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The Saucony Bullet Review: Is This the Shoe for You?

The technological advancements in running shoes has become impressive and overwhelming at the same time. From self-tying laces to engineered uppers, choosing running shoes can be almost as complicated as choosing cell phones.

As a result, some running shoe companies are turning to more minimalist offerings aimed at stripping away the fluff and providing a good athletic experience.

More importantly, as sneakers have become more mainstream, some customers are looking for a good, comfortable shoe to wear casually.

One such brand is Saucony. Saucony is one of the undisputed leaders of running footwear with equally impressive technology as well.

However, to keep servicing their customers less interested in flashy improvements, the running brand continues to offer low-cost minimalist options for casual runners and the athleisure crowd.

Drawing inspiration from their heritage track shoe line, Saucony introduced the Saucony Bullet. The Bullet is a minimal shoe geared more toward the casual lifestyle crowd and could serve as a running shoe in a pinch.



  • Sleek, well designed minimalist design.
  • The shoes are fashionet friendly and have a cool factor.
  • The Upper is extremely comfortable and durable to long periods of wear.
  • Price is aggressive and more affordable than comparable lifestyle models.


  • Cushioning is serviceable but would have been immensely more comfortable using Everun.
  • Cannot double as a casual and running shoe.
  • Traction is decent but could promote slippage in wet conditions.

The Aesthetics of the Saucony Bullet

The Saucony Bullet is a smooth, low profile shoe reminiscent of track running shoes.The Saucony Bullet is consistent with lifestyle offerings from other companies such as the Asics Onitsuka Tiger and the Adidas Gazelle.

The Saucony Bullet is a true lifestyle shoe with simple branding and understated design elements

. It strays from the loud, flashy tech design that has taken over the running shoe market. It also features Saucony’s classic “flowing river” logo across the midfoot.

The Saucony Bullet features an understated and low sole unit and low profile upper. It lacks bulk and mirrors the aerodynamic properties popularized in track shoes.

We appreciated that the Saucony Bullet does not try to be something it is not. Some running companies will present lifestyle based shoes as running shoes.

Saucony, true to their ethos as a running company, markets the Saucony Bullet as a lifestyle shoe similar to their other offerings such as the Grid and the Stretch and Go.

The Saucony Bullet features a minimal heel with overflowing traction on the forefoot. It is also available in equally muted colorways such as black and blue/white.

We found that fans of the Saucony Bullet appreciated Saucony’s decision to remain minimally lifestyle throughout the shoe from the design to the colorways.

We found that many purchased the Saucony Bullet as a fashion or everyday shoe. We found that some users could turn to the Saucony Bullet as a running shoe in extreme circumstances, but the Saucony Bullet is much more suited as a lifestyle shoe.

We also found that the Saucony Bullet made for a good gym shoe as well. The low to the ground feel of the Saucony Bullet were popular for weightlifters and casual gym goers as well.

SCORE: 8/10 – The Saucony Bullet is an attractive, sleek minimalist shoe that is perfect for lifestyle and casual environments. It is tastefully understated and looks good in almost every situation.

Upper Review

The Saucony Bullet features a simple, low profile nylon upper with strategic suede overlays across the heel and forefoot. The suede overlays continues the Saucony Bullet’s status as a minimalist shoe without the frills.

We also found that some users enjoyed the suede overlays as tastefully employed. The mesh upper is unassuming and promotes effective breathability throughout wear.

The upper has some reinforcements around the toe box area, but it is barely noticeable in keeping with its minimalist lifestyle profile.

The nylon upper promotes sufficient breathability. However, compared to mesh or knit uppers of other lifestyle shoes such as Nike’s flyknit, it may not offer optimum breathability.

Additionally, users that normally wear thicker socks may find the Saucony Bullet a bit suffocating in warmer climates.

It is possible to wear the Saucony Bullet sockless, but it would not be as comfortable as its knit counterparts.

On the converse side, the nylon upper is immensely more durable than knit or mesh and wearers will find the Saucony Bullet to be a durable, long-term shoe.

Additionally, the nylon upper makes the Saucony Bullet a bit more able to withstand wet or colder climates making it a reasonable four-season shoe.

The Saucony Bullet’s upper is also very flexible making it a comfortable casual shoe as well. The midfoot cage is unassuming and the overlays are not oppressive.

