A Guide to the Best Athletic Shoes for P90X Workouts

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Fitness freaks leave no stones unturned in getting a ripped frame. Whether it’s a grueling functional session or an intense P90X workout, they work out like a beast.

If you’re an athlete, we’re sure you’ll agree that a workout session becomes more rewarding if you use the right kind of outfit and accessories. A comfortable outfit and great work out accessories teamed with the perfect pair of athletic shoes help you get through the workout in the most efficient manner.

Wearing correct shoes is a necessity and in the absence of proper shoes you might hurt your limbs or get injured. Every workout entertains a set level of intensity and the shoes are so designed that they can bear the intensity.

If P90x workout is your cup of tea, then read on to know everything about the ideal shoes for a P90X workout and the best athletic shoes for great support and comfort.

Shoes for P90X workout

When it comes to P90x workout, wearing wrong shoes can land you in serious trouble. Since it is a home workout program, many people tend to overlook the importance of wearing proper shoes and workout in any random shoes they come across.

It is rightly said that you must pick the perfect shoes based on the physical activity you are about to participate in. There are specific shoes for running, specific shoes for walking, and specific shoes for workouts. And, when it comes to P90X workouts, you should not even think about working out in regular shoes.

P90X is an intense workout that requires special shoes. The shoes must be comfortable and well-fitted to avoid any kind of distraction or injuries during the workout session. You cannot, in any way, overlook the need for the best athletic shoes for P90X workout.

But, before you check out the list of the best athletic shoes for P90X workout, let’s find out the important things to keep in mind to make an informed purchase.

Things to keep in mind before buying shoes for P90X workouts

When you buy shoes for P90X workout, you must keep the following things in mind:

  • Don’t look for versatility

Who doesn’t love versatile shoes? But, when it comes to physical activities, you must keep your mind away from versatility. Every shoe is meant to serve a specific purpose and hence, you must not try to use one shoe for various physical activities.

For P90X workout, you must buy shoes that are specifically designed for the workout.
If you try to save some money by buying a single pair of shoes for multiple activities, you might have to spend much more after getting injured because of wearing the wrong kind of shoes.

  • Never overlook functionality

Before you buy athletic shoe for P90X workout, you must be sure about its functionality. Often, we go for the design and almost forget about functionality. But, when it comes to buying a shoe for the P90X workout, you must not settle for anything less than perfect.

  • Know your feet

It is important to understand the anatomy of your feet before exploring athletic shoes for your workout. You must know your arch type, your pronation, etc. to be able to fetch the right kind of shoes for yourself.

If you have pain in certain areas like the hip, you must buy shoes keeping the pain in mind.

  • Shop in the evening

The feet tend to swell as the day ends and hence, this makes up for the perfect time to buy the shoes.

  • A little space is required

A little space is required to freely move the big toe. Hence, you must buy shoes that have at least half an inch of space from the shoe’s end to the big toe.

  • Don’t fall for celebrity endorsements

Well, it is a universal norm that people trust everything that is being conveyed in fancy advertisements. However, it’s time you save yourself from the trap!

The bright yellow athletic shoes for PX90 workout in the ads may be eye-catching, but there are high chances they might not be the best fit based on your requirement. Keep your eyes and ears open and pick your shoes wisely.

  • Timely replacement is necessary

You must be aware of the time when your athletic shoes demand replacement. Workout shoes, especially P90X workout shoes are susceptible to wear and tear over time. You must replace them when necessary.

5 Best athletic shoes for P90X workout

Athletics shoes for PX90 workouts are crafted in such a way that the person wearing the shoes gets maximum comfort and sole support. They provide great stability, a snugly fit and protection from injuries.

The shoes mentioned in this article are nothing but simply the best. They fulfil every single requirement that is important for them to qualify as the best athletic shoes for the intense P90X workout program. These shoes are comfortable, stable, supportive, and robust, just like you want your workout shoes to be.

So, here are 5 best athletic shoes for PX90 workout that you can choose from. Let’s look at them one by one.

Type of shoe Athletic shoe for P90X workout 
Weight 235g 
Price $75 
Outsole technology Rubber  
Midsole technology EVA Foam 
Upper Engineered mesh 
Heel drop 8mm 

Notable features

  • Upper breathable mesh featuring synthetic overlays
  • The upper unit traces the shape of the foot
  • Tough rubber sole
  • Molded midfoot
  • Presence of rubber wraps on the medial side to aid support
  • Great shock absorption capabilities
  • Neutral arch support
  • Supportive fit
  • Lightweight
  • Best for the use on roads
  • Available in various color options

Sole technology

  • Midsole technology

The midsole of Nike Free Trainer 5.0 V6 features the Phylon Midsole material that is made up of EVA foam pellets. The pellets are placed into molds. The molded foam is very comfortable and is amazingly responsive. It offers a safe and secure fit.

