very first running shoe to offer users different width options when it came to fit which was very new at the time of their release.

Since then, the company has gone on to expand its product line quite a bit including a recent announcement in 2015 when the company stated that they would begin producing shoes for the global soccer market.

The company also produces different shoes for various other sports including skateboarding which is why they have established a reputation for being one of the leading footwear companies on the market in general.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the brief histories about the company and how it became the powerhouse that it’s known as today, it’s time to take a look at exactly who the New Balance Vongo shoe was designed for.

Who is the new balance Vongo shoe for?

new balance vongo women

The New Balance Vongo shoe is touted as a lightweight trainer that was designed specifically to enhance stability and performance all-around.

This shoe was dedicated solely to runners who are looking for more comfort and stability while taking on their daily challenges.

These shoes can be worn as a daily runner which makes them extremely versatile in terms of how they can be used to elevate your overall performance and capabilities while handling terrains of different types and environments of all kinds.

The overall design approach and implementation make it pretty easy to see why these shoes are intended for runners.

Several features come as a standard option with these shoes such as the “varus wedge” midsole that makes the interior of the shoe much higher than the outside providing enhanced support and stability while taking on virtually any obstacle that you’re dealing with in the current moment.

This is a design feature which was implemented into the final design of the shoe so that it would automatically correct any sort of overpronation that occurs while walking in addition to reducing the overall amount of joint pain that individual experiences while walking or being engaged in any sort of physically strenuous activity.

These shoes are very responsive while out on runs and give you full protection and support no matter what size or shape your feet maybe.

Now that we’ve covered exactly who the Vongo shoes were made for, it’s time to take a look at some of the main pros and cons that you can expect to encounter when wearing these particular shoes for your running or exercise needs.

Pros & Cons: New Balance Vongo

The New Balance Vongo running shoes much like any other shoes on the market have their own unique set of benefits and disadvantages.

One of the main design perks about the Vongo shoes is that it has 3D printed overlays on the upper part which keep your foot securely in place no matter how much physical exertion or energy output your body is experiencing.

There are also a lot of other design features that make this shoe perfect for those runners who need an advanced shoe that meets all of their needs in terms of comfort and stability.

vongo pros cons

There are several other pros and cons that you can expect to encounter with these shoes such as their overall fit, durability, versatility, and build quality.

In the section below, we’re going to take an in-depth look at all of the various pros and cons of the Vongo shoes so that you will be able to make an educated purchase decision as to whether or not they are the right option for your desired needs.

Make sure you read this entire section in full so that you will be able to understand all of the main pros and cons of these shoes to make an educated decision as to whether or not these are the right option for you.

New Balance Vongo Pros

  • Designed for long-distance runners who need extended protection and support for the trails that they encounter on a regular basis
  • A seamless combination of support, comfort, and stability for an all-around performance boost
  • Mesh upper that is designed to provide enhanced breathability and circulation to your feet
  • Design integrations specifically for overpronators that need help reducing the odds of the event occurring while they’re actually engaging in physical activity
  • Made from very durable materials which ensure that the shoe will last a long time even when exposed to harsh use conditions
  • Lightweight cushioning and protection coverage for your feet in every possible direction
  • A spring-assisted underfoot sensation which adds a sense of improved total support for the shoe
  • Fresh foam midsole which provides extra support and protection for your feet under all sorts of different circumstances and situations
  • ASYM heel counter that keeps your feet centred over the foam midsole

New Balance Vongo Cons

  • Quality control standards for these shoes have been in question
  • Not flexible enough for quick action runs or fast-paced changes in your foot stance before breaking in

Overall, the Vongo shoes are packed with a lot of performance-enhancing design features and elements which provide extra support and stability for runners that have varying styles and desired goals.

If you’re looking for a well-rounded and fully functional pair of running shoes that will help you propel your game and activities to the next level, the Vongo shoes definitely have all of the features and design implementations that you would expect from a shoe capable of doing so.

While the shoes do come with their own set of cons, all things do and it will be up to you to decide on whether or not the pros outweigh the cons in this situation for you as it pertains to the practical performance and handling improvements that you can expect to feel once you lace these shoes up and go out for a run.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the main pros and cons of these shoes, it’s time to take a look at all of the core features that you can expect to gain access to when wearing these shoes for whatever purpose you may have.

Features: New Balance Vongo

At their core, the New Balance Vongo shoes are well-crafted and very durable running shoes that are packed with tons of responsive feeling and quick-response elements that help make your physical activities that much more stress-free.

There are a lot of different design elements that combine on this shoe to provide you with the incredible amount of relief and enhanced performance support that you experience while wearing them.

Everything from each sole to the type of materials used during its production process combines to deliver an amazing shoe that will help you maintain pristine balance and stability while taking on terrains of any kind.

