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Nike Metcon 4 vs Reebok Nano 8 – You Cannot Afford to Miss this Comparison!

There is a crazy competition between shoe manufacturing companies nowadays and a constant struggle to produce the best of quality. Especially, for athletes like you, athletic shoes can impact your body strength and training output on the gym.

Without the perfect support shoes for your feet, it is almost impossible to run, workout, or even walk.  This is where the importance of cross training comes into the picture.

Cross trainer shoes are highly recommended for all types of outdoor activities, whether it is running, like long-distance running, or sprinting.

Factors such as breathability, lateral support, a strong rubber sole, stretchy toe box, and lightweight durable structure make these shoes an ideal pick for athletes and workouts needs.

Our Pick: Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0
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In this article, we’ll discuss the top two best-selling cross trainer shoes by two popular shoe brands – Nike and Reebok, who are continuously paving a way for themselves in the world of cross training shoes.

Here, we’ll be talking about Nike’s fourth form of their prevalent cross-training shoes – the Nike Metcon 4 vs Reebok Nano 8, Reebok’s eighth edition of Reebok CrossFit.

Both these shoes come with a plethora of compelling features for athletes but are still different from each other in their own ways.


Nike Metcon 4 vs Reebok Nano 8 – The comparison begins

Let’s firstly compare the two popular models by Nike and Reebok.

 Nike Metcon 4  Reebok Nano 8  
Price $130 (Check out the latest rates here!)$130 (Check out the latest rates here!)
Heel to Toe Drop  4 mm  4 mm 
Fit  ½ small  Slightly small  
Rope Protection  Yes  Yes  
Actively Grips Rope  Yes  No  
Approved for Sprints  Yes  No  
Dense Heel  Yes  Yes  
Heel Slider for HSPU  Yes  No  

Nike Metcon 4

Nike’s Metcon 4 is the most durable pair of cross trainer shoes on the market with qualities such as a strong grip, comfortable heel cushioning, and greater stability.

It can be used for a wide range of training activities and workouts, right from sprints and sledge pushing to heavy weights lifting and rope climbing exercises.

This specific version of the Nike training shoes comes with a new textured mesh which has not been seen in any Metcon model so far.

Build Quality

The Metcon cross trainer shoes are the best Nike flagship products. You can look forward to superior quality and durable materials and creation in these high range cross-training shoes.

What makes the Metcon 3 model different from the Metcon 4 model is the new “haptic” technology that been used to in Nike Metcon 4 shoes to improve the durability of the shoes in high wear and tear areas.

Metcon 4 look classy since the company has reproduced TPU intersections that look like minor tri-star shapes all around more refreshed luxurious upper material so you look great while doing your exercises or workouts on the gym.

The earlier model, i.e., the Metcon 3 shoes had an airier mesh upper with embroidery in TPU.

To provide enhanced comfort to their customers, Nike has used a new “sandwich-mesh” in the shoes. A sandwich mesh is a double-layer mesh with perpendicular fibres running through them.

Another remarkable change, for the first time ever, is that the brand has cushioned the upper of the forefoot.

It almost feels like you’re embracing your toes and provides you with a comfortable fit and extra support. The cushioning provides you with almost a smooth, skin-like feel.

The rubber outsole that is sticky and a tristar tread design are two things that haven’t changed as far as the design goes.

Nike Metcon 4

The gluey rubber complex has always worked perfectly with traction from trail runs to challenging rope climbs.

So, there wasn’t actually a need for any kind of improvement for the trainer pair in this section.

Different Metcon models may look like their predecessors. However, it is important to know that the features are refreshed after every 2 -years.

There’s no doubt that Metcon 4 is the most attractive training shoe on the market today.

Astonishingly, the drop-in midsole (4 mm drop) is precisely the same as the drop-in midsole found in the Nike Metcon 3 trainer pair of shoes.

There was a little problem with the previous midsole, it shrilled over time. Nevertheless, the new Metcon model has a fabric lining in the inner part of the shoes to battle the screech.

But, the sad news is that it still couldn’t solve the problem. The laces very stylish as compared to the previous models.


To improve the fit and make it more comfortable for while doing workouts in the gym, Nike has added a classy upper body material along with one more eyelet at the topmost portion of the ankle collar.

It helps combat heel slips and further refines the fit of the Metcon 4. There is a bit of slipperiness now and then, but only if you really want to nit-pick on the design.

