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The Best Superfeet Insole Models – For Improved Performance and Comfort

Whether you like strolling on the beach during sunset or jogging on a chilly winter morning, your feet deserve proper care. No matter what kind of terrain they encounter, they should be ready to bear the load.

So, what’s the best way to protect your feet and make sure they’re comfortable? That’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in this article. We’ll help you identify the best way to prevent your feet from injuries or any wear and tear.

Superfeet insoles are all you need if you want to customize every single pair of shoes that you own.

If you shoes that are a little loose or too big for your baby feet, you can use a Superfeet insole and make them the perfect fit for your feet.


What are insoles?

Insoles are basically materials that are placed inside the shoes to add comfort and warmth. They make sure your shoes fit you perfectly; not too tight, not to loose. They are also called inner soles or footbeds.

Materials used to make insoles

Insoles are crafted from different materials like:

  • Foam

Majority of insoles are made of foam. Given the shock-absorbing qualities of foam, it has always been an ideal choice to place inside the shoes. But, the only flipside is its durability. It is not a durable material.

Insoles made of memory foam are more comfortable as they adapt to the shape of the feet.

Best Superfeet Insole Models

Many makers use air to offer extra comfort, as well as cushioning. The foam soles house pressurized air bubbles to make them cushiony. This also extends the shelf-life of soles, as well as shoes.

  • Leather

Leather is another material of choice for making insoles. Cowhide leather is the most preferred leather that offers a robust arch support. Also, leather leaves no room for issues like wear and tear.

  • Gel

Gel insoles are quite popular these days. Gel is encapsulated in small bubbles and placed inside the foam. These insoles are soft and flexible, making them amazingly comfortable and supportive.

They are the most expensive insoles available in the market.

green insoles

What are Superfeet insoles made of?

Superfeet insoles are synonymous with fine quality and reliability. For ages, Superfeet has catered to the needs of people, and till today, the brand makes sure to push the boundaries and satisfy the consumers.

Superfeet brings in use the concepts of podiatric medicine to make a product that could imitate the natural anatomy of feet to serve every purpose that is expected of it.

Superfeet insoles are designed to offer utmost comfort and support by adapting the two-dimensional midsoles of the shoe to the three-dimensional feet.

.The design of the insoles is based on principles of biomechanics, i.e., how bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons work together to generate movement of the feet.

What are the best-selling features of Superfeet insoles?

Superfeet boasts about the quality of insoles. The key features of Superfeet insoles include:

  • A structured heel cup that stabilizes the soft tissues beneath the feet enhancing their natural shock absorbing quality.
  • Foam layer along with the stabilizer cap that makes a supportive shape.
  • Rearfoot support at the back of the arch and front of the heel.

superfeet insoles

Why should you use Superfeet insole?

There are many reasons why Superfeet insoles are a hit among customers of all age groups. These insoles are designed to cater to the different needs of different users.

Let’s look at some of the most important reasons why people prefer Superfeet insoles over other insoles available in the market:

  • Superfeet insoles improve the fit of your shoes

A standard shoe size does not necessarily fit everyone. If you are unable to find a proper shoe fit, you can use Superfeet insoles make sure the shoes fit you perfectly.

Buy shoes that are a little larger in size and then use the insoles to get a perfect and comfortable fit.

  • Superfeet insoles make you feel very comfortable

Superfeet insoles are designed to adapt to the shape of your feet and make your feet comfortable while walking or running on the most uncomfortable and uneven terrains.

  • Superfeet insoles help you feel warm

Superfeet insoles make your feet warm in cold weather by insulating the feet. And, when your feet are warm, your entire body feels warm too.

superfeet green

  • Superfeet insoles help in the prevention of blisters

When you wear Superfeet insoles, you give your feet a very comfortable environment. The added layer reduces the friction between the skin and the shoes preventing the chances of painful blisters.

  • Superfeet insoles help in improving the posture

As already mentioned, Superfeet insoles are designed keeping in mind the biomechanics of the feet and hence, they make sure that your feet work in the most efficient manner, improving a faulty posture.

The insoles act as an ideal treatment for the issues that cause posture problems while standing, running, or walking.

  • Superfeet insoles help in treating feet related issues

Your feet are subjected to an immense amount of pressure every day. They bear your entire body weight which makes them very vulnerable to arch pain, pain in the ball of the foot, and heel pain.

Superfeet insoles offer extra arch support preventing the occurrence of these problems and other problems associated with feet such as Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

superfeet green insoles

How to choose a Superfeet insole?