Some lifestyle shoes such as those offered by Vans could be, on purpose, a bit more inflexible.

However, the Saucony Bullet is very flexible, which makes it able to double as a running shoe in some conditions.

The Saucony Bullet also features a simple tongue and lacing system without any complications.

We found that some wearers commented that it was easy to slip the Saucony Bullet on and off without much fuss enhancing its status.

The Saucony Bullet is also extremely lightweight adding to its attractiveness as a lifestyle shoe weighing in at about 8 ounces.

Some users did mention that the Saucony Bullet was a bit narrow for those with wider feet. Being a nylon upper, we do not anticipate much stretch over long periods such as knit uppers.

We found that some users were able to significantly loosen the lacing system to provide a more comfortable fit for those with wider feet.

For a lifestyle shoe, we feel that the upper is both tasteful and appropriate. Unlike other hybrid lifestyle shoes that try to balance performance and casual wear, the Saucony Bullet does a good job of maintaining its true root of being a lifestyle shoe.

Similar to the Vans Sk8 line and the Converse Chuck Taylor, the Saucony Bullet’s upper matches with what the shoe is trying to be: a lifestyle shoe first and foremost.

  • SCORE: 7/10 – The Saucony Bullet’s upper is consistent with entire design of the shoe and is well designed.

It breathes decently well and more importantly is durable over long periods of time. While we often always seek knit or engineered mesh uppers, we feel the use of nylon here is appropriate.

Cushioning Review

The Saucony Bullet relies on a common EVA-molded cushioning system to provide the majority of the comfort in this shoe.

Saucony encases the EVA mold into a firmer outer foam unit to provide the impact protection in the Saucony Bullet.

EVA-molded cushioning is extremely durable and decently comfortable as well. Wearers will not feel like they are sinking in the Saucony Bullet and it provides ample stability for casual wear.

The Saucony Bullet is not super plush. It does provide some responsiveness with its low-to-the-ground feel, but it was minimal.

Because of this, we found that runners did not want to run in the Saucony Bullet and instead just use it as a casual shoe.

For short distances and in emergency situations, the Saucony Bullet could provide some running utility, but it is extremely limited.

Instead, the Saucony Bullet is more appropriate for everyday wear or casual gym exercises.

The cushioning on the Saucony Bullet is also extremely low profile sticking to the minimalist theme of the shoe. In fact on some models, the midsole looks almost invisible.

We found that some wearers enjoyed the look of the Saucony Bullet and mentioned the low profile sole to be one of their favorite features.

The EVA midsole will take some time to break in for the Saucony Bullet. This is completely expected in EVA shoes and the Saucony Bullet was no exception.

 However, once the midsole broke in, we found that wearers commented that the shoe was very comfortable and suitable for casual wear.

We do anticipate some depression in the midsole over time. However, given the low-profile of the midsole, we do not anticipate it being particularly noticeable and we believe the Saucony Bullet will stand up to many years of wear.

Since the Saucony Bullet is a casual shoe first, it does not feature any technical corrective elements in the shoe’s midsole.

It is a neutral shoe without any additional support for pronators. Therefore, wearers should carefully evaluate how they plan to use the Saucony Bullet before purchasing.

  • SCORE: 6/10 – The midsole of the Saucony Bullet is serviceable and does a good job in most conditions.

It cannot double as a running shoe, however, and may be limited over time due to compression.

However, we found the midsole to be plenty comfortable and would have only improved it by adding in Saucony’s impressive Everun technology.

Traction Review

Staying true to the theme of the shoe, the traction and sole of the Saucony Bullet are equally minimalist.

The Saucony Bullet is designed as a casual shoe with occasional active tendencies. The sole of the Saucony Bullet reflects these ambitions.

The Saucony Bullet features a simplistic rubber compound with enough tackiness to be useful in casual situations.

Saucony utilizes three different traction outlines on the sole of the Bullet. It is designed to provide traction in a variety of circumstances specific to the anatomies of the wearer’s foot.

The dominant pattern that Saucony employs in the Bullet is a triangular shape spread through the wearer’s foot.

In the forefoot, Saucony more tightly bunched up the triangular traction due to the areas of high impact and wear. T

Throughout the midfoot, Saucony provides some triangular traction, but we found that wearers mostly thought this was cosmetic without any real or perceived benefit.

