How to Find the Best Running Gear Beyond the Shoes

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Picking the right running gear is not just limited to selecting the right running shoes, it goes beyond running shoe shopping and comprises other running essentials such as running socks, compression socks, compression shorts, running clothing, running headphones, reflective gear, running backpacks, and a lot more. Different types of running gear come together to enhance your performance and provide you with great running experience.

Our running gear experts spent over a week to put together a detailed guide on essential running gear for a smooth-running experience. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to find the best running gear beyond shoes. We will also include other valuable information to help you make an informed purchase. Keep reading to know more.

Best running gear for a great running experience – All you need to know

Let’s look at some running essentials that you definitely need for a better running experience.

Running socks

Spending a hefty amount on running shoes and settling for cheap running socks is surely a bad idea. High-quality running socks are critical to your running comfort as they keep your feet dry and help you get rid blisters.

How to find the best running socks

Choose the perfect size

To buy well-fitted running socks, all you need to know is the size of your feet. However, if you’re planning to buy compression socks, you need to know your calf size as well.

Carefully examine the fabric

Most of the running socks come with a fabric that wicks sweat to keep your feet dry and prevent the formation of blisters. Some socks also come with special anti-blister properties such as a double-layered structure. If you’re planning to buy long socks, make sure you check the reflective details.

Always remember that running socks are not meant to make a fashion statement. You need them to protect your feet and aid your running experience.

The best running socks on the market – ROCKAY Accelerate

ROCKAY Accelerateis currently the best running socks on the market. Here’s a quick table with the specifications of the product:


ROCKAY Accelerate Running Socks


Merino wool

Remarkable features

Extra light mesh, elastic top, extra padding, seamless design, special heel padding, reflective logos

Product link

If you’re looking for running socks that can help you boost your performance, ROCKAY Accelerate running socks can be a great buy. The socks come with an innovate design and seamless construction. The high-quality merino wool makes the socks durable and comfortable to wear for extended periods. The moisture wicking capability of the material prevents the formation of blisters and the risk of friction. The unique heel padding can protect your heel against sudden impact.



Innovative design and sock technology

A little expensive

Superior-quality merino wool construction

Friction minimizing design

Anatomical arch fit for enhanced blood circulation and a premium fit

Running shorts

Shorts that are specially designed for running are something that you must have in your wardrobe as a runner. The ergonomic construction of running shorts minimizes abrasion and the special materials used in the shorts regulate temperature.

How to find the best running socks

Pick the right length and size

Elite runners across the globe prefer short-length running shorts for optimum airflow and easy movement. Longer ones are also available if you feel more comfortable in them. In terms of fitting, you can choose running shorts with elasticized waists for maximum comfort.

Other features

Buy running shorts that are lightweight and made of a breathable material. Compression shorts are ideal for proper blood circulation, enhanced performance, and recovery. If your thighs often pain after running, compression shorts can be a good choice. Also, make sure the running shorts have a few pockets to accommodate small items such as your keys, cards, etc.

The best running shorts on the market – Armour Speed Pocket Shorts

Runners from different countries are vouching for Under Armour Speed Pocket Shorts. Here’s a quick table with the specifications of the product:


Under Armour Speed Pocket Running Shorts


100% Polyester

Remarkable features

Expandable, anti-chafing fabric, sweat absorption technology, reflective logos

Product link

Whether you’re looking for running shorts for your daily running regime or a special running event, the Under Armour Speed Pocket shorts is a suitable option. These running shorts regulate temperature and keep you comfortable during long runs. Moreover, the low-waistband pockets allow you to carry your valuables. The 100% polyester fabric is durable, stretchable, and wicks moisture. The anti-odor technology ensures that your running shorts stay fresh.




Pockets can accommodate very few items such as keys and cards

Comfortable for longer runs

Breathable fabric

Allows a complete range of motion

Running headphones

Running is a great time to multitask and listen to your favorite podcasts, music, or any other audio entertainment. So, you also need running headphones that are stable, comfortable to wear, and lightweight.

How to find the best running headphones

Examine the fit

When choosing running headphones, the fit is the most critical factor to be considered. The sound quality doesn’t matter unless the running headphones fit perfectly. You don’t want to keep adjusting your headphones while running, right? Over-the-ear headphones are an ideal choice for running as they offer maximum stability.

Other features

Apart from the fit, you should consider other factors such as water and sweat resistance. You don’t want your running headphones to get ruined during a thunderstorm, isn’t it? Also, assess the sound quality and battery life of the headphones.

The best running headphones on the market – Jaybird Run Wireless

There’s one name on the market that’s trending big time when it comes to running headphones: Jaybird Run. Here’s a quick table with the specifications of the product:


Jaybird Run Wireless Running Headphones


0.56 x 0.75 x 0.77 inches


0.48 oz.



Remarkable features

Secure and comfortable, sweat-proof, water-resistant

Product link

The primary reasons why Jaybird Run Wireless Running Headphones are winning hearts are a secure fit and comfort. These lightweight headphones look stylish and are perfect for your running regime. Regardless of the shape of your ears, the headphones will fit flawlessly. Moreover, the headphones are water-resistant and sweat-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about them during the rainy weather. The 12-hour battery life is an added advantage for long-distance runners.




Some existing customers have mentioned that the earbuds are not very comfortable



12-hour battery life and dual-battery system

Single control button

Built-in mic

Running Tights

Many runners, especially men these days prefer running tights over running shorts. The snug and comfortable fit provided by the running tights are two factors that make them a hit among runners. Don’t worry about their looks, just focus on the comfort. After all, it’s the comfort that affects your performance; not the looks of your running attire.