As Superfeet offers a wide range of insoles for different types and sizes of feet, it might get confusing for you to select the one that could serve your purpose.

The four most important factors that you must consider while buying Superfeet insoles are:

  • Shoe type

The type of shoes you wear is an important factor to consider. Generally, Superfeet insoles can be worn with almost all types of shoes.

  • Foot type

There are specially designed insoles for every arch type, be it high arch, medium arch, or low arch.

  • Health issue

Superfeet has a different insole for each type of foot ailment. You must buy the insole specifically designed for the ailment that is giving you sleepless nights and excruciating foot pain.

  • Physical activity

Before you buy the best Superfeet insole for yourself, you must also consider the physical activity that you will be indulging in.

superfeet technology

How long do Superfeet Insoles last?

Superfeet insoles are very durable. But, that does not mean that you can use one pair of insoles for the rest of your life. It is advisable to replace the insoles every 10-12 months.

The Superfeet insoles demonstrate various signs that hint towards the fact that it is time to change them.

They can flatten out, fall apart, and stop providing the comfort they are known for. If you observe craters or holes on the insole or wear on the arch, you must replace your insoles immediately.

Ideally, you should replace the insoles after every 12 months or after you’ve used them for almost 500 miles.

How to take care of Superfeet Insoles?

You cannot wear a single pair of your Superfeet insoles for a lifetime. However, you can definitely enhance their shelf-life by taking good care of them.

Here is are some useful tips to take care of your Superfeet Insoles and increase their durability:

  • Keep them clean

Regular use of insoles can make them dirty. It is important to wash them with a sports detergent or mild detergent at least twice a week. Let them dry completely before placing them back in your shoes.

  • Let them breathe

If you use insoles with your daily shoes, they can easily get sweaty and the moisture can get trapped inside. To prevent this, take them out every once in a while and let them breathe and dry out.

deep heel cup superfeet

Best Superfeet Insoles 2020

Superfeet has an extensive range of insoles that are meant for discrete purposes. Let’s look at the detailed specifications of the best Superfeet insoles available for purchase online.

Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles

Arch Type Medium to high arch 
Material  Leather, Rubber sole  
Height 2” high  
Price  $35.00 – $58.99 (Check out the latest rates here!)
Ideal for  Walking, running, hiking, skiing, health, wellness,  

Notable Feature

  • Deepest, as well as widest heel support
  • Use of odor neutralizing technology
  • High volume insole
  • Apt for flat feet
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Available for both, men and women

These are the most popular and efficient athletic insoles having amazing shock absorbing capabilities. These insoles offer the widest and the deepest heel support.

The thick foam offers a great amount of support to the arch and the heel. The deep heel ensures better support at the high arch and amazing stability.

The Superfeet Premium Green Insoles do not flatten easily even after long hours of standing in one place. The antibacterial property prevents any kind of infections.

It’s difficult to find a lot of things that are wrong with Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles.


  • Lends perfect shape
  • Amazing for flat feet
  • High arch support
  • Helps to manage overpronation


  • It has to be cut to match the size

Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles

Arch Type Low to medium foot arch 
Material Closed cell-foam 
Price  $31.99 – $58.99 (Check out the latest rates here!)
Ideal For Walking, running, industrial work, hiking, etc 


Notable Features

  • All-purpose insoles
  • Made from closed-cell foam that offers apt cushioning to the foot ensuring support
  • NXT antimicrobial treatment
  • Helps in common foot pain, heel pain, arch pain, as well as plantar fasciitis
  • Fits all type of footwear
  • Available for men, women, as well as children

The Blue Superfeet Insoles are thin and more natural. They are the best option if you are looking for intermediate support for medium-arch.

The medium design shape adds support where your feet need it the maximum. The heel cup is well-crafted and stabilizes the foot.

These insoles qualify as an everyday insole as they allow amazing arch and heel support. They are also great for several kinds of aches and pain related to feet.

Another notable feature of the Superfeet Blue Premium is that they are latex-free and vegan.

The natural NXT anti-bacterial coating does not allow microbial growth and the 100% natural coating makes sure there’s no bad odor.

Overall, highly recommended insoles that provide long-lasting comfort and support to fit an extensive range of footwear.

The cost is almost similar to the other Superfeet model. However, they are really effective pain relievers.

SUPERFEET Blue 2401 All Purpose Insole | Amazon

Superfeet insoles keep their shape, delivering reliable support and comfort for up to 12 months or 500 miles, whichever comes first.

