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The Reebok Furylite Review – What You Need To Know Now

Lifestyle sneakers are a large part of the sneaker industry today for good reason. These sneakers combine style and comfort into a single package. As a result, they are increasingly popular for those looking for a “do-everything” shoe.

Understanding this trend, in 2015, Reebok introduced the Furylite into the lifestyle sneaker market.

The Furylite made a splash by drawing inspiration from Reebok’s classic Instapump Fury making it a popular shoe for sneakerheads and collectors, nostalgia-driven buyers, and fashion-forward individuals seeking a unique and adaptable sneaker.

Reebok Furylite Marathon Running Shoes | Amazon

Descended from the classic throwback style of the reebok pump fury, no-tie lacing and 3d ultra-lite outsole keep this reebok fury lite shoe incredibly light and easy to slip on. A low-cut design, molded sock liner and synthetic mesh upper give you mobility and comfort, while a high-abrasion outsole keeps these kicks durable.

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Pros and Cons


  • Well-done homage to the Instapump Fury while ensuring an updated look.
  • Sleek profile is versatile in multiple environments.
  • 3D Ultralite cushioning is extremely lightweight and responsive.
  • Upper is breathable and comfortable; Great fit for warmer climates.
  • Neoprene cage allows lateral stability.
  • Affordable.
  • Unique; Wearer will not find many others with a similar style.
  • Designer collaborations contribute to an overall “cool” factor.


  • Certain colorways may be too aggressive for casual wearers.
  • Traction is lacking and slippery in certain conditions.
  • Wearers in colder climates may find these uncomfortable and will have to purchase a weather appropriate pair.
  • Reebok would’ve been better served utilizing its Ultraknit technology instead of synthetic mesh.

Aesthetics or “Will I look cool in these on Instagram?” 

The Reebok Furylite is a lifestyle sneaker that draws obvious inspiration from the classic Instapump Fury. The Reebok Furylite maintains the Instapump’s unique neoprene midfoot cage and the pull tabs on the heel and the tongue.

However, the Furylite noticeably removed the pump and replaced the midfoot straps with a simplistic, elastic lacing system. As an aside, we found that the pull tabs and lacing system allowed the wearer to quickly slip the Furylite on and off.

Continuing on the aesthetics, the Furylite also features a connected sole unit contributing to a cleaner look in comparison to the Instapump Fury’s disconnected sole.

The Reebok Furylite Review

While some users complained about the removal of the Instapump Fury’s carbon fiber arch bridge, we found that the connected sole unit on the Furylite actually remedied one of the most common complaints of the Instapump Fury where users would “get caught” in the area between the forefoot and the heel on curbs and steps.

The removal of the pump, the addition of the laces, and adjusting the neoprene cage gives the Reebok Furylite a cleaner and sleeker overall profile.

We actually prefer the Furylite over the retro yet futuristic Instapump Fury for its minimalism making it more appropriate in various settings (around town and even in some offices).

However, the Furylite is just uniquely “tech” enough separating itself from more minimalistic offerings such as the Nike Roshe Run, Converse All-Star, or the Onitsuka Tiger.

Reebok also strategically branded the shoe to continue the minimal look. The Furylite features their Reebok Classic logo on the tongue and “Reebok” on the heel counter.

Both are understated and tasteful, which we found refreshing compared to other shoes’ over-branding.

Additionally, Reebok offers the Furylite in numerous colorways from the “Graphic” pack to an all-black and all-white version.

While we tend to prefer more neutral colorways, the neoprene cage allows Reebok to offer unique colorway combinations that actually work.

Though, to be fair, some of the colorway offerings such as the “Cheetah” may be a bit too aggressive.

Finally, a minor complaint we found amongst users was that the small opening in the Reebok Furylite’s neoprene midfoot cage forced the wearers to consider what color socks they were wearing in relation to the colorway.

For example, one wearer mentioned looking for socks that matched the color of the cage to ensure a seamless look. It’s a small issue, but still something to consider for lifestyle purposes.

Traction or “Will I slip and fall while holding my cold brew?” 

Being marketed primarily as a lifestyle sneaker, the Reebok Furylite’s traction is fairly minimal. The outsole is a standard rubber sole with dense reinforcements in the heavy wear areas of the forefoot and the heel.

Reebok also minimized the traction patterns to small portions of the lateral side and the heel area near the midfoot.

