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Saucony vs Brooks | The Ultimate Running Shoe Brand Comparison!

There are several running shoe brand names on the market these days, and it looks like all athletes have their favorites. Saucony and Brooks are two best-selling brands on the market.

Both brands are fighting for the “best running shoe brand” title.

In this Brooks vs. Saucony Running Shoe brand comparison article, we will introduce to you the excellent technologies used by both brands to make their shoes stand out in the crowd.

We will also compare the best models, one from each brand, to provide you with a clear picture of which brand is really better.

Let’s begin the in-depth comparison.


Saucony: 120 Years of Passion

Yes, you read that right! Saucony has been catering to the needs of the runners for the past 120 years. The brand was established in the year 1898 in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

Today, this brand is owned by Stride Rite and has come up with running shoes for every kind of runner.

What makes Saucony, one of the most sought-after brands is the fact that it pays a lot of attention to the technologies it uses.

The brand thrives on innovation. With the use of latest technologies, Saucony has consistently been one of the best-rated shoe brands.

Right from the inception, it has been introducing us to some of the most advanced technologies used in running shoes.

Whether it’s the use of EVA foam or TPU heel cups to the Everun midsole and ISOFit upper; it has always given something new to us.

Today, many models of Saucony frequent the best shoe list released by the experts. Some of the most popular lines by this brand include Xodus ISO, Freedom, Kinvara, and Omni to name a few.

Technologies used by Saucony

Saucony uses many coming-of-age technologies to make its running shoes the most robust and durable running shoes on the market. Some of the best technologies used by the brand are:

  • GRID Technology

The technology incorporates the use of Hytrel filaments that are woven together to attain good cushioning, as well as stability.

The technology directs the heel towards the center when the feet impact the floor. The system ensures a very stable cushioning.

A GRID cassette is fitted inside the midsole rearfoot section. During the moments of heavy impact, the Hytrel strands that are interwoven take the shape of your heel.

The midsole also compresses. Both the technologies offer a very good cushioning.

The various kinds of grids used in these running shoes include GRID, I-GRID, 3D GRID, PROGRID, and Active GRID Cushioning.

  • Ionic Cushioning System (ICS)

The Ionic Cushioning System or ICS is a staple in the majority of Saucony shoes. The system comprises of molded triangular pillars sitting at the rear side of the midsole. This particular technology ensures control and comfort. It offers the cushioning necessary for the heel-strike phase of the running stride.

  • Flexion Plate

The Flexion Plate technology is basically a structure made from TPU. It is a platform that offers proper cushioning and control while also guides your foot from the heel strike to the forefoot (forefoot cushioning).

The plate restricts lateral motion that is liable to cause injury and promotes forward motion.

The technologies, along with many others, make Saucony a brand to die for.

Brooks: Producing robust running shoes since 1914

Without a doubt, Brooks has a massive fan following when it comes to athletes, especially runners.

Whether it is a professional athlete, a trail runner, or a regular runner, all kinds of runner simply adore the brand for the comfort and durability of the running shoes provided by the brand.

Actively working since the year 1914, the company has maintained a good reputation amidst the runners. It has been named as the “best running shoes” by several publications.

The major focus of the brand is to give a technologically advanced and well-fitted shoe to the runners.

From functionality to the use of breakthrough technologies, the brand goes extra miles to make the running experience a true pleasure.

Where the technologies like DNA midsole cushioning and segmented crash pad make the stride as smooth as possible, use of features like ballistic rock shield and nightlife, make running a safe experience.

The most celebrated lines under Brooks include Launch, Adrenaline, Beast, Glycerin, Addiction, Ghost, Transcend, and many more to add to the list.

Technologies used by Brooks

Running shoes by Brooks are always loaded with the latest technologies. Here, we have shared some of the best technologies used by the brand. Take a look:

  • DNA Midsole

Brooks DNA cushioning system is far superior to the traditional cushioning system. This system adapts to the weight, gait, surface, and pace.

This gives you a customized platform and thereby, increasing efficiency. The motive behind the development of this midsole technology is to fulfill the specific requirements of each runner.

Also, the use of this midsole technology contributes towards a springy ride.

The BioMoGo DNA, as the name says, is the blend of BioMoGo and DNA to offer an adaptive cushioning.

  • Super DNA

Super DNA is a midsole material that is found in many of the running shoes manufactured by Brooks.

Going by the ideology that every foot is different and every size is different, Brooks create running shoes with Super DNA. By far Brooks has used this technology in Transcend, as well as Glycerin.

This DNA material is much more adaptable and plush. It offers 25 percent more cushioning than the BioMoGo DNA.