Buy on
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  • Best for medium and intermediate support
  • Helps in relieving aches and pains including plantar fasciitis
  • Offers immediate relief
  • Veru durable


  • Problems arise in sizing

Superfeet Orange Premium Insoles 

Arch Type Medium to high arches 
Material Rebound high-density EVA 
Height 2” high  
Price  $54.95 (Check out the latest rates here!)
Ideal For Walking, running, snowboarding, hiking, skiing, industrial work, and health-wellness 

Superfeet Orange Insoles

Notable Features

  • High-density foam for extra cushioning
  • Extra support and comfort
  • Offers firm grip
  • Agion antimicrobial treatment
  • Designed for men

The Superfeet Orange Premium insoles are apt for you if you want high-arch support and are suffering from knee pain, plantar fasciitis or other problem associated with feet and want immediate relief.

These insoles feature the deepest and widest cut of inserts. They are excellent shock-absorbent and offer great comfort.

They wonderfully support the feet during high-impact sessions and long-distance walking.

Wearing these insoles, you can perform high-intensity activities like playing soccer, track running, etc. without any trace of knee or foot pain.

The closely-packed foam cells cushions and supports the feet for everlasting comfort. The firm part of the sole provides great support and cups the heel to prevent it from wear and tear.

It is designed specifically for men with high to medium foot arches.

Superfeet orange insoles provide maximum support and incredible thickness.

If your work hours are long and involve standing, these insoles are all that you need to give your feet the relief they are waiting for.


  • Thick heel
  • Unmatched support
  • High arch support
  • Deep heel
  • High-profile thickness


  • Make shoes feel tight
  • Not for casual use

Superfeet Merino Grey Premium Insoles  

Arch Type Neutral to high arch 
Material AEROSPRING Dual Comfort Foam 
Height 2” high 
Price $54.95 (Check out the latest rates here!)
Ideal For High impact activities like hunting, hiking, fishing, military, industry, as well as rain boots for regular wear 

Notable Features

  • Features fabric sole
  • Offer maximum support to high-arched insoles
  • AEROSPRING dual comfort foam guarantees comfort
  • Apt for common conditions like foot pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis, as well as heel pain
  • Merino wool helps in regulating temperature and wicking moisture
  • Best for roomy footwear
  • Best for cold, as well as hot climate
  • Available for men and women

The most noteworthy attribute of Superfeet merinoGrey Premium insoles is the use of merino wool which makes them super comfortable, regulates temperature, and keep away all the moisture.

Furthermore, to enhance the comfort, the makers have used AEROSPRING dual comfort foam. The foam that is 2” high gives optimum comfort and support to high-arch insoles.

The insoles help in relieving common foot, arch, and heel pain. The insoles are apt for the shoes that are a little loose.

While these insoles are a bit costlier than the green insoles, there are absolutely worth the extra bucks.

They are an upgraded version and prove that they are best out of the lot.

Superfeet merinoGREY Insoles
Buy Now
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  • Extra comfort
  • Better support to high-arches
  • Temperature regulation
  • Moisture control 
  • Upgraded version
  • Available for men and women


  • A little hard in heel area

Superfeet EasyFit 

Arch Type All arch type 
Material Microsuede fabric  
Height 2” high 
Price $29.95 – $34.95 (Check out the latest rates here!)
Ideal For Low impact activities 

superfeet easyfit

Notable Features

  • Surface covered with plush microsuede, featuring fabric sole
  • Medium-arched three-fourth length insole
  • Intermediate support
  • Heals foot pain, heel pain, arch pain, as well as plantar fasciitis
  • Enhances fit of footwear
  • Anti-bacterial coating
  • Available for men and women

Superfeet EasyFit is ¾ length insoles that provide excellent support. These insoles fit well in a low heel, flat, and slip-on shoes.

They also work amazingly with non-removable factory insole. These soles help in relieving foot pain, pressure, fatigue, and blisters.

The anti-bacterial coating prevents the growth of fungus, bacteria or mold. They are latex-free.

Superfeet EasyFit 
Men Women
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So, what do you think?

Now that you have a clear idea of the different Superfeet insole models, you can pick the one that best defines your feet type.

While they all are extremely useful and durable, each of the models comes with a set of special features.

If you have more questions that you want us to answer, feel free to send your queries or comment below and we’ll promise to get back to you with the best answers as soon as we can!

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