How to find the best running tights

Get the correct size

Running tights or compression tights; both are good for blood circulation and wicking away moisture. However, make sure you don’t end up purchasing a bigger size to avoid revealing your body shape. The whole point of purchasing running tights is the snug fit that enhances blood circulation.

Inspect the material

Most running tights are made of a wind-resistant fabric that’s stretchable and breathable and keeps you warm. Also, make sure the material of the running tights does not restrict your movement.

The best running tights for men on the market – Gore R3 Partial Wind Stopper

The Gore R3 Partial Wind Stopper Tights are currently the most sought-after running tights on the market for men. Here’s a quick table with the specifications of the product:


Gore R3 Partial Wind Stopper


9.6 oz.

Remarkable features

Windproof, water-resistant, breathable

Product link

If you want to change your style and wear running tights instead of running shorts, Gore R3 Partial Wind Stopper Running Tights can be a great choice. The tights are made of a soft and highly-breathable material that makes it suitable for long-distance runs. The folded seamless waistband with an adjustable drawcord makes the tights even more comfortable. The back pocket with zipping allows you to store small yet important items. The reflective details provide safety. Overall, the tights provide all the protection you need during the chilly winter months.



Water-resistant and windproof running tights

Soft and highly-breathable fabric


Comfortable fit

Running backpacks 

If you’re planning a long run on a sunny weekend, you’ll definitely need your sunglasses, water-bottle, and sunscreen to save yourself from the scorching heat outside. That’s where the importance of a running backpack comes into the picture. Any regular backpack won’t cut the deal. Backpacks that are specifically designed for running come with robust adjustable straps that stop them from bouncing around while you’re running. Moreover, they’re made of a water-resistant and sweatproof material.

How to find the best running backpack

Pick the right capacity as per your requirement

If you’re looking for a running backpack to carry basic stuff such as a water bottle and some snacks, a 5- or 10-liter running backpack would be enough. However, if you want to carry heavier stuff such as your laptop, clothes, or books, you would require a running backpack with a 15 to 20-liter capacity.

Extra features

Other features that you can consider is storage space for your water bottle, smaller pockets on the straps of the running backpack, and mesh panels on the strap for ventilation.

The best running backpack on the market – Sunhiker Daypack Running Backpack

 The Sunhiker Daypack is currently the highest-rated running backpack on the market. Here’s a quick table with the specifications of the product:


Sunhiker Daypack Running Backpack




15.7 x 9.1 x 5.9 inches


12.3 oz.

Remarkable features

Water-resistant, tear-resistant, lightweight

Product link

The Sunhiker Daypack is a weather-resistant running backpack which is lightweight and durable. It is designed in a way that makes it suitable for different torso shapes and sizes. If you’re running in low-light conditions, the MatReflective stripe will provide you with safety. The shoulder straps are made of a breathable material and are adjustable. There are two bottle holders, one each on either side of the backpack. There’s also a volume control for electronics. It is not only suitable for running, but also suitable for cycling, hiking, and other outdoor activities.




Not as much storage space



Breathable material

Reflective stripe for safety

Running water bottles

It’s extremely important to stay hydrated while you’re running, especially during the sultry summer days. Depending on the length of your run, you may feel thirsty off and on. With water bottles specifically designed for running, you can conveniently carry all the water you need.

How to find the best running water bottle

Pick the optimum capacity

Running water bottles come in different capacities and the maximum capacity available is 1 liter. Most of the running water bottles are 200 ml and 500 ml. You won’t believe, a 500 ml water bottle is enough for keeping yourself properly hydrated during a 10k run.

Additional features

Instead of plastic bottles, you can buy stainless-steel water bottles that are insulated and BPA-free. Some running water bottles also come with oval-shaped loops to make carrying them convenient for you in the absence of a running backpack.

The best running water bottle on the market – Nathan Speed Draw Plus

Nathan Speed Draw Plus is the present-day top-rated running water bottle. Here’s a quick table with the specifications of the product:


Nathan Speed Draw Plus


18 oz. (535 ml)


Double-wall insulation


12 x 5 x 4 inches


4 oz.

Remarkable features

Comfortable hand-strap, race cap, 360-degree reflectivity, insulation

Product link

Nathan Speed Draw Plus is a handheld running water bottle which provides efficient cooling and stores enough water to keep you hydrated during long-distance runs. Along with the water bottle, you’ll also get a multipurpose zipper pouch in which you can store your keys, cards, cell phone, etc. The comfortable, anti-slip hand strap makes it extremely easy to carry the water bottle while you’re running and the race cap doesn’t let you waste time. If you’re running in low-light areas, the 3M reflective materials will provide added visibility and safety.




The finish of the bottle’s design is not perfect

Convenient mesh hand strap for carrying the bottle

Optimum capacity

Double-walled insulation to keep the water cool

Reflectivity for low-light conditions

Variety of colors available


So, by now you may have realized that running shoes aren’t the only running gear that you need to boost your performance and run efficiently. A great running experience is supported by different running gear such as running socks, running shorts, running backpacks, and a lot of other items mentioned in our guide.

To help you make an informed purchase, we’ve listed some of the best products from each running gear category on the market and discussed some quick points to help you pick the right products based on your requirements. If you feel we’ve missed out on something, please feel free to add the items to our list by mentioning their details in the comment section below. We hope you found our guide on how to find the best running gear beyond the shoes useful. If there are any other products that you would like us to review, you can write to us and let us know.

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