A Guide to The Best Running Shoes for Track

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With changing times, people are becoming more and more aware of their health. The gyms are now hosting truckloads of fitness freaks, and the running tracks are so full of people chasing their fitness goals.

Running, as everyone knows, is one of the best forms of exercise. It boosts the overall health and benefits every single part of the body. But, track running can cause irreparable damage to the runner if the running shoes are not up to the mark.

Yes! Running in wrong shoes can lead to severe injuries.

People often fail to pay attention to the type of shoes they wear for athletic activities. For them, a simple pair of canvas shoes works as running shoes, jogging shoes, walking shoes, climbing shoes and what not.

People must understand that for every activity there is a specific kind of shoe and they must not compromise on that.


Why should you wear good track running shoes?

If you are the one who hits the running track early in the morning, you must not hesitate from investing in the best running shoes.

Good running shoes will never harm your feet. People who wear wrong shoes while running often complain about aches and pains in their feet. Running shoes are designed to offer utmost comfort to the runner while he is hitting it hard on the track. They are easy on the feet and prevent any kind of discomfort to the runner.

This is why you should always wear good running shoes.

What can happen if you do not use good track running shoes?

If you continue to wear the wrong running shoes for track, you might get:

  • Blisters and pain

Sore feet are the most common with wrong shoes, and when running is in question, the effects could be very severe. The issue also arises with the use of cotton socks. As cotton socks cause friction, it can lead to sores while running.

Rubbing of the heels against the faulty shape of the shoes can lead to blisters.

  • Running Injuries

Running shoes are designed to absorb the impact of running. Ordinary shoes are not designed to take the extensive shock and hence, running with ordinary shoes can lead to various running injuries.

Running injuries could also be due to several other reasons.

With time, the shoes lose their ability to absorb shock. They also tend to lose the stability and cushioning.

Wearing worn out shoes while running can cause an increased amount of stress in the joints and legs and this could lead to running injuries.

When do you know it’s time to change track running shoes?

Great! So, you are already using running shoes to support you throughout the running track. But, you cannot use the same running shoes all your life. You must know when to replace the shoes and get a brand-new pair of running shoes.

But, how do you know about the correct time to replace the running shoes?

Let us tell you,

  • The miles your shoe covers

If your shoes have already covered a distance of 300 to 400 miles, it is perhaps the time to change your shoes. It also depends on your running style, the surface of the running track, and your body weight.

A light runner can use his shoes up to the mileage of 400 miles; the heavy runners would need to replace the shoes after running 300 miles.

Running on rough trails can damage your running shoes soon, but if you are running on a treadmill, you would be able to use your shoes for a longer duration of time.

  • When your shoes start to cause discomfort

Muscle fatigue, joint pain, and shin splints are indicative of the wear and tear of your running shoes. You must change them as soon as they start to cause discomfort.

  • The twist test

Hold the shoes at both the ends and then twist them. If the shoes are firm, you can continue using them. But, if they twist easily, you must change them.

  • Worn out treads

If the treads on the soles are completely worn-out, you must get new running shoes. Wearing shoes with worn-down soles can cause injury.

What are the things that one should keep in mind before buying new running shoes for track?

There are several things to keep in mind before you buy a new pair of track running shoes.

  • Keep the purpose in mind

Before you hit the store to buy the shoes, remind yourself the purpose of buying new shoes. You want new shoes for running and hence, you must not waste time in checking out the other shoes. Hit the running shoe section or apply the running shoe filter and begin your hunt for the best running shoes.

  • Never blindly follow the recommendations

So, your friend has recommended a latest brand but your father is recommending the other. You need not listen to any one of them.

Explore the shoe store. Read about the specifications and buy the shoes that tick all your boxes for the perfect running shoes.

  • Never compromise on quality

Good quality running shoes are very durable and do not cause any amount of discomfort to the feet. Using substandard quality shoes can lead to running injuries.

  • Keep the fit in mind

Buying a proper fit is very important. Buying shoes smaller than your actual size can cause an extreme amount of discomfort. Buying shoe bigger than your actual size can cause your heels to slip off.

Thus, you must always select a perfect fit. But, there must be some room for your feet.

  • The material of the shoe

You must select the running shoes made from breathable material. The upper section must be made from a soft and breathable material. This keeps perspiration at bay and hence, also manages the foot odor.

  • Do not trust the technology

There are several gadgets that would claim to find the best shoes for you, but you must not trust them.
You must give utmost importance to comfort.

  • Consider the color

Many people do not consider the color of their running shoes, but it is very important especially when sole is in question.

White and colored soles are fabricated from blown rubber, and black soles are fabricated from carbon rubber. The blown rubber is softer and has a lower-density while the carbon rubber is heavy and durable.

If you run on a track, your shoes are liable to wear and tear and hence, you must go for black sole shoes. If you run on the treadmill, you can buy white or colored sole shoes.

Also, thin-soled shoes are better as they help your soles adapt to the uneven surface.