Made of non-Newtonian material, the midsole adapts to the force it is subjected to and hence, offers an amplified cushioning, heel-to-toe transition, energy return, and adaptability.

  • Ideal Pressure Zones

Ideal pressure zones in the outsole of the Brooks running shoes help in dissipating the impact evenly to provide a smooth ride.

The use of this technology prevents the occurrences of issues like hotspots that often result due to repeated impact at one place.

With the use of this technology, Brooks’ running shoes provide a very smooth transition.

  • Segmented Crash Pad

Brooks always look for the ways to provide an efficient run to the customer. To offer a smooth heel-to-toe transition, the brand uses Segmented Crash Pad.

This midsole component is made of caterpillar shaped shock absorbers. When your foot strikes the ground, the crash pads provide a cushioned and seamless transition from heel to toe.

  • Rounded Heel

With an idea of encouraging proper body alignment, Brooks uses rounded heels. The use of this technology helps in cutting down the internal stress on the body of the runner and also offers an efficient stride.

  • Guide Rails

Use of guide rails is a breakthrough in the traditional stability technologies utilized in the running shoes. This technology, used in the majority of Brooks’ running shoes, helps in attaining an efficient motion path.

It also helps your body to adopt a natural path.

  • 3D Hex Lugs

The outsoles of many of the Brooks’ running shoes feature 3D hex lugs that offer a good amount of traction on different kinds of paved surfaces.

These lugs also offer optimum protection to your foot while running.

  • Ballistic Rock Shield

This is one of the most applauded technologies used in many of the Brooks’ shoes. It is basically a thermoplastic EVA sheath that offers protection to the forefoot by dissipating the point load caused due to sharp objects.

The shield is sandwiched between the outsole and the midsole.

  • 3D Fit Print

The upper of Brooks’ running shoes feature 3D Fit Print technology, i.e. screen-print technology to put engineered structures to upper.

These add-ons contribute toward maintaining the structure of the shoes while also enhancing flexibility.

  • Nightlife

Brooks always prioritize the safety of the runners and to provide them a safe run even in the darkest hours; Brooks uses Nightlife technology.

The use of fluorescent colors and retroreflectivity makes the runners visible in the dark, cutting the chances of accidents.

Brooks is one of the very few brands to have a high-visibility collection for the runners. Running at night time or in low light conditions is not an issue anymore.

Saucony vs Brooks Running Shoe Brand Comparison: Who’s the winner?

Now that you know much about both the brands, it’s time we introduce you to the best running shoes by each brand.

In this section of Saucony vs. Brooks running shoe brand comparison, we will compare two marquee shoes: Saucony Ride 7 and Brooks Glycerin 16.

Saucony Ride 7

Notable Features:

  • IBR+ and XT-900 rubber materials in the outsole
  • Use of SSL EVA, the premium midsole material
  • Heel to Toe Power Grid
  • Super Rebound Compound Impact Zone from heel to midfoot
  • Vertical Flex Grooves to provide flexibility
  • Breathable open mesh upper
  • RUNDRY Collar Lining offering security to heel
  • Welded Overlays offering a seamless fit
  • Strobel Last for optimum cushioning and underfoot feel
  • Comfortline Sockliner


Saucony Ride 7


Around $72.05 – $129.95 (Check out the latest rates here!)

Heel-to-Toe Drop

8 mm (0.31 inch)

Heel Height

Forefoot Height


Open Mesh

Outsole Technology

IBR+ and XT-900

Midsole Technology



US: 8 to 13



Arch Support





9 oz. (255g)

Ideal For

Daily Running

Release Date

Sole Technology

  • Outsole Technology

The outsole of Saucony Ride 7 uses IBR+ material, which is extremely light in weight. It provides a very responsive ride and good cushioning.

The use of XT-900 carbon rubber compound in the heel area provides good traction on different surfaces and also, increases the durability.

  • Midsole Technology

The midsole of Saucony Ride 7 brings in use SSL EVA midsole material. It facilitates proper rebound and offers comfort and durability.

The use of Heel-to-Toe Power Grid further adds to cushioning and responsiveness. The midsole of these shoes also features Powerfoam material.

The Super Rebound Compound Impact Zone which runs from the heel and reaches the midfoot provides better shock absorption quality to give you a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

The presence of Vertical Flex Grooves in the midfoot provides forefoot flexibility.


The upper of Saucony Ride 7 features open mesh. The already breathable and comfortable upper amplifies these features with the use of RUNDRY Collar Lining.

