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Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles vs Protalus M 100 Insoles Comparison

Shoe inserts are gaining popularity among runners. The reason behind the growing fondness for the athletic insoles is the extra support and cushioning they offer. They also correct several issues that arise with the stride while running and bolster the feet, as well as the arch, when we run resulting in better shock absorption.

Insoles are generally used to counter issues like flat feet, plantar fasciitis, overpronation, and chronic pain in the feet or lower body. But, now, a majority of the runners use inserts to make their running sessions more efficient and worthwhile.

When talking about running shoe inserts, two brands deserve a compulsory mention- Protalus vs Superfeet. Both the brands have an excellent selection of shoe inserts for every kind of runner. The manufacturers have designed specific insoles to counter particular problems.

In this article, we will be comparing two of the most fantastic shoe inserts available on the market – Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles and Protalus M 100 Insoles.

My Bottom Line Up Front on Superfeet vs Protalus:

Keep reading to know in detail about these two products.


Product Specifications

 Superfeet Green HeritageProtalus M 100
Arch Type Medium to high arch High arch  
Material Leather, Rubber sole ETC Anti-Microbial top cloth, EVA-molded body 
Height 2” high  
Price $35.00 – $58.99 (Check out the latest rates here!)$99.95 (Check out the latest rates here!)
Ideal for Hiking, skiing, health, wellness, walking or runningPlantar fasciitis 
Fits best in Roomy shoes with removable insoles like work/hiking boots and athletic shoes Wide shoes, work shoes, basketball shoes, and cushioned trainers 

Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles

Superfeet is one of the leading brands that manufacture shoe insoles for every kind of runners. They have a long list of insole models targeting every section of runner. Keeping all the principles of podiatric science in mind, the brand has always come up with a marvel.

All the insoles designed by Superfeet help in the successful management of podiatric issues faced by the runners. Here we are discussing, Superfeet Green Heritage Insole in detail.

The Superfeet Green Heritage Insole works best for the people who require extra arch and heel support (deep heel cup). It is one of the most efficacious insoles.

Notable Features

  • Deep heel cup and wide heel support
  • High volume insole
  • Odor neutralizing technology to keep odor at bay
  • Best for people with flat feet
  • Available for men, as well as women

The Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles are counted amongst the best insoles. They are specifically designed for roomy footwear with removable insoles. They keep their shape intact for longer periods of time and provide optimum support throughout the period. These insoles last for one year or 500 miles.

They feature the best shock-absorbing capacity. One of the most notable features of Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles is the patent Superfeet Shape. The shape of the insoles lends support to the feet and helps to stabilize the feet, which in turn, brings down the stress on the feet, knees, and ankles.


Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles offer a very durable construction. The high-density foam layer of these excellent inserts makes sure that the wearer stays comfortable. The closed-cell foam offers optimum cushioning and support to the feet.

These insoles come with a very deep and extra-wide deep heel cup. The heel cup provides maximum support and further enhances the shock absorbing quality of the insoles. The stabilizer cap in the insoles offers a strong base to support the rearfoot. The cap also offers stability and structure to the EVA foam layer.

The insole features a natural coating that helps in arresting the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons 
Best for flat feet Often poses with size issues. The insole has to be cut in order to match the size. 
Offers high arch support Difficult to break in 
Can be used to deal with overpronation  
Offers great shape and stability  
An all-around cushioning   
Very durable   

Protalus M 100 Insoles

Protalus is a known name when it comes to running insoles and orthotic inserts. The brand is synonymous with perfection. Based on the notions of science, each product designed by the brand is highly effective in countering the problem associated with feet.  

The brand does not believe in offering symptomatic relief to the runners, instead, it aims at reaching the root cause of the issue and eliminating it. The insoles offer optimal cushioning and support.  

Notable Features:

  • Designed for wider and high volume shoes 
  • Can be placed in work boots, cushioned trainers, and basketball shoes 
  • Great for the people who need proper arch support, as well as alignment 
  • Best to be worn with shoes with removable insoles 
  • Provide the best alignment of the ankle joint 
  • Use of TRI-Planar technology 

Ptroalus M 100, which belongs to the M series, is the flagship model of Protalus. These insoles ensure the best ankle joint alignment and a great arch support.

The insoles align the kinetic chain and help you to perform better without getting tired or feeling pain.   The insoles are designed such that they distribute the pressure across the foot and bring down the level of repetitive stress with the help of curved heel cup that conforms to the natural shape of the heel.  

The patent TRI-Planar technology offers a perfect amalgamation of shock absorption, comfort, as well as control. The insoles provide optimum support to the feet by supporting the subtalar joint. They guide the feet through the natural movements and prevent over supination or overpronation.  

These insoles allow greater movements of the feet. They do not lock the feet in place and hence, accommodate a great range of free movements.  


The top cloth of these insoles is made up of ETC antimicrobial and antibacterial cloth that does not entertain the growth of microorganisms and hence, keeps the bad odor away. The fabric also features moisture-wicking properties that keep the feet dry and free from irritation. The anti-friction lining further keeps skin irritation at bay.  

The body of these insoles is made from EVA foam which follows the proper contour of the feet. The full-length foam ensures maximum cushioning and hence, comfort.   The shank uses nylon featuring a contoured shape to offer optimum stability, as well as support. The engineered ridges are designed to ensure a better grip inside the shoe.  

The forefoot/heel features Rogers Poron that can be accredited for a long-term comfort, anti-microbial protection, as well as shock absorption.  

Protalus M100 Max Series

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  • Offer a great arch support 
  • Use of TRI-Planar technology ensuring better support, stability, and comfort
  • Best for the people who are on their feet most of the day 
  • Very effective in dealing with plantar fasciitis 
  • Helps in delivering the best performance
  • Helps in reducing hip, foot, knee, and back pain 
  • Worth the price 


  • None

The Bottom Line – Protalus vs Superfeet

Both Superfeet Green Heritage and Protalus M 100 effectively deal with the conditions they are intended to correct. Both the inserts come with their special set of advantages.

They are designed as per the basic concepts of biomechanics and take care of each and every aspect of a runner’s feet.  

Our Recommendation

As already mentioned, both these inserts have their specific set of indications.

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