  • Do not go for super-soft cushioned shoes

Extra cushioning can cause more discomfort than doing any good. When you wear cushioned shoes, your joints tend to move more, and this is not favorable.

So, now that you know every single detail about running shoes. We will tell you the 5 best-selling running shoes for the track.

5 best-selling running shoes for the track

Here is the list of five best-selling running shoes for the track

1. Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Runner



Type of shoes  Running shoes for track 
Weight 310 g 
Price  $103.96 – $148.78 ()
Heel Drop 10 mm drop 
Midsole Technology Molded EVA 
Outsole Technology Contragrip Rubber  
Upper design Anti-Debris Mesh/Water Resistant Textile 


Grip  Obvious and penetrating traction on soft ground 

Notable Features

  • is super stylish and comfortable
  • Three color options available namely, Poseidon, Acid Lime, and North Atlantic/Black/Scarlet Ibis.
  • Comes with precise foothold that is close to the foot and gives a comfortable feel
  • Comes with robust lace for single-pull tightening
  • Easy-on and easy-off shoes
  • Comes with EVA shaped footbed

Sole Technology


A durable, high-quality Contra Grip rubber sole improves traction and is great for runners who seek control of their feet on the track. The outsole provides aggressive grip for penetrating action and traction on the ground.


The molded EVA midsole provides brilliant cushioning and support to your feet’s anatomical structure. Additional EVA shaped footbed provides added cushioning and support. The cushioning of the midsole is perfect and provides steadiness on the track. With Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Runner shoe’s midsole, there’s no need to buy an underfoot rock guard.


The upper body is wrapped in anti-debris mesh material and water-resistant textile for dry feet. The mesh material ensures that no pebbles make their way into your shoes.


shoes come with an innovative design which goes perfectly with the stability required for the running track. The robust make of these shoes let you tear through the soft ground with great speed. The close-to-foot Sensitive design protects your feet for a comfortable fit and reduces slipping of the foot in wet weather conditions.


To ensure that you make the most of the unique design and extra cushion in the midsole, pick the right size carefully. Don’t forget to check the size chart on the product page to understand which size will fit you perfectly.

Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons  
A sturdy product by Salomon, one of the most reputed brands  Tight toe box 
One-pull lace tightening system  Lugs are not durable  
Extra EVA cushioning in the midsole  
Fantastic grip   
Available in a variety of beautiful colors and designs  

Why buy Salomon’s Men Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes?

Out of the several distinct shoes for running on the track, the shoes have continuously beat the competition. With the fantastic Contagrip outsole and wonderful SensiFit upper, the Speedcross 4 shoes will benefit an individual conquer whatever the obstruction has in store. The greatest bit about these track-running shoes is that they come in a broad assortment of colors and patterns for both men and women.

2. Reebok Men’s Fast Flexweave Running Shoe



Type of shoes Running shoes for track 
Weight 8.5oz 
Price  $97.45 – $125.78 ()
Heel Drop  6mm 
Midsole Technology Dual-density with 3D foam 
Outsole Technology Carbon Rubber 
Upper design  Flexweave 
Grip  Optimal 

Notable Features

  • is high on fashion game.
  • Comes with visual foot mapping bottom
  • The shaft of the shoe measures approx low-top from the arch
  • The lightweight and the super flexible flexweave fabric is quite robust and offers a great amount of support while running
  • Comfortable cushion with pressure mapping technology

Sole technology


The have adopted the latest sole technology to ensure utmost comfort of the runner. The 3D midsole provides perfect cushioning for track running and is adaptive.


The outer sole is made from carbon rubber heel trim. It is robust and could tolerate aggressive running. The midsole features dual-density with 3D foam.


The Flexweave upper body ensures that each foot gets breathable comfort and protection. The fabric’s unique figure-8 interwoven design increases airflow and provides a healthy environment for your athletic feet. It adapts to the changing contours of the feet and supports you through different types of movements.


A low cut design makes sure that your feet get unrestricted motion and flexibility. It also ensures quicker transitions on the track and enhanced performance.


To ensure that you make the most of the low-cut design and sole technologies, pick the right size carefully. Don’t forget to check the size chart on the product page to understand which size will fit you perfectly.

Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons 


The flex weave fabric is flexible and strong Narrow as compared with other Reebok shoes 
The shoes can tolerate the most robust workout without wear and tear  
Apt for a variety of workouts  
Precise cushioning  
Very versatile  
Suitable for 5k runs, marathons, and work-out sessions  

Why buy Reebok Men’s Fast Flexweave Running Shoe?

is Reebok’s latest and greatest technological achievement. By interlocking 8 distinct fibers using the figure 8 weave, Flexweave blends durability with breathability, endurance with flexibility, convenience with durability, and design with purpose. The result of this discovery is the all-new Fast Flexweave which is the most highly recommended running shoe for track.

3. ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe



Type of shoes Running shoes on track 
Weight 303 g 
Price  $39.95 – $194.49 ()
Type of sole Rubber sole 
Heel Drop 10 mm 
Midsole Technology Rearfoot Gel Cushioning 
Outsole Technology Gum Rubber 
Upper design 


Outdoor-ready runner with mesh and brushstroke-patterned underlays 
Grip Optimal 

Notable Features

  • is very comfortable to wear
  • The shaft measures approx low-top’ from the arch
  • The rearfoot gel cushioning lends to more comfort
  • Comes with removable sock liner that accommodates medical orthotics

Sole Technology


The Rearfoot Gel Cushioning in the midsole paired with a stitched down tow bumper provides improved protection from sudden impacts.


The trail-specific outsole of the running shoes comes with reversed traction lugs. The shoes feature AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber Outsole) outsole rubber in the critical high-wear areas.


The upper body is made of mesh which fully secures and protects the feet when running on the tracks. The mesh and synthetic upper material provides great ventilation and air-flow required to keep the feet fresh and healthy.


is a lightweight track running shoe which is designed to perform on a variety of surfaces, especially on rough terrains.


To ensure that you make the most of the fine design crafted from a variety of terrains, pick the right size carefully. Don’t forget to check the size chart on the product page to understand which size will fit you perfectly.

Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons  
Highly comfortable cushions  Not very durable  
Better arch support  
Made for a variety of terrains, especially rough terrains  
Increased airflow to the feet  

Why buy ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe?

In the world of running shoes for track, Running Shoe have made a special place. These lightweight track-running shoes are crafted for comfort and long hours of running on all kinds of terrains. Especially recommended for those who use have medical foot conditions.

4. JUAN Athletic Running Shoes Fashion Sneakers Fitness Shoes Casual Mesh Soft Sole Lightweight Breathable



Type of shoes Running shoes for track 
Weight 301 g 
Price $16.90 – $22.99 ()
Heel Drop  Flat Heel 
Outsole Technology Rubber 
Upper design Cotton-blend, breathable mesh vamp 
Grip Optimal 

Notable Features

  • are snazzy and sporty
  • The casual shoes can also be worn with casual outfits
  • Available in black, blue, and grey color
  • The amazingly lightweight that supports running on tracks
  • Slip-resistant

Sole Technology


The shoes come with very elastic MD outsole. The hydraulic grip outsole offers great traction as well as stability on even the roughest terrain. The multi-directional grooves are quite flexible. The shoes come with soft bottom TPR and midsole EVM.


The shoes come with high-flying woven upper body material which is yarn fabric and breathable mesh vamp. It provides the feet more breathing space and comfort. Also, the upper material keeps the feet cool and fresh.


are lightweight and durable. They are great as fashion shoes as well as track-running shoes. The design is perfect in accordance with the anatomy of the feet and is highly comfortable.


To ensure that you make the most of the comfort provided by these shoes, order the right size carefully. Don’t forget to check the size chart on the product page to understand which size will fit you perfectly.

Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons 
Very lightweight Durability is an issue  
Super comfortable   
Stable and slip resistant  
Can be worn on various occasions  

Why buy JUAN Athletic Running shoes?

If you are looking for running shoes for track that go well with your casual attire also, then are perfect for you. They are super lightweight and comfortable for different types of terrains. Highly recommended and budget-friendly. Definitely worth buying!

5. Adidas Men’s Sprintstar Track Shoe

Type of shoes Running shoes for track 
Weight 173 g 
Price $31.35 – $99.98 ()
Type of sole Synthetic sole  
Heel Drop 12 mm 
Midsole Technology EVA  
Outsole Technology Pebax plate 
Upper design Reinforced mesh upper 
Grip Great 

Notable Features

  • is super stylish
  • The reinforced mesh upper design facilitates the maximum amount of heat exchange.
  • The SPRINTWEB forefoot is designed in such a way to lock down the foot during certain motions.
  • The synthetic overlays hold the foot at the right place during running
  • The ankle is protected by a soft collar to bring down the pressure on the ankle

Sole Technology

feature Pebax plate outsole which is stiff. It helps them to transfer energy in the most optimum way.


The shoes come with a breathable SPRINTWEB upper body mesh which keeps your feet sweat-free, fresh and healthy, even after running for long hours. It locks the foot during particular motions and offers passages for heat exchange.


Synthetic overlays in the shoes provide security and protection for the feet during different phases of the sprint on the track. The soft collar around the ankle reduces pressure on the Achilles Tendon (strongest tendon in the human body) and prevents the ankle from any kind of injuries.


To ensure that you make the most of , select the right size carefully. Don’t forget to check the size chart on the product page to understand which size will fit you perfectly.

Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons  
Durable  Not very comfortable  
Best for technical sprinters  
Breathable upper material  
Soft ankle for ankle and Achilles tendon  

Why buy Adidas Men’s Sprintstar Track Shoes?

If you are looking for track-running shoes that are designed for efficiency, power and foot support on the track, then you should blindly add the Adidas Men’s Sprintstar Track Shoes to your cart!

So, now that you know every single detail pertaining to running shoes, you must not commit any mistake while buying them.

Keep all the above-mentioned details in mind and select the best and the most comfortable running shoes for track.

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