Reebok Furylite

The Reebok Furylite is not ideal for activities that require pivoting quickly or wet conditions.

The Furylite’s sole will perform fine on most normal conditions such as sidewalks, streets, and carpeted environments.

However, we found some users commented on some minor sliding and slippage when walking over metal sidewalk grates in the city or wet and freshly mopped floors in buildings. The Furylite’s traction also makes it difficult in colder climates (more on this below).

For those looking to double the Reebok Furylite as a gym shoe, it will perform fine in most gyms, but those looking to use them in more demanding environments such as dance or exercise classes may find some slippage or the need to wipe the dust off constantly to maximize grip.

On the positive side, the simplistic traction pattern will be more durable than performance running shoes with defined ridges intended to grip the ground that tends to wear over time. Additionally, the Reebok Furylite’s lack of traction ridges will minimize rocks or other debris from getting stuck in the sole.

Reebok Furylite Marathon Running Shoes | Amazon

Descended from the classic throwback style of the reebok pump fury, no-tie lacing and 3d ultra-lite outsole keep this reebok fury lite shoe incredibly light and easy to slip on. A low-cut design, molded sock liner and synthetic mesh upper give you mobility and comfort, while a high-abrasion outsole keeps these kicks durable.

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Cushioning or “Can I wear them all day to Disney World?” 

The Reebok Furylite uses Reebok’s 3D Ultralite outsole for the primary cushioning system. 3D Ultralite is an EVA midsole commonly found in other athletic sneakers. Reebok has been using the 3D Ultralite in many of their shoes as one of their main cushioning offerings.

The strength of 3D Ultralite is that it is, in fact, very light. 3D Ultralite feels similar to the cushioning system used in the Vans Authentic Lite.

The 3D Ultralite also allows the Furylite to remain responsive and low to the ground. We found that we preferred the lower lightweight profile over similar offerings such as the Nike Roshe Run or the Adidas Pure Boost both of which tend to give the user the feeling of sitting higher at the expense of stability.

From a comfort standpoint, the Reebok Furylite’s cushioning system is serviceable and will be fine for all-day wear. Much of this is due to the overall weight of the shoe (the Reebok Furylite weighs in at just above 10 ounces). However, considering that 3D Ultralite is a basic EVA foam, the wearer may notice some minimal compression after years of wear.

Finally, for individuals with various lower extremity issues such as ankle or knee pain, they may find the Reebok Furylite’s responsiveness preferable to other maximum cushion offerings from Brooks or Adidas.

  • SCORE: 9/10 – 3D Ultralite is extremely lightweight and quite responsive. The wearer will find comfort and stability in being able to actually feel the ground. We found that we preferred this combination for a daily wearer and lifestyle shoe over super plush athletic shoes which are fine for running but promotes a sinking feeling.    

Upper or “Will I notice that I’m wearing shoes?”

The Reebok Furylite utilizes a synthetic nylon mesh upper and a neoprene cage around the midfoot. As a result, the Reebok Furylite is comfortable and extremely breathable.

This is aided by a unique opening within the midfoot neoprene cage. In addition to breathability, the nylon mesh upper guards from excessive creasing and shape deformity intrinsic to leather sneakers. As a result, the Reebok Furylite will be reasonably durable and long-lasting for lifestyle purposes.

Conversely, the Reebok Furylite’s breathability and the midfoot opening is not practical for climates with full four seasons.

Furylite Upper

The Furylite is an ideal shoe for warmer months, but the wearer may find snow and cold winds make the shoe less comfortable.

For those married to the Furylite, Reebok offers a GW version for the winter, which features a textile upper and a carbon rubber heel. However, we would prefer not having to buy “winterized” versions of the same shoe.

Despite utilizing a nylon upper, the Furylite is remarkably stable and the neoprene cage keeps the foot from moving too much laterally. This is particularly helpful when walking around town on uneven surfaces, trying to cross the street before the light, or using the Furylite as an emergency gym shoe.

While we found the upper to be breathable, comfortable and surprisingly stable, given its obvious limitations mentioned above, we would have preferred Reebok employ more premium materials in the Reebok Furylite.

Nylon is a popular material for this price point, but we would have loved to see Reebok instead incorporate their Ultraknit upper into the Furylite similar to the Print Run Prime. As a result, the wearer would still enjoy a breathable upper limited in colder climates, but in a more comfortable daily package.