On the heel of the Saucony Bullet, the triangular traction is much larger and less tightly bunched together.

We anticipate this to be to provide additional comfort during standing and also withstand the heel-to-toe transition more durably.

With the exception of the midfoot traction, we appreciate the pattern Saucony chose to employ on the Bullet.

For a casual shoe, it provides enough traction during both dry and wet conditions and we felt that it more than sufficed as a daily wearer.

However, we do not anticipate users to be able to use the Saucony Bullet for lateral movements or exercises that require stop and go agility.

Keeping with the small profile of the midsole, the traction and sole are equally thin and unnoticeable. It provided a decent ground feel while providing ample traction as well.

The only negative is that we expect with the thin rubber compound used on the sole, high-mileage and long-time wearers of the Saucony Bullet may experience some rubber burn throughs.

Additionally, we feel that the Saucony Bullet may not be appropriate for harsh outdoor environments such as mountains or glacier trails. However, for daily wear, the traction patter is more than sufficient.

The Saucony Bullet performed best in normal gym conditions or normal casual use-conditions such as walking or traveling.

In a pinch, the Saucony Bullet could double as a runner, but we would strongly avoid recommending doing so.

The triangular traction was also extremely serviceable in a number of different conditions and we feel that it was perfect for this lifestyle shoe.

  • SCORE: 6/10 – The traction of the Saucony Bullet is appropriately thin and provides good ground feel.

The traction will perform well in most conditions. However, some users commented noticing slippage in wet conditions.


The Saucony Bulle retails for 55 dollars for both men and women. However, at the time of this writing, we were able to find the Saucony Bullet for as low as 35.00.

Even at 55 dollars, we feel that this an amazing deal for a comfortable, stylish casual shoe.

At lower prices, we feel that the Saucony Bullet is an excellent buy for the style-obsessed or casual, everyday crowd.

Given the durability of the upper along with the anticipated long-term durability of the Saucony Bullet, 35 to 55 dollars seems more than fair.

Comparable lifestyle models such as the Vans Sk8 and the Converse Chuck Taylor can be had for a higher price and we feel that the uniqueness of Saucony Bullet makes it a unique, yet rational purchase for lifestyle models. Check the latest prices here!’ 

  • SCORE: 8/10 – The price of the Saucony Bullet is supremely attractive particularly given the minimalist features and good looks.

It is also cheaper than comparable lifestyle models.

Target Audience

The Saucony Bullet is ideal for those looking for strictly casual sneakers for daily wear and style purposes.

It is a sleek, low profile minimalist shoe with enough hipster street cred to make it both cool and functional.

It does not have any of the overwhelming bells and whistles of performance shoes and remains tastefully understated.

As a result, it is perfect for those looking for a subdued, yet stylish casual shoe with enough comfort to last for longer periods of time.

The Saucony Bullet is also perfect for those one-shoe only wearers or even those looking to have multiple shoes as a part of a rotation.

Both audiences will equally enjoy the Saucony Bullet’s versatility and comfort along with its uniqueness.

However, runners looking for a casual shoe that they can also run in may want to look elsewhere.

The Saucony Bullet underperforms as a running shoe and we felt that it runners would be better served looking elsewhere for athletic needs.

We did find, however, that the Saucony Bullet did well in doubling as a casual and gym shoe for low-impact exercises.

For those looking to go from a casual office environment to an easy weight-lifting session may find the Saucony Bullet attractively versatile.

  • SCORE: 8/10 –The Saucony Bullet is a versatile, lifestyle shoe with gym serviceable qualities. The shoe is perfect for minimalists, lifestyle enthusiast, or regular casual audiences.

Should you buy it? My Final Saucony Bullet Review

Yes – The Saucony Bullet is a great sleek, lifestyle shoe without the flash and overwhelming noise of other casual shoes.

It is understated, practical and extremely affordable. It looks great on both genders and on multiple audiences.

It is also a durable sneaker that we anticipate will withstand years of wear. However, for runners looking for a do-everything shoe, we would recommend looking elsewhere for a running/ casual shoe.

The Saucony Bullet does casual really well and running in purely emergency circumstances.

Total score: 43/60

The Athletic Foot Team