This lining covers the heel and helps in keeping moisture at bay while running, hence, providing an irritation-free running experience. The underfoot cushioning is enhanced with the use of Strobel Last.

The presence of Welded Overlays on the upper provides a seamless fit. The presence of Comfortline Sockliner brings the pressure down by conforming to the shape of the arch, as well as heel.

Size and Fit

Saucony Ride 7 is available in standard length. The available width options are medium and wide, available for men, as well as women.

There are many size options available and hence, you will definitely find a proper fit irrespective the length, width, and shape of your feet.

The snug heel, forefoot, and midfoot make sure that the shoes fit amazingly and you get a good running experience.


The shoe is very stylish. There are a plethora of color options to choose from. For men, there are four color variations and for women, there are five color variations.

The design of these running shoes is very chic and contemporary.


  • The SSL EVA midsole offers a good amount of cushioning and a responsive ride
  • Vertical flex grooves provide traction 
  • Excellent durability
  • Comfortable
  • Use of many latest technologies to make sure you get a phenomenal running
  • Stylish; ample color options available


  • Narrow forefoot fit
  • Uncomfortable overlays can cause blisters
  • The shoes, are not waterproof
  • Not good for running on a rough terrain

Brooks Glycerin 16 


Brooks Glycerin 16


Around $137.50 – $249.98 (Check out the latest rates here!)

Heel-to-Toe Drop

10 mm (0.39 inch)

Heel Height

22 mm (0.86 inch)

Forefoot Height

32 mm (1.25 inches)


Double Jacquard Mesh

Outsole Technology

HPR Plus and blown rubber

Midsole technology

DNA Loft cushioning


US: 7 to 12.5


Normal, Wide

Arch Support





10.60 oz. (301 g)

Ideal For

Daily Running

Release date

June 2018

Notable Features:

  • Use of HPR Plus and blown rubber in the outsole ensuring durability, flexibility, and better traction.
  • Ideal Pressure Zone in the outsole to disperse pressure
  • DNA Loft cushioning in the midsole to offer a bouncy ride and added durability
  • Breathable upper made of jacquard mesh
  • Use of 3D Fit Print Technology to provide a snug fit
  • Internal bootie construction to give a nice in-shoe feel
  • Lace-up closure offering midfoot security
  • True-to-size

Sole Technology

  • Outsole Technology

The outsole of Brooks Glycerin 16 is made of the HPR Plus rubber along with blown rubber compound. The former is placed in your heel area and the latter in the forefoot area.

The HPR Plus prevents abrasion and provides traction on different surfaces. The use of Blown Rubber provides flexibility and adds to the traction. It also provides a cushiony underfoot feel.

The use of Ideal Pressure Zones in the outsole provides a smooth ride by dissipating the pressure evenly.

  • Midsole Technology

The midsole of Brooks Glycerin 16 comprises of DNA Loft cushioning. It is fabricated from air, foam, and rubber. It offers a soft and extremely comfortable cushioning. It is also very durable.


The upper of these shoes is made of double jacquard mesh which is very breathable and stretchable. It conforms to the shape of your foot and provides a comfortable coverage. The use of 3D Print Technology amplifies the fit.

The internal bootie construction gives a soft in-shoe feel. Your foot will get locked while running with the help of the traditional lace-up closure. It provides apt midfoot security.

Size and Fit

These running shoes are true to size. There are many size variations available. The forefoot and heel area are medium fit whereas, the toe box is wide.

The width options for male are D-Medium and 2E- Wide. And, that for the women are- AA – Narrow, B – Medium, D – Wide.


Brooks Glycerin 16 is a very stylish shoe. With a plethora of color options available on the market, these shoes are a favorite among the style junkies.

The available color options include blue, navy with neon, black with orange, and dark teal with neon. There are many color options for women too.


  • The midsole material is very protective
  • Comfortable
  • Responsive
  • Plush cushioning apt for long runs
  • Durable


  • The shoes are a little heavy

The Bottom Line

Both, Saucony and Brooks are leading brands of running shoes. With the use of a number of latest technologies mentioned in the article above, both the brands have proved their mettle by producing reliable, durable running shoes.

However, we have to announce a winner here. After going through the detailed Saucony vs. Brooks running shoe brand comparison and the reviews and ratings provided by the existing customers of both the brands, we have concluded that Brooks is the clear winner here.

With the use of several coming-of-age technologies, prioritizing the comfort and security of the runner, paying attention to the details, and emphasizing the looks and the style of the running shoes, Brooks is trending big time.

We hope you agree with us. If there are any others brand on your mind that you want us to compare, let us know. Our experts will be happy to help you.

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