There is a small but significant change to the tongue of the shoes as well. With a slight ankle dorsiflexion, the tongue of the shoes will be easily pushed into your feet, keeping the heel in place.

The real size of the shoes remains the same, but the new “sandwich-mesh” holds the feet much better than the previous model’s upper mesh.

If you have a wide, you may feel some sort of discomfort with the change in the size. This is because the upper part is softer and stretchier, and a bit narrower too.


The Metcon 4 shoes offer great flexibility and comfort when we compare them to their precursors and training shoes by other brands.

There could have been more room for comfort. However, the level of comfort is pretty good than what you can expect from a pair of good training shoes.

There’s a good amount of flexibility at the metatarsal joints. The outsole and midsole are still inflexible like they were in the Metcon 3.

One thing that needs attention is that despite the fact that the drop-in midsole is fairly stiff, there is a decent energy coming back.

There is also a good response during activities such as sprints and other volatile plyo activities.

Please note that the shoes would need a reasonable amount of time to give you a comfortable fit. You may notice some stiffness at the beginning, but it is more likely to go away with time.


Nike Metcon 4 training shoes are one of the most stable cross training shoes on the market.

They’re ideal for all heavy weights lifting activities and workouts be it powerlifting or weightlifting at the Olympics.

The stability of Metcon 4 shoes is a result of the responsive drop-in midsole and thick outsole that provides exceptional grip.

The base of the Metcon 4 is wide and leveled with piercing edges, providing lateral stability and support.

Metcon 4 is a great buy with the advancements to the superior body of the shoes and a fit that harmonizes with the previous lower bits.

The total fitting of the shoe is great, making foot containment much better. Thus, making the shoes a perfect buy for an extended period of time.

Metcon 4 pair is also slightly lighter than the Metcon 3 shoes, weighing in at only 10.6oz compared to the 10.9oz of the Metcon 3 but still durable.

Shoe material

The Nike Metcon training shoes are dressed in a sandwich mesh. The external most coating of the sandwich mesh is Nike’s Flywire which gives amazing feel and function to the shoes.

Not only does the Flywire feel featherweight and comfortable, but it also augments a level of robustness to the combination.

The upper material of the shoes provides adequate breathability and ensures your shoes remain airy during highly sweat-out sessions.


The ‘Nike Metcon 4 shoes may almost feel like the previous versions in terms of the shoe security, but the little-added features are a delight for athletes.

Previous models of Metcon collection had five eyelets while the Metcon 4 has six. Also, the heel clips a more towards the forward area of the shoes in the case of Netcon 4.

This helps a great deal during weightlifting and extensive workouts sessions.


  • Supportive eatures
  • Good with the fit and sizing
  • Sleek design
  • Comfortable for cross-training as well as casual wear
  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • No fatigue even on wearing the shoe all day long
  • Upper area cushioned


  • Width is a bit narrow
  • Stiff midsole

Final Thoughts about Metcon 4

Though Nike’s Metcon 4 is almost identical to the Metcon 3, Nike has successfully managed to bring together all the characteristics of a running shoe and a lifting shoe to give rise to a single training shoe.

Metcon 4 is designed to handle even the toughest of weightlifting challenges.

Reebok Nano 8

The Reebok Nano 8 shoes come with some impeccable features that make it exclusive as compared to the earlier copies and other training shoes on the marketplace.

The most striking aspect of these shoes is the excellent quality Flexweave material, which is elastic and highly breathable.

Contrasting the earlier Nano models by the Reebok, the Nano 8 model comes with a detached liner.

A special liner that parks itself away from the remaining part of the shoe and feels like a sock.

The latest Reebok Nano model is trending big time in the athletic shoe market as the most reliable training shoe in terms of durability and versatility models.

Build Quality

There has been a polarizing response to the Nano 8 version. The shoes neither look too stylish nor too ugly.

The thicker weaves run of the shoe makes them feel like they’re flexing with your foot and not against it.

The Nano 8.0 also features a double thickness midsole coupled with a softer and more flexible CMEVA.

There is a minor indentation in the foam where the Nanoshell midsole covering appears to finish, and the soft forefoot fluff commences.

Even the rearmost foam and Nanoshell midsole cape become soft over a period making the shoes less stiff.

There is still plenty of rigidity for lifting activities, but Nano 8 is still much better than the Nano 7.0 version.

Reebok has managed to make the shoes look sleek even after adding the multi-section upper.