We also found that sizing on the Reebok Furylite can be inconsistent. The consensus opinion among wearers was to size down half a size, but we recommend going true to size. Synthetic nylon mesh tends to maintain its shape fairly well so those looking to stretch them to accommodate their foot similar to knit uppers may be disappointed.

Lastly, similar to other shoes utilizing a synthetic nylon mesh upper, cleaning the Reebok Furylite will require more effort than its leather or canvas counterparts. However, given the popularity of knit uppers and the subsequent rise of cleaning products, we are confident cleaning the Reebok Furylite will not be a problem.

  • SCORE: 7/10 – The Reebok Furylite’s upper is breathable and ideal for warmer climates. The extreme breathability, however, limits its use in colder climates. Finally, the use of nylon instead of knit materials makes the shoe seem a bit dated.  

Pricing or “Can I get these and still pay rent?”

The Reebok Furylite retails for 74.99 which is at the higher end for a lifestyle shoe considering it is the same price as the well-established Nike Roshe Run and only 20 dollars cheaper than the Adidas Tubular Shadow knit, which also offers a knit upper.

However, at the time of writing, the Reebok Furylite can be had for much lower through sales. We’ve seen sales ranging from 34 to 54 in various colorways. 

At these lower prices, the Reebok Furylite is an attractive offering for those looking to either add the sneaker to their collection or try out a new and unique offering from Reebok.

  • SCORE: 9/10 – The Furylite is absolutely worth 34-54 dollars, but at retail, we would recommend comparing them to similarly priced offerings.

Target Audience or “Will this shoe fit my style” 

The Reebok Furylite is ideally for those looking for a smart casual sneaker to wear around town while running errands. 

The Reebok Furylite fits perfectly for those looking for a commuter sneaker with style. Coincidentally, the Reebok Furylite is also a great transition shoe for those interested in exploring the current fashion trend that favors bulkier sneakers.

The Reebok Furylite is a little bulkier than the Converse Chuck Taylor, but still sleek enough for those not completely sold on the trend.

We also found that the ease of slipping the Reebok Furylite on and off combined with its light weight made it an ideal travel shoe for jetsetters.

Reebok Furylite Pros Cons

The Reebok Furylite is also for those who are interested in standing out and making a statement. The problem with lifestyle sneakers, and sneakers in general is that certain brands and styles tend to be ubiquitous.

In reviewing the Reebok Furylite, we immediately thought of its close cousin, the Nike Huarache. Both are retro-themed lifestyle sneakers with glaringly similar looks and intended for generally the same audience.

However, the Nike Huarache can be found on the feet of nearly every teenager, fashionista, and commuter while the Reebok Furylite is exceedingly more unique.

Therefore, this shoe is definitely for those interested in trendsetting and making a unique statement that’s different from the crowd.

Additionally, Reebok has partnered with numerous streetwear brands such as BLVCK SCALE and Publish Brand in offering collaborations of the Furylite heightening its “cool” factor.

We should quickly mention, however, that for true possession minimalists or the “one-shoe-a-year crowd” looking for a versatile do-everything shoe, the Reebok Furylite may leave something to be desired for more active pursuits.

It will definitely get the wearer through everyday activities, but the aggressive gym goer may find some challenges as noted above.

  • SCORE: 8/10 – For those looking for a lifestyle shoe that is unique, we think the Reebok Furylite is an excellent offering.  

Should you buy it?

Simple answer: Yes, but only on sale.

Total score: 45/60

We love the Reebok Furylite as a unique offering in the lifestyle market. The oxymoronically minimal, yet tech aesthetic of the Furylite made it versatile in a number of environments, but JUST exciting enough to keep us from being bored.

The Furylite was extremely comfortable and lightweight and we sincerely enjoyed the convenience of being able to slip them on and off (a perk we think is not highlighted enough).

While the Furylite is not going to be a “four-season all-purpose workhorse” of a shoe, we think for the price on sale, that the benefits outweigh the negatives in this package.

Reebok Furylite Marathon Running Shoes | Amazon

Descended from the classic throwback style of the reebok pump fury, no-tie lacing and 3d ultra-lite outsole keep this reebok fury lite shoe incredibly light and easy to slip on. A low-cut design, molded sock liner and synthetic mesh upper give you mobility and comfort, while a high-abrasion outsole keeps these kicks durable.

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