Superfeet Green vs Orange – Specs and Main Differences!

Choosing a great insole for your running or athletic shoes is probably one of your top priorities as a runner. However, if you have been looking at Superfeet, you might feel overwhelmed trying to determine which is going to best meet your needs.

Don’t worry, in this article we are going to give you all of the facts by offering you information about the difference between the two insoles, share some basic information about each one, and even give you information about why you should be wearing insoles in the first place.

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We tested these and have a lot to share with you so that you know that you are going to be happy when you finally decide which pair to purchase.

Main Differences Between Superfeet Green and Orange

The Main Differences Between Superfeet Green and Orange are:

  • Superfeet Green offers a high-density foam layer, whereas Superfeet Orange offers a high-impact foam forefoot.
  • Superfeet Green features a standard stabilizer cap, whereas Superfeet Orange features a stabilizer cap that is reinforced.
  • Superfeet Green features a simple layer of padding, whereas Superfeet Orange features an added layer of padding for shock absorption.
  • Superfeet Green has a wide heel cup, whereas Superfeet Orange has a heel cup that is narrower.
  • Superfeet Green is engineered for running, whereas Superfeet Orange is engineered for high impact sports and adventures.
  • Superfeet Green was made for everyday wear to help you when running and walking, whereas Superfeet Orange is made for increased comfort when you are involved in high impact activities.

About Superfeet

Superfeet started with the idea that people needed something better when it comes to what is offered for their feet.

They wanted to be able to make insoles that were going to support the basic ideas of podiatric science while offering insoles that used innovative materials.

They wanted to use cutting-edge technology to be able to change the way that people experienced running and athletics to improve the quality of their comfort and relieve pain.

The company prides itself on offering “life-changing” comfort that you too are able to experience.

How Superfeet Insoles Work

  • Sculpted – The insoles are sculpted and help you to be pain-free while running. They have a special contoured shape that helps you to have your heel cradled and arches hugged for maximum pain relief. Even tired and achy feet will have relief with this innovative design.
  • Supportive – The insoles are naturally supportive. They help to enhance the very way in which your feet are supposed to move. They disperse the impact from your steps and work to decrease stress that is from a strain on your body while running.
  • Energizing – The insoles offer you the chance to have a foundation that is going to help you to be energized. These insoles will remind you of having the energy that you feel after you have slept on a good high-quality mattress. They offer support to keep your feet feeling fresh and will help you to power through even the longest days.

Understanding the Superfeet Good Fit Trio

If you want to find the perfect Superfeet insoles one thing that you will want to do is to understand three different facts that will help you to have the best fit.

You simply need to understand your shoes, your feet, and the activity that you will be engaged in most often when wearing your insoles.

Good Fit Factor #1 – Your Shoes

The first thing that you will need to start with is your own shoes. You will want to look at what type of shoes you are wearing and how much room there is for wiggling your toes when you are wearing them.

If you do not have a pair of shoes that fit right, you are not going to be able to get the insole to help you.

For instance, if you have a pair of boots that fit tight then when you add a thick insole you are not going to have the results that you are hoping for.

Another thing to think about is what the insole’s intended purpose is. If you are buying an insole for a running shoe, it will not have good results if you put it into a pair of high heels.

Each of the insoles from Superfeet is designated by the thickness of the insole and this should be taken into consideration.

Good Fit Factor #2 – Your Feet

If you are looking at insoles, your feet are probably bothering you in one way or another. The best thing about the Superfeet insoles is that they allow you to customize your shoes to your feet.

This means that you will be able to use the innovative design that comes from more than forty years of data collection and engineering.

When you step in your new Superfeet insoles, you will instantly understand why your feet are going to love you for it.

If you do not like your insoles, Superfeet stands behind them and will offer you a full refund or exchange for a pair that fit perfectly and work for your desired activity.

Good Fit Factor #3 – Your Activity

The final thing that you need to consider is the activity you will be doing. By knowing the activity, you will be able to choose the footwear that is best for your activity.

