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Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 Review: The Best Neutral Shoe for Runners

As a runner, finding an ideal pair of running shoes should be your top priority. While many kinds of running shoes look similar, they are not the same as each of them come with a definite purpose. So, it is important to always be on the lookout for the best running shoes available in the market.

For a great running experience, you must invest in running shoes that are crafted to make your workout sessions more efficient and fun. This is where Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 comes into the picture.

It is one of the best-selling Under Armour running shoe model today and protects your feet from the impact of pounding. These shoes allow a feasible forward movement and offer support, cushioning, and a high heel drop to ensure comfort and better shock absorption.

Although, numerous brands on the market have a long list of running shoes to their credit, Under Armour has an altogether different class.

Under Armour, Inc. has been a favorite among the classes and the masses since 1996. For the past 22 years, the brand has been catering to the needs of the athletes by serving them with a selection of sports and casual apparels, as well as footwear.

In this article, we will review a phenomenal running shoe manufactured by the brand, the Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2. This shoe is touted among the best running shoes for road running.

Let’s now look at the specifications of the Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 shoes in detail.

Under Armour UA Speedform Apollo 2
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Product Specification

Price $59.59 – $149.98 (Check out the latest rates here!)
Terrain Road 
Arch Support Neutral 
Weight 8 Oz. 
Heel to Toe Drop 8 mm 
Heel Height 24 mm 
Forefoot Height 16 mm 
Width Normal 
Outsole Technology Blown Rubber 
Midsole Technology Charged Foam 
Upper Cotton-like Fabric 

Notable Features

  • UA Speedform technology offering seamless upper
  • Perforation on the upper fabric offering a better breathability
  • Dual-layer midsole cushioning
  • Charged foam, as well as Micro G cushioning, providing excellent energy return
  • Flex grooves offering optimum traction
  • Foam infused heel offering the required stability to the rear foot
  • Anatomical outsole offering a better flexibility
  • Sock-like fit

Under Armour UA Speedform Apollo 2

Sole Technology

Outsole Technology

The outsole of Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 is made from Blown Rubber which is highly responsive. It protects the sole unit from abrasion and wear and tear.

The rubber offers an amazing cushioning, as well as support, during gait cycle toe-off phase.

The outsole provides a great amount of traction on any terrain. The grooves placed on the outsole lend a better control to the runners on road and also, ensure a free and flexible movement.

The natural flex qualities of the outsole help the runner to bend metatarsals without any restriction.

Midsole Technology

The midsole of these shoes is made from Charged Foam that is responsible for offering a very responsive cushioning and cutting down the intensity of impact. The energy from the impact is absorbed and given to the runner to make every liftoff super-explosive.

The midsole further features Micro G, which is a supportive foam that offers a natural stride to the runner. This foam adds to the cushioning and gives a bouncy toe-off attributed to its springy qualities.

The mid-foot construction is such that it ensures mild arch support which helps in correcting supination. This feature keeps the foot in a neutral position.


The upper of Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 brings in use a smooth fabric that resembles cotton. The fabric offers a seamless coverage and a secure fit.

The perforations let the air flow inside the shoe keeping the feet dry and cool. The sock-like fit keeps irritation at bay.

The most noted feature of the upper is the presence of Ultrasonic Welded Seams that keep the feet in place but do not make them feel restrictive. Also, the material is very skin-friendly.

Rear foot is kept in place with the help of molded seamless heel cups that also offer a better cushioning. The addition of heel cups locks the feet down without irritating the skin.

Size and Fit

The shoe features a standard shoe length. The heel features medium-to-narrow width. The mid-foot features medium width.

Toe splaying is not a problem with a wider forefoot section. The shoe follows the natural curvature of the feet making it very comfortable.


The Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 is a lightweight shoe. It weighs 8 ounces for men and 5.5 ounces for women. The lightweight of the shoes ensures a better ride.

The use of plush cushioning and the light weight are perfect for a regular running shoe.


The upper of these shoes have great ventilation. The breathable fabric makes sure that your feet are cool and dry.

The large openings present on the upper let the air flow inside barring the sweat build-up.

The shoes dry very quickly and hence, you would face no problem in running in wet conditions. The heel features a wetsuit like material.


When it comes to comfort, these shoes top the chart. The Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 is indeed a very comfortable shoe.

These shoes are super comfortable when worn without socks. The seamless interior makes sure to keep your feet free from blisters, as well as hot spots. The shoes offer a snugly and comfortable fit.


Durability is an issue with these shoes. Though the outsole is made from Blown Rubber, it lacks durability. The responsive and flexible outsole could not bear repeated pounding. This makes these shoes less durable.


These shoes offer optimum protection to the feet from impacts. The presence of plush cushioning protects the feet without adding on to the overall weight of the shoes.


Talking about support, the Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 is best for supinators or neutral runners. The shoes offer a great amount of support while running. The foot is kept in place with the help of Ultrasonic welded seams.

The arch support at the midfoot is excellent. The foam infused heel enhances the overall support. The outsole also offers a supportive base.


When it comes to responsiveness, no other shoes could beat the Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2. These shoes are lightweight aiding to the speed work.

Furthermore, the dual layer midsole offers an excellent energy return which is further enhanced by the Blown Rubber offers added energy return.

All in all, the Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 has a better responsiveness, energy return, and ground feel.

Under Armour UA Speedform Apollo 2
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The Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 provides a great traction on various terrains. But, it is best suited for road running and track running. The shoes demonstrate a presence of an excellent grip on road and speedwork on track.

In dry weather, the shoes offer a better support and ground feel but in wetter weather conditions, they fail to get a better grip on the ground.


One of the most celebrated features of Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 is its flexibility. The outsole is very flexible and helps the runner to get a natural and a fast ride.

Not just the rubber outsole, but also, the upper of these shoes is extremely flexible. The upper cotton-like fabric contributes to a better fit and also accommodates swelling of the feet enhancing the comfort of the runner.


Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 is a shoe for neutral runners who are looking for stability. The dual layer midsole cushioning made from Charged Cushioning and Micro G foam lends a supportive base. The midfoot also features a great arch support.

The underfoot derives stability from the blown rubber outsole. Furthermore, the upper of the shoes also contribute to a better fit resulting in better stability. The sock-like fit offered by the shoes keep the foot in place and gives a stable ride.


Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 is synonymous with style. The design of these shoes is very modern and clean. These shoes do not look like running trainers. Instead, they look like modish sneakers.

You can wear these shoes with any of your casual attire. The manufacturers also offer truckloads of color options to choose from.

The pleasing aesthetics and unmatched feature make these shoes, the best pick for neutral runners.

Pros and Cons


  • These shoes are extremely comfortable. 
  • Plush cushioning offers optimum underfoot protection. 
  • The seamless inner construction makes it possible to wear these shoes without socks. 
  • Fabric upper features perforation that makes the shoe even more breathable. 
  • The arch reinforcement construction on the upper guides the feet and ensures a better fit. 
  • The shoes are very flexible. 
  • The shoes are very lightweight. 
  • The shoes are pocket-friendly. 


  • The outsole of these shoes is not very durable. 
  • As compared to the previous version, this shoe is a little heavy.

The Bottom Line

Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 is undoubtedly one of the best neutral shoes for running. The minimalist design and the plush cushioning create a fabulous combination.

The runners get optimum underfoot protection. The seamless construction allows the runner to wear these shoes without socks and the best thing is that apart from running, these shoes can be worn at any casual outing.

Though there a few minus points, the positives overshadow them. All in all, Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 is a great neutral shoe for road running.

Under Armour UA Speedform Apollo 2
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
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