The sole has a rounded heel that facilitates a natural striking of the foot. It also keeps the heel safe in place and offers extra cushioning on both the sides.

  • Outsole technology

The outsole of the shoes is made up of rubber material. The tough rubber ensures that the sole unit is protected from wear and abrasion.

The shock absorbing capability of the outsole is attributed to the presence of the Waffle Pattern. It also ensures a greater comfort.

The sole unit also features hexagonal flex grooves. They provide 6 points of flexibility and allow for a free movement of the foot in any direction.


The upper of Nike Free Trainer 5.0 V6 utilizes engineered mesh and hence, offer breathability and better comfort. The material is also very durable and lightweight.

The seamless overlays offer s great structural integrity. The Flywire cables are linked to the lacing system. This ensures a proper and snugly fit.

The shoe also features sandwich mesh tongue which is very soft and causes no irritation. This allows proper air circulation. This prevents sweat and keeps the skin dry.

The molded insole is removable. It offers contoured underfoot support.

Pros and cons

Pros  Cons 
Upper unit tracing the shape of the foot Midsole of the shoe are very susceptible to wear and tear 
Breathable upper fabric  
Long lasting  
Flexible underfoot platform to allows natural gait cycle  
Springy and responsive cushioning system  

Why buy Nike Free Trainer 5.0 V6 athletic shoes for PX90 workout?

If you’re looking for athletic shoes with a tough rubber sole and fantastic shock absorption capabilities, then Nike Free Trainer 5.0 V6 shoes are a great buy. The shoes are comfortable and come with a responsive cushioning system which provides great support. You can also remove the molded insole if you want.

Type of shoe Athletic shoe for P90X workout 
Weight 278g 
Price $42.99 
Outsole technology AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) technology 
Midsole technology FluidRide technology 
Upper Open mesh with a synthetic material 
Heel drop 10mm 

Notable features

  • Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System which is a great shock absorber and makes way for a smoother transition to midstance making it the best option for the workout on a hard surface
  • Solyte Midsole Material which is lightweight offers excellent cushioning and is very durable
  • The SpEVA layer in the midsole offers better bounce back feature
  • AHAR Outsole placed strategically for enhanced durability
  • Neutral arch support
  • Very comfortable
  • Offer a great amount of support to the feet
  • Best for P90X workouts

Sole technology

  • Midsole technology

The midsole of features many technologies. The shoe features the use of FluidRide technology which features two layers; one of lightweight Solyte and another one of a high-bounce SpEVA midsole material.

The Solyte layer offers great shock-absorbing properties while the SpEVA layer offers great bounce-back feature. The twin-layer system offers greater cushioning, responsiveness, and protection.

The heel area features the Rearfoot GEL technology. It offers better shock absorption capacity to the midsole.

  • Outsole technology

The outsole of the brings in use the Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) technology. The technology is strategically used on the areas of the outsole that are more liable to wear and tear. The use of technology enhances the traction and durability.

The presence of flex grooves allows free bending movements of the foot.


The upper of the athletic shoes features open mesh material in conjunction with a synthetic material. The upper offers a snugly fit and allows for breathability.

The midfoot area of the shoe features a stitched-on saddle reaching the heel area. It offers structural integrity and a secure fit.

Beneath the main mesh is a fabric cage that is linked to the lacing system. The collar and the tongue of the shoe feature decent cushioning. They keep interior wobbling at bay.

Pros and cons

Pros  Cons 
Very comfortable  Small in size 
Versatile  Not quite durable  
Lightweight Cushioning not efficient enough for long-distance runs 
Better arch support for the people with flat feet Insufficient arch support from insole  
Outsole offers better grip  

Why buy ASICS Gel-craze TR 4 Cross-Trainer?

Lightweight athletic shoes with a superior cushioning system – this is how are defined in the market. They are very comfortable and provide improved arch support for people with flat feet.

Type of shoe Athletic shoe for P90X workout 
Weight 265g 
Price $79.95 
Outsole technology Waffle Outsole 
Midsole technology A molded and dual-density foam 
Upper Mesh and welded overlays 
Heel drop 3mm 

Notable Features

  • Comfortable
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Presence of Waffle outsole with pressure mapping points that offer a great shock
  • absorbing capacity
  • Breath tech construction offers better midfoot support
  • Co-molded midsole brings in use two densities foam ensuring better responsiveness
  • Mesh upper that allows better breathability
  • Seamless overlays ensuring support as well as breathability

Sole technology

  • Midsole technology

The midsole of the shoe features molded and dual-density foam. The foam ensures better cushioning, as well as better responsiveness. The soft layer of foam is placed on the firm layer of foam.