Then you will be able to choose the Superfeet insoles that are specifically engineered for your activity.

The insoles are actually created to help you with the shortcomings of function that your shoes are probably missing.

This means that you are going to be able to get the most out of your activity level.

Superfeet Green

Superfeet Green is a professional quality insole that you can purchase for an affordable price.

They help to offer orthotic support, comfort, and performance quality that you will appreciate.

Plus, they ensure that you always have shoes that feel comfortable and are perfectly fit.


superfeet orange vs green

Superfeet Green Specs

  • Imported
  • 2-inch height
  • 4-inch width
  • Fit – high-volume, high-profile
  • Stabilization cap
  • Deep heel cup
  • Specialized Superfeet shape
  • Foam layer – High-density

Superfeet Green Pros

  • Superfeet Green feature durable construction. They can be used for 500 miles or 12 months of use. They keep their shape and deliver the support that you need.
  • Superfeet Green has a deep heel cup. It features one of the deepest and widest heel cups that you can find on the market. These insoles have strong support and have natural shock absorption.
  • Superfeet Green also has a special high-profile shape that helps to support and stabilize the foot. This helps you to reduce the stress on the feet, ankles, and knees.
  • Superfeet Green also features a high-density foam that is made from closed-cell foam that supports and cushions the foot and offers the longest-lasting comfort.
  • Superfeet Green also features a special odour-control coating that is organic. This all-natural coating helps to eliminate the bacteria that causes an odour in the feet.
  • Superfeet Green has a special stabilizer cap. This acts like a base where the insole offers a higher level of support in the rearfoot. It helps to provide stability and structure from a strong foam layer.

Superfeet Green Cons

  • Superfeet Green can be hard to break in.
  • They have a high arch so if you do not they are not going to fit well.
  • There are other options that seem to be better for the price point.
  • There are a number of people who have complained that the insoles were too hard for their feet to ever be comfortable.

Superfeet Green Price

Superfeet Green is available for the price of $49.95. 

Superfeet GREEN Insoles
$48.90 - $49.95
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Superfeet Orange

Superfeet Orange are a pair of insoles that are engineered with high-impact activities in mind.

They have a special foam that has been made to help with shock-absorption at the forefoot.

This is perfect for athletes and those who punish their feet on a regular basis.


Superfeet Orange Specs

  • Imported or made in the U.S.A.
  • Special AEROSPRING dual comfort foam
  • Fit – High volume and high profile
  • Stabilizer Cap that has been reinforced
  • Heel cup that is deep
  • Special Superfeet shape
  • Forefoot that has been made out of a high-impact foam

Superfeet Orange Pros

  • Superfeet Orange features a special deep, narrow heel cup that helps to support the foot when you are running long distances or involved in high-impact activities.
  • Superfeet Orange has a durable construction. They keep their shape and deliver reliable support and comfort that you can trust for up to 500 miles or 12-months.
  • Superfeet Orange offers you a high-impact foam forefront. This provides you with a superior level of shock absorption for when you are involved in high-impact activities like playing sports on hard/unforgiving surfaces or long-distance running.
  • Superfeet Orange helps to give long-lasting comfort with a closed cell-foam that supports and cushions the foot. It is a responsible full-length foam.
  • Superfeet Orange features an all-natural and organic odour-control coating that helps to eliminate the bacteria that causes odour.
  • Superfeet Orange features the signature Superfeet shape that is going to help support and stabilize the foot while helping to reduce the overall stress that your feet, ankles, and knees.
  • Superfeet Orange has a special reinforced stabilizer cap that is located at the base of the insole and supports the rear part of the foot while providing structure and stability with the foam layer.

Superfeet Orange Cons

  • Superfeet Orange raises the heel height which can make getting used to the insoles awkward.
  • Superfeet Orange has a very high arch so they are not good for individuals who do not have a high arch.
  • Superfeet Orange is higher priced than most comparable inserts.
  • Some people find that they are never comfortable walking or running in Superfeet Orange.

Superfeet Orange Price

Superfeet Orange is available for the price of $54.95.