In the following section, we’re going to take a look at all of the core design features that are a part of this shoe so that you will have a better more realized understanding of what to expect while wearing them.

Make sure you read this entire section in full so that you will be able to make an educated decision about whether or not the Vongo shoes are the right fit for your desired performance needs.

New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V4
Men Women
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Core Features: New Balance Vongo Shoes


Most of the outsole on this shoe is made from blown rubber which is a lot lighter and more cushioning than other rubber compounds that you would find in a lot of shoes currently for sale on the market.

The rubber is also combined with air during the production process which adds an extra layer of durability and performance to the shoes overall.

There is also a deep cut along the heel to the midsole of the shoe which provides extra support and stability for your feet while running in tedious terrains or conditions.

One of the best features of this shoe is that it is very flexible although it has a lot of stability and durability reinforcements.

Because of the cut in the outsole on the shoe, it has the perfect balance of flexibility and stability so that you never sacrifice any of the features most important to you.


The midsole is considered to be the saddle of the shoe regardless of what brand it is, the New Balance Vongo come equipped with a midsole that is made out of perforated material.

The material provides a level of breathability and circulation that you wouldn’t receive if the midsole was made out of any other material.

The midsole is also made out of fresh foam which is a patented material that gives your feet extra comfort and protection when coming in contact with various terrain types.

These shoes also have a varus wedge midsole that is the perfect combination of support and cushioning.

The material spans the entire length of the midsole and enhances your ability to run for prolonged periods of time. The midsole on these shoes is comparable to the midsole on the Adidas Boost shoe.


The upper on these shoes combine the perfect mixture of breathability and high-performance so that you can continue running at high levels of activity without your feet becoming damaged or tired.

The Vongo’s use a boot-like design that wraps around the entirety of your feet and gives you access to enhanced comfortability and supports all-around no matter what conditions you’re encountering.

As an added bonus, the shoes also feature a sock liner that is in the interior of the shoe, the upper contains the same breathable mesh material as other parts of the shoe which makes the breathable nature of it felt throughout the entire design.

The mesh material used inside of the shoe is known as air mesh and it was specifically created for the purpose of allowing runners feet to breathe after enduring long bouts of physical exercise or activity.

This design element combines perfectly with the perforated midsole to provide you with all-around support and protection.


While these shoes have a lot of design integrations and features, they are still very lightweight. They only weigh 10.6 ounces which is a lot less than some of the other stability and runner specific shoe options that are currently available on the market.

These shoes are also very flexible and responsive which is great for runners who want a dependable shoe that can keep up with your activity level.

Most of the lightweight feeling and responsiveness that you feel in this shoe is due to the fact that the outsole is made from blown rubber as opposed to the carbon rubber outsole that you find on many other options.


These shoes are packed with a lot of different materials which make them very breathable and air-like in terms of the amount of space that you feel inside the shoe.

The upper part of this shoe is made from an airy mesh material that is designed for ultimate breathability and flexibility without having to sacrifice comfort or support.

The breathable material makes these shoes perfect for long runs where comfort and durability are major concerns. These shoes will keep your feet dry and cool regardless of how much running time you put in.


When wearing any shoe regardless of what it was made for, there is one factor that is vitally important to ensuring that you will be able to perform at a high level of activity while using them.

The Vongo shoes consider this variable by providing you with a combination of different technologies that work together to provide you with the ultimate support and stability while taking on virtually any terrain type or environment.

The shoes also have an integrated sock liner that gives the interior of the shoe a very glove-like feel and overall fit.

This feature allows the reduction of the total amount of movement inside the shoe once your feet are in them, for a more personalized fit and better performance while wearing these shoes.

All of these features not only make the shoe more comfortable; they also reduce the number of blisters and other sorts of damage that is common when engaged in strenuous activity.

They also have a midsole that is made out of Fresh Foam so there is even more protection and comfort for you when taking on long runs or treacherous terrains.


The Vongo shoes have a very classic style and appearance to them which has become to be known as the signature look of New Balance.

The shoes come in a variety of different colorways and design options including a black and blue option.

They also come in a New Balance colorway which can be either black or grey, the shoe also has a very sleek and minimalist look aside from some of the funky colours on the main sides of the body of the shoe.

While style isn’t a deciding factor when it comes to whether or not you should purchase a running shoe, it is a plus that these shoes, in particular, are very stylish.


When it comes to being durable, these shoes are equipped with a lot of different features that allow them to stand up to the toughest of challenges.

One of the main complaints about these shoes is that they have a very thin outer layer which can cause them to break easily if you use them too much or in the wrong manner.

Integrated Protection

These shoes have a lot of different design elements that combine together to help relieve some of the common pain associated with those that suffer from hip conditions and knee issues that can cause you to lose your performance capabilities while taking on virtually any terrain that you may encounter.