The Phylon foam which is a staple of Nike offers better responsiveness. It makes the midsole durable.

  • Outsole technology

The outsole of uses Waffle Outsole. The pressure mapping points on the outsole act as shock absorber. The flex grooves on the outsole offer greater flexibility. The hexagonal treads present on the sole provide better traction.


The upper of the shoes have seamless mesh along with welded overlays. This ensures breathability and immense comfort. The Breath Tech design brings in use the side panels, the overlays, the midsole foam, and the mesh. The entire unit offers great support and a snugly, glove-like fit.

Pros and cons

Pros  Cons 
Lightweight Sole unit very susceptible to wear and tear  
Comfortable inner sleeve construction Small in size  
Better midsole durability  
Better outsole grip  

Why buy Nike FS Lite Run 3 athletic shoes for PX90 workout?

The shoes come with a waffle outsole which has pressure mapping points that offer a great shock absorbing capacity. They are lightweight and offer great stability for intense PX90 workouts. The grip is amazing, and the midsole is highly durable.

Type of shoe Athletic shoe for P90X workout 
Price $61.70 – $233.95 
Outsole technology TPU full rubber outsole 
Midsole technology CMEVA midsole 
Upper NanoWeave  
Heel drop 4mm 

Notable features

  • NanoWeave upper that offers better breathability
  • Comfortable
  • Anatomical toe box
  • Added heel cup for better posterior fit
  • TPU heel wrap for additional support

Sole technology

  • Midsole technology

The midsole of features CMEVA technology.

  • Outsole technology

The outsole of the is made from highly durable rubber. The TPU full rubber outsole evenly spreads throughout the length of the shoe. The sole offers a better traction.

The posterior of the shoe features a plastic heel cup. The heel cup ensures better support and stability.


The upper of the shoe features NanoWeave. It offers better flexibility and greater breathability. It is also very durable. NanoWeave keeps the feet in place. The material is immune to wear and tear and rope abrasions.

The anatomical toebox of the shoe is low cut and offers a great feel.

Pros and cons

Pros  Cons 
NanoWeave technology offer flexibility, breathability, and durability None reported by customers so far 
Better posterior health  
Anatomical toebox offering better feel  

Why buy Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 7.0 Cross-Trainer athletic shoes for PX90 workout?

shoes are well-known for the NanoWeave technology that offers breathability to the feet. The shoes are highly suitable for different feet anatomies and are immune to wear and tear. The TPU heel wrap provides greater support.

Type of shoe Athletic shoe for P90X workout 
Weight 292 grams 
Price $119.95 
Outsole technology Vibram  
Midsole technology REVLite midsole 
Upper Synthetic/mesh upper with TPU reinforcement 
Heel drop 4 mm 

Notable features

  • No-sew overlays
  • Molded external counter
  • Mesh upper with TPU reinforcement
  • NB Minimus to offer an optimum comfort
  • EVA foam in the mid sole offering better responsiveness and durability
  • Comes with Rapid Rebound technology
  • Lightweight shoes for P90X workout
  • Vibram outsole for better durability
  • Outsole offering better multi-directional traction

Sole technology

  • Midsole technology

The midsole of features EVA Foam. The amazing REVlite foam offers a great amount of durability and responsiveness. It is lightweight and offers great cushioning. It also ensures a greater stability.

Furthermore, the use of Rapid Rebound technology offers better rebound than any standard performance foam.

  • Outsole technology

The outsole of uses Vibram outsole. It is very durable and ensures maximum contact of the sole to the surface. The outsole offers multi-directional traction. The sole has a better resistance to abrasion and wear and tear.
The external heel clip offers better stability and support.


The upper of is made of synthetic/mesh. The seamless upper allows a better flexibility. The seamless upper is very durable and breathable. It features TPU reinforcements.

Pros and cons

Pros  Cons  
Comfortable Not very durable  
Breathable upper   
REVlite foam in midsole for better responsiveness   
Rapid rebound technology for better rebound  
Better support with external heel clip  

Why buy New Balance MX40V1 Cross-Trainers athletic shoes for PX90 workout?

athletic shoes are highly durable and comfortable for PX90 workouts. The external heel clip provides enhanced support and the REVlite foam in the midsole provides excellent responsiveness. The outsole provides better multi-directional traction for an intense workout.

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