Superfeet ORANGE Insoles
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Why You Need Insoles for Your Shoes

There are typically a lot of different pieces of sporting equipment that you are required to buy when you play a sport or even if you participate in a sport like running.

Some of the things that you have probably already purchased include wearable technology, clothing, and accessories that will help you to reach your maximum performance.

However, one of the pieces of equipment that often seems to get overlooked or is underrated is insoles. Insoles are inserts that go into your shoes and these typically range in price and design.

superfeet orange vs green

There are a lot of different options that they have but, overall, they are focused on providing you with support and comfort. They can even help you to keep from injuring yourself when you are running.

Of course, that is not to say that there are not a ton of different options and things that might make you question what the necessity of inserts are.

Some even question whether they actually need insoles or not. If you decide that you want insoles you are left with the task of ensuring that you find the right ones.

First, Why You Need Insoles

Before you can get started, you have to understand why you need to have insoles in the first place.

Basically, you can purchase insoles to be able to ensure that you have the exact form and fit in your shoes that are going to help you to have the most comfort.

Plus, they ensure that you have proper form when you are running or engaged in athletic activity. You also get a higher level of comfort thanks to the padding that enhances your ability to move comfortably.

One of the most common reasons that you would need an insole is if you have overpronation. This is a type of form that actually causes you to turn your ankles too far inward as your foot hits the ground.

When you have the appropriate insert, your ankles stay in alignment.

In addition, if you have flat feet you might want to check out insoles to help you to have comfort so that you do not struggle with constant pain in your lower legs and/or feet.

Some runners and athletes even find that having insoles helps them to feel more energized and keep pace better.

Now, if you want to make sure that you have the right insoles, the best thing that you can do is check with a professional or a podiatrist.

By working with someone who understands the foot and various conditions, you will be able to feel assured that you have the right insoles for your needs.

There are some people out there who might just want to sell you something so it can be a challenge to find the right place to get the right fit.

Listening to Science

There are a lot of different myths that runners have to avoid falling into. One of these is that everyone is likely having overpronation.

In fact, there are a number of different things to consider. While many runners do pronate or turn their ankles more than they should, it is not something that every runner does.

Most runners do not have any negative effects from their form. So, it is important to have your gait assessed and for someone who is experienced and well researched to determine if you have a problem or an issue.

Research points out that different runners can have varying degrees of pronate without having problems. If you have flat feet or suffer from overpronation, you should find some insoles that will help to compensate for you.

These problems can cause pain or injuries and your insoles are likely to help you. They can allow you to keep running as much as you want.

The one thing that you cannot claim is that insoles are going to improve your performance. There is no science to back up these claims and the research proves that they are not going to improve your ability to perform.

That being said, some people find that they improve but that is because they are not in pain when they are running so that gives them the ability to push harder and longer.

Superfeet GREEN Insoles
$48.90 - $49.95
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When You Need Insoles

Of course, there are some times when you are going to need insoles. If that is the case, you are going to be able to pick out your insoles by looking at both budget and comfort.

Looking at Your Budget

When it comes to budget there are a lot of different price ranges and options available in each one.

One of the things to consider is that if you purchase a good brand, you will not have to purchase insoles as often.

If you buy cheaper insoles you are generally going to replace them more often which means that you are not going to spend more money in the long run.

Looking at Your Comfort

Now, when it comes to finding insoles that are comfortable there are some different tips that we can share with you. One of the biggest ones is that your insoles have to be comfortable.

You do not want to deal with insoles that are not comfortable. Do keep in mind that if you have corrective insoles that you might actually have to take some time to get used to them.

They are going to be changing the very way in which you walk and, in some cases, even changing the shape of your foot. This is going to take some getting used to and might not be as comfortable in the beginning.

When you start wearing insoles, you never want to jump right in and wear them all of the time. You will want to get your feet used to them by using them for a few hours of walking each day until you are well acclimated.