They have an integrated cushioning in addition to the added stability features which combine to give you an extended amount of run time regardless of what terrain you may come in contact with.

There is also a spacious toe box on the shoes which increases circulation and reduces the odds of you developing issues with your feet such as blisters.

In addition to all of these features, they have a Fresh Foam midsole that absorbs the amount of shock your foot encounters when coming in contact with certain surfaces.

The midsole made out of Fresh Foam also helps to reduce the amount of knee and hip pain that you experience when running for prolonged periods of time.

They also have a low-cut heel design which helps to eliminate the issues of chaffing on your Achilles heel.

Overall, these shoes provide comprehensive protection for your entire foot so that you can take on long runs without any major issues.


One of the areas where these shoes shine above the competition is it’s the ability to be responsive while you’re out on runs.

They have what is known as Fresh Foam technology inside of them which makes them very lightweight and responsive while running.

The outsole of these shoes has a very unique design which adds depth, responsiveness, and adaptability to the shoes overall.

They also feature a deep cut that runs from the heel to the forefoot on the shoe which increases the level of responsiveness and overall versatility to the shoes.

These are all some of the main features that you can expect to gain access to when wearing these shoes for your runs.

Consider your personal situation and what your most important needs are in comparison to the features and capabilities offered by these shoes so that you will be able to ensure you’re making the right decision when it comes to whether or not these are the right shoes for your intended running style.

Now, we’re going to take a look at some of our top alternative recommendations to the New Balance Vongo shoes if they don’t seem to have the features or performance integrations that you want.

Our Top Alternative Recommendations

If after looking at our in-depth review of the New Balance Vongo shoes you don’t think that they have the features and capabilities you’re looking for to enhance your running ability, the good news is that there are several other options out there for you to choose from.

In the following section, we’re going to take a look at all of the top alternative recommendations if the New Balance Vongo shoes don’t seem to fit your preferred running style.

Keep in mind, all of these various shoes will have different designs and will also be made from different materials which is something to keep in mind before making your final purchase decision.

#1 Veja Condor

Veja Condor

The Veja Condor shoes are running shoes that take the health of the environment into consideration.

They are made from recycled materials that include everything from organic cotton to recycled plastic bottles.

They are crafted with a wide range of ecologically friendly design elements in mind, the shoes have a very unique design that allows you to increase your overall performance and action while taking on a wide range of different terrains. T

hey feature an elegant design and simple colorway which is simple and they work as intended to which is the most important factor to consider.

#2 Under Armour HOVR Velociti 2

hovr velociti 2

The Under Armour HOVR Velociti 2 shoes are made with a mesh upper that gives them an extra level of breathability and versatility for runners on a variety of different terrain types.

The overall design of the Under Armour shoes is very secure and stable so you won’t feel like they’re about to slip off your feet when running in them for extended periods of time

They are also very lightweight which makes them perfect for long runs without your feet becoming tired or fatigued.

The colorway on this shoe is very interesting as it combines teil and orange with a white bottom sole which makes the overall appearance very dynamic. 

#3 Hoka One One Mafate

hoka one one mafate

The Hoka One One Mafate shoes is a very serious running shoe that comes with a lot of design integrations that make them perfect for dedicated runners.

These shoes are very lightweight and they use Vibram technology which helps to absorb the total amount of shock that your feet are impacted with while running on a variety of different terrain types.

These shoes also have a very unique colorway that includes different shades of orange, blue, yellow, and more.

If you’re looking for a pair of reliable running shoes, these are a great option. 


Question: What kind of technology do New Balance shoes offer?

Answer: New Balance shoes are designed with a variety of different performance-enhancing materials.

Question: What is HydroHesion?

Answer: HydroHesion is an enhanced rubber compound that is designed to give you grip in wet climates.

Question: What is Ndurance?

Answer: A rubber compound that is designed to provide you with maximum durability while in areas with high water.

Our Honest Opinion

The New Balance Vongo shoes (Men/ Women) are packed with a lot of different unique design elements and features that make them stand out amongst the competition.

When it comes to the midsole, outsole, upper, and every other part of the shoe, they are made out of very durable and long-lasting materials that can stand up to practically any challenge that you may throw at them.

If you’re a runner who has been looking for a lightweight running shoe that is capable of providing you with performance boosts and enhancements, the Vongo shoes are a great option for you to begin experiencing what an enhanced running shoe is all about.

New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V4
Men Women
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We’ve gone over all of the most important features, elements, and factors that you need to consider when deciding on whether or not these shoes are the right option for you.

Before making a final purchase decision, consider all of the various tips and recommendations that we’ve made throughout this guide so that you can apply them to your individual situation and know whether these are the right running shoes for your intended purposes or not.

The Athletic Foot Team