The weight of Nano 8.0 is trimmed down to 11.18 oz as compared to the weight of Nano 7 i.e. 12.35 oz. However, the heel drop remains unchanged at 4mm.

The outsole has a matching tread pattern crafted from a stretchable and more elastic composition.

The structural insole is almost indistinguishable but is somewhat denser and provides your foot with an additional coating of cushioning.

The tongue of 8.0 has an “airier” feeling. There is enough breathability in 8.0 such that your feet don’t feel hot inside the.

There is a slight change, instead of “CrossFit” there is “Nano” on one side and “Reebok” on the other side of the TPU heel counter.


The superior structure of the shoe gives a sock-like feeling at the foot but doesn’t feel like a constriction on the toes. It’s a boon for people with flat feet.

The bottom of the foot is still the same as it was in Nano 7; however, the girth of the upper part is increased around the metatarsal joints in the foot and your toe box.

There’s a slight exception in the case of the Nano 8 shoes i.e., a slight slipping of the heal caused by the original ankle collar.

You can reduce this problem by tying the laces tighter through the heel doesn’t feel completely protected around the Achilles tendon. The fit provided by the Nano 8 shoes are next to perfect.

Our Pick: Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0
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Flexibility & Stability

The Nano 8.0 shoes have reserved most of their lifting aptitude by featuring the dual thickness midsole once again.

The Flexweave upper that feels like a sock travels alongside your feet without hampering your movement.

Running is most comfortable with the Nano 8.0, thanks to the soft midsole cushioning and tremendously elastic forefoot.

While doing plyometric movements there is extreme relief and soft support. Despite being cushioned the box jump bounce back is still responsive.

Even after performing several double unders, we promise you probably won’t get sore feet. All the credit goes to its flexibility making them less painful.

The Nano 8.0 has enough structure despite being soft overall. There is 90% stability in the rigidity as compared to the Nano 6.0.

It retains the Nanoshell midsole covering which helps in alleviating the foot. While doing heavy squatting and deadlifting, one may notice some sort of squishiness.

However, it won’t affect your ability to handle the lift or result in something that will make you feel unbalanced.

Seeing the tread design which is the same from Nano 7.0, the Nano 8 shoes are great for rock climbing. Due to the, softer outsole compounds the rope doesn’t quite grab as it used to.

There might be a possibility, that because of the reduced rigidity of the midsole, it might be difficult for you to the catch hold of the rope. Despite that, the Nano 8.0’s wouldn’t have much stuff.

Shoe Material

Just like the name of the shoes suggests, the Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 shoes are made of Reebok’s Flexweave material.

Due to the breathability of the material, the Nano 8 can be hailed as the most stretchy and flexible Nano version till date.

The Nano 8 comes with a refreshed bootie design that is separated from the additional layer i.e., the Flexweave material, thus giving a sock type feeling.

While the Metcon 4 has sandwich mesh, the Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 Flexweave is one step ahead because of its relaxed and restructured bootie design.


The Reebok Nano 8.0  has won the game with seven existing eyelets. With the Nano 8 shoes, you don’t need to worry about ankle stability at all.

The heel cup is another added feature for shoe security. It’s amazing how flexible this shoe is.

For many, the fitting of the shoes and the comfortable feel would seem seamlessly fine, but the Metcon 4 shoes provide better security than the Nano 8 shoes.


  • Comfortable build
  • Perfect fit
  • Great flexibility
  • Lightweight mature
  • Serves training as well as running purpose
  • Stable platform
  • Roomy toe box


  • Fit may not be comfortable
  • A lesser grip on wet surfaces
  • Heel slippage

Final Thoughts about Reebok Nano 8.0

Reebok Nano 8.0 is the preferred training shoe for running, period. It’s also the most flexible Nano yet.

Reebok has manufactured a product that doesn’t let its customers sacrifice much for high-performance training.

It is the best CrossFit shoe with the perfect blend of stability, flexibility, and comfort.

Our Pick: Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The takeaway

To be honest, both the shoes are equally exceptional and offer almost the same comfort and flexibility. Both shoes are a great buy for sports and workout sessions.

While Reebok has made some useful changes in the case of the Nano 8 model as compared to the 7 to make it less rigid and more stable for athletes.

Nike has also stolen the limelight with the high performance provided by the Nike Metcon 4 shoes.

Reebok Nano 8 Flexweave is favored over the Nike Metcon 4. As per the current market trend, Reebok Nano 8 is the best-selling training shoe.

Rest, we leave it to you to decide which model would suit you best.

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