Looking at Your Fit

You should also be sure that your insoles are the proper fit for our needs when you are shopping. There are insoles that you have to cut to get the perfect fit. Some of the insoles have a universal fit.

Still, others are custom made for you and your shoes. There is no shortage of fits and you can always find an insole that is going to meet your needs while also offering you a great fit.

The biggest thing to remember with insoles is that you probably need them to one varying degree or another. The next is that they are personal so you might not need the same insoles as your friend or family member.

So, make sure that you talk to someone or read how to find a fit with an online website before making your purchase.

Superfeet ORANGE Insoles
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All You Need to Know About Insoles

There are so many reasons that you might want to find a good insole for your shoe. If you have a shoe that is too big or even a little loose, an insole can help you to have a better fit.

If your shoes are rubbing and hurting your feet after a long day of standing or moving, a good pair of insoles can help you. There is no shoe that you cannot find a good insole to fit.

So, by now you should know exactly what insoles are. You also know why you should use insoles. You are probably wondering what insoles are made out of, how you can choose the right insole, and how you are supposed to care for your insole.

What Are Insoles Made Of?

There are many different materials that insoles could be made out of. Some insoles are made from foam, memory foam, gel, air-cushioning, and leather.

Foam Insoles

One of the most common forms of the insole is that is they are made from foam. This is actually the most widely found material in insoles.

The reasons that foam is used is that they absorb shock, are rigid, and are dependable. The only real problem with foam is that it wears out quicker than some other materials, so you have to replace them more frequently.

Memory Foam Insoles

One of the things that makes memory foam a great choice is that they are moulded to the perfect shape of your foot.

This means that they are very comfortable when you are wearing them, and they last quite a bit longer than other insoles.

There are not a lot of downsides to this option, they are not something that everyone enjoys.

Gel Insoles

When it comes to gel insoles, these are not as common or popular as some of the other options. However, they might be the perfect option for high heels, especially those that might not fit perfectly.

Gel insoles are going to help you by increasing the grip, stopping the slip, and relieving the pain. This is especially true for the balls of the feet.

Air Cushioned Insoles

Air-cushioned insoles are some of the most comfortable options out there. You will be able to have maximum comfort with these insoles.

There are actually pressurized air bubbles that are located in the air-cushioned insoles which are made out of supportive foam. These insoles are actually tough enough to help you to have shoes that last longer.

Leather Insoles

Another material for insoles is leather. Leather insoles are often made out of cowhide. They are tougher and harder wearing than most of the other insoles on them.

They will help to provide you with strong arch support which means that you will find that they are going to last longer than other options which might make them a great choice.

How Can You Choose the Right Insole?

There are a few things that you should know before you get started with choosing your own insole. If you have the need for an orthotic insole there are specific needs that you have for a professional to fit the insole to your foot.

So, make sure that you are consulting a professional before you make your purchase. You will need to find a pair of insoles that is going to be comfortable for you to wear.

There are some things that you can fix with insoles to make your shoes more comfortable. Here are a few of those:

Do you have heels that slip or shoes that rub and make your foot uncomfortable?

One of the best choices for anyone who has a heel that slips or shoes that rub and are uncomfortable is to find a good insole that is going to work for their needs.

Typically, a gel insole is going to be the best option as it helps to grip your heel in place while you are walking.

If you do not have enough room for a full insole, you might want to consider getting a half insole for your heel to make the heel stop slipping while keeping the rest of the shoe as-is.

This helps you to ensure that your heel is well supported without worrying about the rest of your foot because if it is not bothering you, why fix it.

Do you have too much room in your shoes?

superfeet tecnhology

Another common problem that individuals face with their shoes is that they have too much room which leaves their foot moving around within the shoe.

The best way to maximize support and comfort while taking away room is with a full insole. Just make sure that you are choosing the right sized insole for your shoe.

Do you find that the balls of your feet are aching or burning?

If the balls of your feet tend to ache or burn, you will want to make them more comfortable by taking care of that.

One of the best things that you can do is to ensure that the ball of your feet is comfortable by finding a way to reduce the pressure. Insoles can do just that.

There are small speciality insoles that are made for the balls of the feet as well, but you have to ensure that you have enough room in the shoes for the insole that you choose.

These smaller insoles can fit better in shoes that are better fitted.

Do you have heels that are just too big?

When you purchase shoes and later determine that they are too big, there are actually toe inserts out there that not only make the toe area of the shoes more comfortable, but they also reduce the size of the shoe.

This means that you can be assured that you are going to be comfortable while still having the best shoes to wear.

How Are You Supposed to Care for Your Insoles?

Of course, once you invest money in your insoles, you are going to want to keep them around and use them for the duration of their life.

There are some things that you can do to help them last longer so that you can get the most out of them.

Remove Insoles to Let Them Dry

One of the things that people often forget about is taking care of their insoles for day to day wear.

If you wear them in shoes that you work out in, run in, or even just wear daily, you will find that they get moisture and sweat trapped in them.

This can cause them to have a foul odour. It can also cause them to be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Removing them and allowing them to dry completely each night is going to offer you a simple way to help them last longer.

Wash By Hand

The next thing that you need to remember is that the insoles can only be washed by hand. This is doubly important so that you can be sure that you are taking care of them.

Always follow the directions that come with the insoles as to what types of soap you can use or exactly what you can use to clean them. Doing this will keep them around for a longer period of time.


Question: How long do Superfeet insoles last?

Answer: Superfeet insoles are long-lasting. In fact, these insoles will last you up to 12-months or 500 miles, whichever happens first. This is nice to know so you know that if you make the purchase you are choosing a purchase that is going to last for years to come.

Question: Which Superfeet insoles are best for high arches?

Answer: Both Superfeet Green and Superfeet Orange have high arches. These are great high-quality inserts that are long-lasting.

Question: What Superfeet insole is best for plantar fasciitis?

Answer: If you suffer from Plantar fasciitis the best possible insert that you can purchase are Superfeet Green. They have the necessary style and technology to help you to have what you need to help reverse the signs and symptoms quickly.

Question: How do I choose which Superfeet insoles are best for my needs?

Answer: There are a number of things that you can do if you are trying to determine which Superfeet insoles are going to meet your personal needs. The first thing you need to do is determine which type of insoles you need. The choices that you have are everyday insoles, running insoles, hiking insoles, hockey insoles, hunting insoles, heritage insoles, flex insoles, easy fit insoles, and even custom insoles.

Once you know which one of these different insole categories is right for you, there are different options that you can choose from. Basically, you will be able to check it out and determine which one addresses any issues that you have as well as seeing what they each offer so that you are able to make an educated and well-informed decision.

Question: Do Superfeet insoles help with pronation?

Answer: One of the most innovative engineering technologies that are used in Superfeet is that they each have a biomechanical design that is going to help you with being able to correct your pronation. This happens because they cradle your heel and help you to have a more stabilized positioning within the shoe. This helps to ensure that the alignment is proper and that you have equal and even weight distribution as you are walking.

Question: Will Superfeet insoles help with knee pain?

Answer: One of the best things about Superfeet insoles is that they have a strong stabilizing power. They allow for you to stabilize the foot so that you can reduce the overall stress and pain that is caused to the knee. The science behind this is simply that your knees do less rotating with the insoles. This means that when you are wearing the insoles your knee is not going to rotate as much which gives you an overall comfort while helping to reduce the stress and pain that you might be feeling.

Choosing Between Superfeet Green and Orange

Of course, your biggest challenge is likely to be determining if Superfeet Green or Superfeet Orange is going to be the best option for you.

These insoles both have some of the same characteristics, but each has unique features as well.

If you are looking for an insole for everyday shoes, for running, or even walking then it is a great choice to go with Superfeet Green.

However, if you are going to be running a lot or involved in heavy aerobic activity, then Superfeet Orange is going to be your best bet.

We can’t determine which is better for your needs.

As someone with a narrow foot, I found that the Superfeet Orange fits me better, but that might not be the case for everyone.

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